After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Bra Enviable do not earn more than your Kailahun MP APC/SLPP nasty parties 176 11
by Masoila
Sierra Leone News: Audit Service begins technical audits of NASSIT and three others E. B. Cocaine 28 0
by E. B. Cocaine
Sierra Leone re-opens Ebola funds theft files E. B Cocaine 29 0
by E. B Cocaine
Humpty Dumpty Dobalehs To APC Much To The Chagrin Of The Sychophants Who Propelled His Fall Kerr Go Bring Cam 90 1
by Bobor Pain
Professor Lumumba Scheduled To Lecture SL About Corruption Man On The Ground 35 0
by Man On The Ground
Salone MP Salary Increase Wahala Masoila 45 0
by Masoila
What's The Full Story Here? Any Idea? 75 1
by Camera
Thousands Receive SLPP Government Scholarship News Agency 31 0
by News Agency
Gambia's Parliamentarians Taking Swings At One Another - Click For Action Mbalu Senessie 43 0
by Mbalu Senessie
Salone MP Salary Increase: Hon. Tawa Conteh Calls Kandeh Yumkella a Hypocrite News Agency 45 0
by News Agency
Now, Who Is The Bad Guy? Chris Na Case 137 7
by kamara
The chickens have come home to roost. KL 43 0
by KL
SL Speaker Of The House Abass Bundu Video Finally Makes It To Facebook Click And Watch 46 0
by Click And Watch
He Was Hired By the SLPP. But he Soon Showed His Tolongbo True Colors. Now He is Out of a Job. Father Krismass 112 0
by Father Krismass
Arrogance Is The Quintessential Roadblock On The Highway Of Wisdom. Karrmokoh Achichude 66 4
by Fair man
My Time Has Come Yusif#08 536 23
by ???
Bio Storms Kenema. Vows to Develop Neglected SLPP Stronghold News Agency 36 0
by News Agency
TOLONGBO Alpha Khan Caught Trying To Flee SL Kekeh Abu 69 1
by Question
APC's Dirty Politics Exposed Mamadi Jalloh 133 5
by Chai
Salone Parliament Approves Commission of Inquiry Gbose Gbose 168 9
by kamara
When Is Maarda Bio Going To Go To Rehab For His Stroke? Pa-O-Pa President 53 1
by kamara
Sierra Leone Cabinet In 1961 Flashback 148 11
by kamara
Video Clip Of SL Speaker Of The House In The Nude Making Rounds On Social Media Kerr Go Bring Cam 64 1
by Reporter
The Folly Inherent in APC's Infrastructural Development Policy. Masoila 35 0
by Masoila
The Folly Inherent in APC's Infrastural Development Policy Masoila 18 0
by Masoila
Flashback - Click For Content Newsreal 29 0
by Newsreal
Sengbe Konouwah to Lead University of Sierra Leone? Pejeh West 47 0
by Pejeh West
Live SL Parliamentary Debate - Now 25 0
by Now
The Agnes Anyampi Koroma Legacy Sabi Duma 45 0
by Sabi Duma
How's Sierra Leone's Opposition Doing? Masoila 104 6
by Kamabai
Ambassador Dr. Lansana Gberie Presents Credentials to UN Director General Paul K 36 0
by Paul K
Sierra Leone News: Hajj-gate Trial Continues Newsreal 27 0
by Newsreal
Son Of South Sudan Chief of Staff Posting Pics of Himself Swimming In Dollars (Click On Pic For Video) What Do You Think? 37 0
by What Do You Think?
Picture of the day. Olu 155 9
by Hehehehe
2019 Nigerian Presidential Election. Atiku vs Buhari Spectator 007 49 2
by Spectator 007
Sierra Leone Must Reject Cannabis- says Pastor Mohamed Sesay. Do you agree with him? Spectator 007 33 0
by Spectator 007
One of Africa’s poorest countries has pulled the plug on a $400 million China-funded airport Culled From Google News 143 8
by Spectator 007
Is the Mayor of Freetown in the Wrong Political Party? Masoila 119 8
by DMK
Oh God please not again! KL 143 4
by KL
Another Anyampian In Hot Water Sorie Lemplemp 93 2
by Chase
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