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Featured video contains brief highlights of US second lady's visit to SL. Welcome to Bintumani Forum.  Please be reminded that posts and monikers with any vulgarity will be removed upon sight.  Also, as a courtesy to our vernacular non-literate peepers and contributors, please keep it in English; the official language of Sierra Leone. Happy posting/peeping!!

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BB it is now your turn on the recriving end. 1 0 just now
Keil outlines EBK's incompence in fighting Ebola - a shameful indictment indeed! Andrew Keili 185 12 47 minutes ago
by Sadly Yes
How the APC Government deliberately spread Ebola to Kenema City - Why Miata should resign or be sacked Awareness Times 50 3 an hour ago
by Useless Gobment
EBK need to break his bonds with his Rouge friends in order to succeed 311 11 2 hours ago
by Energy Minister??
The biggest heist known as the Hastings airport November 3,1969 robbery. 129 14 2 hours ago
by Spectator 007
John Leigh's Argument: Idiotic or Dishonest? Ekundayo Cole 97 4 2 hours ago
by Another Ebola Koroma
How Do You Like Sierra Leone Now? Bra Enviable 188 13 2 hours ago
by Laughing Out Loud
MKK try to shift your compass to Abdul Iscandri Kondorgborki 54 3 3 hours ago
by Kondorgborki
Woman shoots lover for not performing sexually Pa Lampoh 124 7 3 hours ago
by Endurance 45
How Do Our People Come Up With This SaloneMan 69 2 6 hours ago
by Ebola Koroma
Ebola Koroma, The Presidential Disaster Ebola Koroma 73 2 6 hours ago
by HE Ebola Bai Koroma
Mr.Speck 007 a message of commendation from a female friend of mine. 99 5 9 hours ago
by Kondorgborki
Is APC Anti-Enterprise? 29 0 13 hours ago
Next APC's envoys who brought dishonor on the nation:Victor Kanu #1. 50 0 15 hours ago
SL Chief Ebola Doctor Contracts the Deadly Virus News Bearer 34 0 17 hours ago
by News Bearer
Three Detained At CID Big Faya 73 3 18 hours ago
by Spectator 007
Di Pa Dae Woke SaloneMan 166 3 19 hours ago
Malawi launches an employment portal. We can do the same dmk 120 7 22 hours ago
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Monkey Meat and the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia KL 183 10 22 hours ago
by KL
Good luck to team Sierra Leone at the Commonwealth Games dmk 23 0 Yesterday at 10:22am
by dmk
Sierra Leone's Ibrahim Koroma denies match-fixing claims Fan of Footballer 18 0 Yesterday at 09:17am
by Fan of Footballer
Di Pa Dae Woke SaloneMan 79 2 Yesterday at 08:38am
by $50
Is Nigeria having cold feet over the Eco? TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer 172 9 Yesterday at 03:12am
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Boko Haram Takes Town - Govt Useless SaloneMan 252 14 Yesterday at 02:39am
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Ebola Suspects Escapes From Hospital SaloneMan 152 8 07/22
by dmk
Sierra Leone only expert in clinical treatment of viral hemorhaggic fever Dr Khan is severely ill tested Positive for ebola. 67 0 07/22
Coopers Eyes: Divisions Spectator 007 41 0 07/22
by Spectator 007
invitation to see who Eddie Grant is on FB 263 13 07/22
by Spectator 007
Zambian Chief Says No to Child Bribes Nonpartisan 43 1 07/22
by Nonpartisan
don Hull/Sam Bangura combined. 40 0 07/22
GIve MKK a Break 91 5 07/22
by Relax
Dominating the forum with nonsense Forum Administrator 63 0 07/22
by Forum Administrator
MKK, why are you so obsessed with me and BB? 163 9 07/22
by Informer
The golden years of the bank of Sierra Leone and its architects, and the high expectations of Momodu Kargbo to bring back that era. 323 20 07/21
Football is a key tool for National Cohesion 123 4 07/21
by Ball for good and evil
MKK is Borbor Pain 60 0 07/21
Answers to questions Eddie and BB too mediocre to answer. 80 2 07/21
by BB
Two more questions to finally put Grant and BB where they belong 44 0 07/21
Why MKK is blushing from side to side Fan of MKK 60 0 07/21
by Fan of MKK
Is it all just watermelon politics?
1 2
Nonpartisan 535 39 07/21
by Bash K
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