After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Live Coverage - Elections 2018 Bintumani 200 2
by Spectator 007
The Sierra Leone Crisis: Is This The Type of Country That We Want to Live in? Masoila 36 2
by Nation Builder
Preventing another Gbagbo: ECOWAS sends a high powered delegation to warn Mr Ernest Koroma ECOWAS Observer 56 7
by Not curious anymore.
Sierra Leone Election Body Alleges Police Intimidation Tolongbo 23 0
by Tolongbo
NGC Co-Founder and Yumkella Campaign Manager Endorces Julius Maada Bio and SLPP Case don Wam 203 23
by NGC Student
Emmerson's latest! AL BARNEY 30 0
More International Elections Observers for Salone Run-offs News Agency 46 1
Fireign Ministet chased out of town??? KL 42 1
NEC Warns APC on Police Intimidation EU Election Observer 32 1
by 100& NGC
When the tribes returns "HOME" KL 177 24
by Sidonluk
Discovered, SLPP Lead FAKE 259 24
by Cornelius Hamelberg
The Nigerian Tabloids have picked up on EBK's intent to do the Jammeh Newspaper Boy 44 1
by Nasiru Deen
Kono Goes SLPP as Samsumana, Juldeh Jalloh and Fatima Bio Lead Charge Case don Wam 77 4
by Bambara
APC Cries Foul as the Drums of Change get Louder Buya Bureh 40 1
by Dr Logus Koroma
PMDC, UNPP declare support for Maada Bio Tolongbo 23 0
by Tolongbo
Musa Tarawally: ‘Tyrant’ President Koroma ‘cheaply’ used RUFP, PLP, PDP & CDP to support Samura Kamara Tolongbo 28 0
by Tolongbo
NGC’s Ambassador Daboh endorses Maada Bio Tolongbo 18 0
by Tolongbo
APC wants run-off postponed Tolongbo 29 0
by Tolongbo
How will the SLPP pass laws without a parliamentary majority PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS 29 0
CDP Leader Endorses SLPP Leader Case don Wam 42 1
by Paltry 11000 votes
Charles Margai and PMDC Endorse Julius Maada Bio and SLPP Case don Wam 47 5
by 9864 votes from PMDC
SLPP thugs on the rampage in Bo KL 139 4
by KL
Make Sierra Leone Authentic Again Abu Al Amriki 66 2
by Bull by the horn
Why there is no rush to back Bio speaks volumes Hesitation game 96 6
by Civilized
Is this true? Sengbe 139 9
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Sierra Leonenthe Vergeof West Africa’s most dramatic democratic Upset yet Lindsay Barrett, Nigeria 59 4
by Agba Shatani
Slippery Slope: APC Openly Preaches Tribalism Elections Watch 200 22
by Ritart Konteh is a thief
NEC’S Alex Paila Breaks Silence…APC Stalwarts Ordered My Arrest! Tolongbo 35 0
by Tolongbo
This tribal sh!t! KL 264 17
by kamara
APC In Disarray- Campaign Chair Sacked! 69 1
by Sheikh Mans
A Mathematically Correct Run-off? Abu Sokolov 117 10
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Kandeh Yumkella will be fine - by Prof Sankara Kamara Spectator 007 140 4
by KL
Revisiting SLPP Mentality via Sengbe Milton Akpata 81 2
by Referee Merin
The Man on the Ground
1 2
494 43
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Live Program - Deal Or No Deal Voice Of Salone TV Live 43 0
by Voice Of Salone TV Live
Useless APC: What Sierra Leoneans are Saying Media Man 167 17
by Bra Mayima
Vicious Tribalism will not win the Run-off Elections for APC Reverend Jeremiah 105 5
by Head Boy
Ernest Koroma’s Legacy according to Emmerson Tolongbo 35 0
by Tolongbo
To Hell With the Fools: Bio Has Momentum Karim Thorlu 164 14
by Fan Of Eddie Grant
Free Quran Download Karanday 527 9
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