After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Maada Bio And ‘Sonkor Sonkor’ SLPP : Coincidence Or Something Darker ? Starco Yanko 78 3
by Spectator 007
Top Rumor Ears To The Ground 41 2
by Salone Baby
Web-based Learning Tools to Minimize Iliteracy Sengbe 34 6
by Sengbe
Comparing Police Officers Sengbe 34 3
by Sengbe
John Sisay in high-pitched sales to succeed his cousin Mokanji Hills 118 17
by Thaimu Joe Blow
Professor Sahr Gbamanja and Mrs. Bernadette Cole to hold meeting with FBC alumni in the U.S. Kabs Kanu 53 3
by Njala Alum
Kabs Kanu Insults the Late Gen J.S Momoh? David Samura 98 6
by online Sierra Leone News
What is the latest in investigation of gruesome murder of Lt. Gen S.O.Williams Spectator 007 20 0
by Spectator 007
APC Ayampi Busted in Nigeria OMG 66 4
by Spectator 007
Presidential Primary Predictions
1 2
Spectator 007 421 55
by Talk Talk
by Talk Talk
Army Versus Police Violence in Salone APC 30 0
by APC
Say It Ain't So General Sengbe Konouwah Siaka Moody 200 18
by Kaday
74 yr Old Homeless Sierra Leonean in Dallas, Texas Reunited With His Family. The Times 50 3
by Spectator 007
The Libyan Slave Trade in Modern Times Sengbe 162 18
by Spectator 007
Come One - Come All Fatmata 31 0
by Fatmata
What Do you Know About This Picture? City Piler 51 0
by City Piler
Follow Us Live SLBC TV 32 0
Amsterdam Help 43 1
by Kapri
Jammeh To Face ICC Momo Nyarah 32 0
by Momo Nyarah
Jammeh Accused of Selling Rice He Should Have Supplied Free To The People Jammah Wass 36 0
by Jammah Wass
High School Rivalry and Presidential Politics in Salone
1 2
Naimbana 376 45
by KL
Trump Change of Name Abu al Amriki 38 0
by Abu al Amriki
The Fall of Africa’s Loneliest Despot Mado 59 0
by Mado
Big misunderstanding from the public today : This was actually what the motions tabled in Parliament were all about kabs kanu 83 1
by Knice
Africa's Highest Paid Presidents Budget Analyst 194 4
by kamara
The girl who led the most most successful and civilized NUC demonstration in Freetown! Twala 90 2
by Say What?
Sierra Leone - Back In The days
1 2 3 4
Throwback Thursday 675 92
by Contradictions
Sierra Leone Diamond and APC Corruption Bradford 58 0
by Bradford
Sierra Leone Uni Students In Nationwide Demonstration Jamal 145 15
by KL
Miners Found a 706-Carat Diamond. Who Should Get the Profit? Bada Massi 38 0
by Bada Massi
Our African sisters in Lybya. FA, your choice to delete or not. KL 152 7
by Sengbe
What are we doing about Zika? 57 1
Giving up on Salone? Here's your opportunity. KL 68 1
by Spectator 007
Kandeh Yumkella to form new political party
1 2
Kabs Kanu 550 50
by Spectator 007
Sierra Leone Pastor Finds Huge Diamond In Kono Sosso Lisso 93 2
by Anyampi Dem
Christiana Thorpe Joins APC Wonders Never Cease 57 0
by Wonders Never Cease
Salone Academic Passes News 70 0
by News
Power Grab in Salone as APC Flagbearer Aspirants Emerge Momodu Banklaneh 148 6
by Pecking order
Who Is Allie Kabbah Charles Taylor 63 0
by Charles Taylor
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