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Bintumani Forum is back with its original domain name. A warm welcome to all contributors and peepers, and a word of caution that postings and monikers with any vulgarity will be removed on sight. Also please be reminded to post in English, the official language of the Bintumani mother land  

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Opponents of President Koroma Demonstrate Outside World Bank BBC Ebola Community 73 2 5 minutes ago
by Nice try
So APC Also Chopped FIFA Money. Auditor 29 1 an hour ago
by BEK
The Real Kabs Kanu Manso Turay 410 18 2 hours ago
by Spotlight
Food For Thought Allie Maggie 43 0 7 hours ago
by Allie Maggie
Whither APC, Yapo AFK? Korthor Sorie 284 20 19 hours ago
by Sychophant AFK
My lying eyes 71 0 20 hours ago
Invite To Breakfast Party With Di Pa Party For All 197 3 23 hours ago
by Know This Person?
Kabs is De Man, bobs BEK 175 3 Yesterday at 03:09pm
by Guinea to host AFCON
An appeal to the indomitable Bra E Michael Sesay 88 1 Yesterday at 01:26pm
by The Rat
The days when Salone was sweet Music Man 147 2 Yesterday at 09:27am
by Nar now Salone sweet!
Di Pa Dae Woke Lamrana J 123 1 Yesterday at 06:34am
by Ebola Koroma
Here is Kabs for REAL BEK 150 4 04/16
by SaloneMan
The days when Saone was sweet Music Man 74 0 04/16
by Music Man
Pic Of The Day Changing Times 91 0 04/16
by Changing Times
Asking Forumites to a Call To Action SaloneMan 328 14 04/16
by Curtis
Protesters Outside Of US Embassy In Freetown New Generation 116 1 04/16
by Back To School
After the anti-Koroma brouhaha, the dust settles All Greengos must die 99 1 04/16
by Samura Sesay
Political Memoirs DMK 70 0 04/16
by DMK
Guinea Sees Violence For 2nd Day Between Opposition, Police Breaking News 108 3 04/16
by Spectator 007
The World's Best with the World's Most Powerful Alie Formeh Kamara (AFK) 186 8 04/16
by apc wish
Yet More Corruption (No Suprise) Charges Levied at EBK Government SaloneMan 125 1 04/15
by Uncle Corruption
What Government Delegation Spends Time On - Part I Abdulai Mankay 131 0 04/14
by Abdulai Mankay
April 11, 2015. Nigerian Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly Spectator 007 233 8 04/14
by Alie "Foollulu"Kama
The Lion has landed in the US of A amidst a rapturous welcome! Di Pa Dae Woke! 97 0 04/14
by Di Pa Dae Woke!
Open Invite - Please Forward Concerned Citizens 91 0 04/14
by Concerned Citizens
Concerned Citizens April 13 Update - Escape Of The Rat Progressive Radio Network 208 10 04/14
by Curtis
Several Protesters Shot in Guinea Riots Domino Effect 101 0 04/14
by Domino Effect
Where To Report The Issue Of Misappropriated Ebola Funds Whistle Blower 72 0 04/14
by Whistle Blower
The APC Rally Concerned Sa Leoneans 417 14 04/14
by Ebola Koroma
“I Take Responsibility And Stand By Any Decision I Take” : President Koroma Political Analyst 115 1 04/13
by SaloneMan
Interview With Concerned Citizens Coalition Member Progress Radio Network 92 0 04/13
by Progress Radio Network
An Alienated Depressed Ebola Patient Arrives In The Free World Trending 111 2 04/13
by Sira Samura
Is JohnLeigh advising EBK to shred our Constitution? Ebola Koroma 91 0 04/13
by Ebola Koroma
Another Fourah Bay College Left To Die Momoh Sillah 138 1 04/13
by To Hell with FBC
Why did the President "sack" his VP? Spectator 007 144 1 04/13
by Curtis
Who is Karamoh Kabbah? Waju Waju 553 13 04/13
by Spectator 007
Protocols For The April 11 White House Lafayette Park Protest Concerened Sa Leoneans 424 21 04/11
Demo Pics Of The Day - The Handsome, Smart & Patriotic Trending 170 0 04/11
by Trending
On my way to DC to protest against lawlessness. Zakmal 161 1 04/11
by Ears To The Ground
SOB and Kabs what's the truth behind the relationship ? 155 1 04/11
by Yuk, Sylvia, WTF!
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