After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Friendly Wager on what Jammeh Does Next? Limited Time Offer SaloneMan 2 0
by SaloneMan
Meet the future first ladies of Gambia and other photos. KL 6 0
by KL
Bra Enviable seen with a rippling RPG at the Gambian Border Fen Plaba! 36 4
by Cave man
Gambia’s New President Is Sworn In as Troops Enter the Country Gbagbo Syndrome 17 0
by Gbagbo Syndrome
Malcolm X's words still ring true today Fen Plaba! 14 0
by Fen Plaba!
Jammeh's days in power appears to be winding down. KL 65 7
by Dobaleh
Senegal Invades Fen Plaba! 16 0
by Fen Plaba!
Ritual Killing of Child. Is a Politician Involved. SaloneMan 13 0
by SaloneMan
Across The Atlantic, A Far More Contentious Inauguration Will Precede Trump’s Abele 69 6
by KL
CIA Archives on Sierra Leone online CIA archives 38 1
by right website
More Of Jammeh’s Ministers Desert Him As His Tenure Ends On Thursday Gbagbo Syndrome 36 0
by Gbagbo Syndrome
Coming up:Tribute to the last really true civil servant in the British mold:The late Dr.Peter Leonard Tucker. 115 3
Yahya Jammeh Orders Armoured Tanks Into Gambia Streets Gbagbo Syndrome 43 0
by Gbagbo Syndrome
by Charlatan
Yayah Jammeh's Plan Leaked Tranga Yace 50 0
by Tranga Yace
Plagiarism: Ghanaian inauguration speech. KL 82 7
by KL
Sam B Zoker debunk the notion that a Mendeman cannot win the presidency as nonsense! Sam B Zoker 151 14
by Obai Kayoka
When Will They Ever Learn? Gbabgo Syndrome 34 0
by Gbabgo Syndrome
SLPP “Alliance” Loses direction by its internal Contradictions Dr Theophilus Marcus-Jone 91 4
by Commander
President Koroma Left In The Cold As Delegation Of West African Leaders Fly To The Gambia . Dotty Erness 34 0
by Dotty Erness
Tribute To S O Williams & Maada Bio’s Exoneration. Col. (Rtd) Bashiru Conteh 103 9
by Sundima
Mrs Mugabe On Botched $1.3m Diamond Ring Deal Saspo Wilson 23 0
by Saspo Wilson
Sex For Grades In Sa Lone Unu Yerri? 48 3
by sexual favours
English Grammar For Those Who Care
1 2
Bra Enviable 504 46
Sierra Leone Nan Arrested Buying Engagement Ring, Fined $30,000 For Illegal Entry Daniel 33 0
by Daniel
Papa Koffment Alaki Erness 41 0
by Alaki Erness
Jammeh Speech - 'Clearest Indication Of Stepping Down' Quoting Umaru Fofana 53 1
by Leave Unconditionally
Clip Of Maarda Bio Inciting Supporters To Cause Unrest Wanduni 76 2
by Watheberra
SLPP at war with itself! Right infront of the law courts!! Macbeth 134 7
by KL
The alleged arrival of a new Ferry 160 3
See what you guys have done to Bra Enviable! Fen Plaba! 59 0
by Fen Plaba!
My New Year's Resolution Revisted. KL 36 2
by Macbeth
Remembering January 6th Lest We Forget 53 1
by Wandu
Why APC Wanted the Murdered Rtd Gen S O Williams Dead
1 2 3
Breaking News 599 74
by Eddy Ekutay Rat
Presidential Memo To Outgoing President, SPAD Yahya Jammeh Do–or- Die 65 3
British troops Deployed to Sierra Leone to halt migrants coming to Europe Unu Yerri 32 0
by Unu Yerri
01/06/1999 01/06/1999 44 0
by 01/06/1999
Gambia's Electoral Commissioner Flees Country As Yahya Jammeh Cracksdown Gambay Borbor 50 0
by Gambay Borbor
Yahya Jammeh Ready For War, Closes Two Radio Stations After Me Nar Me 32 0
by After Me Nar Me
Defiant Yahya Jammeh accuses ECOWAS of declaring war After Me Nar Me 55 0
by After Me Nar Me
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