Our people were taken back to a culture of dependence. Our unity was destroyed, as tribalism was entrenched. The virtues of hard work were displaced, as national coffers were opened wide for looters.~ Mwai Kinaki

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Breaking News:Alpha Zakmal loses dear mother. 628 22 07/01
by Head Boy
New Case of Ebola in Liberia SaloneMan 33 1 4 hours ago
by 3 New Cases
Sierra Leone's Rich and Powerful Are Breaking the Ebola Burial Rules Foday 36 0 14 hours ago
by Foday
The Debate Today Between Mohm Jalloh and John Leigh on Revaluation of the Leone
1 2
Facebook 1,158 50 17 hours ago
by FBC Transcript Officer
Controversial Envoy Dies At 69 El Sanko 65 0 Yesterday at 01:16am
by El Sanko
Culled From Social Media - Go Fund Strasser Bintumani Fan 124 2 07/01
by Stolen Funds
With a very corrupt, unpatriotic, and morally bankrupt "Supreme Court Justics", Sierra Leone slides from the pedestal of grace . 122 1 07/01
by Cornelius
Can we all come with you to Germany for routine health checks, Mr President?
1 2
BALAY 799 36 06/30
by observer
SL Man Arrested in Mohammed V Airport for 5kg Cocaine Possession Cocaine APC 103 0 06/30
by Cocaine APC
Oil Hopes Dashed Again SaloneMan 120 0 06/27
by SaloneMan
Butt naked Veep Trending 282 5 06/27
by SaloneMan
Fat Kabs Rebuttal SaloneMan 130 2 06/26
by SaloneMan
Breaking News Valentine S 125 0 06/25
by Valentine S
Borbor, you see clothes? Dauda Foday 191 1 06/25
by Baka
How Much Lower Are Our People Going To Go? Take A Listen Amara Kalokoh 204 5 06/24
by Footballer
SLPP wahala Wahala 143 1 06/23
by Freetonian Peeper
When Will African Minerals' Mine Restart SaloneMan 139 2 06/23
by Fen Plaba!
Greetings From Afa Zak Pa Santiki Lappra 80 0 06/23
by Pa Santiki Lappra
Maada Bio, the Senior Research Fellow Academia 222 6 06/22
by Cornelius
Fat Kabs Lying By Omission SaloneMan 200 4 06/22
by SaloneMan
WTF!! KL 93 0 06/21
by KL
Different definitions of TERRORISM Sengbe 189 9 06/21
by Alie Formeh Kamara (AFK)
Worwor Blyden - Long Mot SOB Warawara 144 1 06/21
by Satirical Spy
We now have the Office of the Wife of the Vice President - Bo una nor kill me wit laf yar Warawara 138 1 06/20
by Alie Formeh Kamara (AFK)
Quintessentially Alie Kabba Fen Plaba! 406 13 06/18
by Fen Plaba- clarification
A Page In The History Of Sierra Leone Sabi Duma 118 1 06/17
by June 2015
I Ask Again, What Did/Does Blyden Have on EBK SaloneMan 208 4 06/17
by Fen Plaba!
Tiffy Tiffy Jankoliko Ernest Bai Koroma Government SaloneMan 134 0 06/16
by SaloneMan
The re-emergence of ritual murder in the southeast: God save our kids!! Kagbindi 94 0 06/16
by Kagbindi
What happened to Republic of Sierra Leone? Warawara 122 2 06/16
Kenema Major Begs for His District Budget Allocation as Ruling Party Majority Parliament Divert Funds! Cidi Kuyateh 245 3 06/16
by SaloneMan
Neville VS Blyden Aroto 217 3 06/15
by Dombolo
Blattant Corruption Alaki People's Congrass 126 0 06/14
by Alaki People's Congrass
White woman passed as black woman, appointed to lead local NAACP Discuss 163 1 06/13
by Alie Formeh Kamara (AFK)
by RoMakeniKaSu
A Letter To Fatmata Alieu Badara 129 0 06/12
by Alieu Badara
Sam Sumana Sacks Lawyer Jenkins Johnston … Replaces Him With Charles Margai Foday 237 5 06/10
by SaloneMan
Guess who's back! Fen Plaba! 250 7 06/10
by Fen Plaba!
Is this Salone's turn? ls Isha Johanssen set to be the new FIFA supremo? Di Pa Dae Woke! 273 3 06/09
by Di Pa Dae Woke!
Kandeh Yumkella Throws Hat into Race Politics 233 2 06/08
by Fake registration
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