After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Funnies of the week I love this forum 462 10
by ART
SLPP to select a new flagbearer Orbana 271 0
by Orbana
Rick Perry Might Be Your Next President? Morlai Port Loko 509 11
by Zakmal
Mainstream economist Roubini: "Marx was right, capitalism is destroying itself" Sage 344 4
Sierra Leone’s Social Welfare Minister Sacked Lawyer 371 1
by ART
Sama Banya running for the tall grass, whitewashing his record. Margaret Mattia 402 5
by Sage
Constitutional Reforms In Sierra Leone. Zakmal 391 7
by Musa Kenema
Just looking at these administrations to check for inclusiveness in support of SLPPsm. 351 5
by Thin Skin
Where Is TOOM ? Zakmal 427 7
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Letter from Freetown Lawyer 487 9
by Ajaye
Just looking at these administrations to check for inclusiveness in support of SLPPsm. 483 0
FBC: Is government serious about education? Lawyer 255 0
by Lawyer
Ernest Koroma Education Lawyer 413 5
by SLPP?????
As she vows to support Maada Bio… “APC should not tell us what to do” Kadie Sesay Lawyer 352 4
by Nar U Sabi
Mayor Of Philadelphia Offers Tough Love To Those Who Needs It The Most. Zakmal 274 0
by Zakmal
Sierra Leone university runs out of paper for exams Lawyer 285 1
by Zakmal
John Benjamin begs journalists not to write about Maada's roe in the deaths of Bambay etbal. Margaret Mattia 333 4
by Brimakamra
SLPP Monthly Press Briefing for August 2011 Lawyer 306 1
by Oju
Where Is TOOM ? Zakmal 290 0
by Zakmal
Sierra Leone: NDA Scolds APC for 'Divisive Act' Lawyer 231 1
by What/Who is the NDA?
A Nigerian takeover sparks strike action in Sierra Leone Lawyer 341 0
by Lawyer
APC Executive VS SLPP Executive Lawyer 658 0
by Lawyer
Britain’s broken society – the rioting class: 'let us say it like it is' SIERRA LEONE TELEGRAPH 253 0
Joke of the day KING APC LOGGY 431 7
by Sage
Sierra Leone's army benefits from Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa's vision. 299 0
First Presidential campaign slogans.Campaign don wamm! Oju 363 2
by Henrietta Mattia
Some citizens of the UK misrepresents the Magna Carta the Barons fought King Henry 111 for. 377 11
by Sage
High Court Judge Warns...No Need For An Inquest Lawyer 453 8
by Oju
Wisconsin's Recall Election Results Proves Rightward March. Zakmal 383 1
by Sage
Gaddafi did it. assay did it. Cameron is doing it. and so will Obama. Margaret Mattia 718 9
by Brimakamra
We Were Forewarned Of Obama By Those Who Knew Him. Zakmal 562 10
by Zakmal
Iran condemns Britain's treatment of protesters: From Guardian newspaper Oju 248 0
by Oju
by Lawyer
What Ernest Koroma Recommended to the TRC Lecturer 480 14
by Lawyer
Did U.S Congressman Barney Frank Pass Gas On Air ? Zakmal 300 3
by Zakmal
Any news from JEL?
1 2
Lanre 1,468 38
by Yunk
Sam Loco Efe Dead RIP 319 0
by RIP
understanding the nature of 'cycle of violence' ART 498 6
WHO WILL VOTE FOR MAADA BIO? Jonathan Campbell 399 1
by Analyst
For those who want to make a false equivalence between Ernest and Bio Margaret Mattia 442 9
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