After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Sir.Henry Lightfoot Boston,and Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwi:The leaders faced with same problems and different results. 661 0
Chaos in Sierra Leone national football by Daniel Sjöberg – Court 500 0
by by Daniel Sjöberg – Court
Minister Plenipotentiary Leeroy Wilfred Kanu where is your report card? Samuel Kargbo 733 9
by Manning
Blood Diamonds Musa Kenema 485 1
by Okada
Don't you just love your President? He listens and is active Alie Formeh Kamara 437 8
by Reality Check
Return the humanitarian funds Shock wave 317 0
by Shock wave
Ernest Koroma The Hypocrite!!! Aminata 546 5
by Musa Kenema
Why Albert lost the goodwill of the Northwestern axis. 320 1
by Musa Kenema
Today's post will entirely focus on Steven's destruction of the nation. 314 0
Dirty Politics or Dirty Old Man? Nonpartisan 399 1
by Pa Santiki Panlamp
Will the 2012 general elections be decided at Bintumani? Cotton Tree Yuba 414 2
by Zakmal
Talking about the Albert Margai era. 436 0
Why dont we take a close look at Albert Margai's Prime Ministership to see what we can come up with. 378 0
When did Siaka Stevens and his APC stopped being a legitimate government? 594 12
by Wrong
President Kabbah Denied US Visa 913 2
by Zakmal
The last opportunity for the Historians to get it right. 289 0
Gaddafi And His Enablers To Face The Music. Zakmal 353 2
I intend to conclude the segment on Abdulai Conteh today. 553 0
God's sorrowful gift to the citizens of Sierra Leone. 382 0
Why the academic and Creole dominated judiciary share the climate of blame for the nation's predicaments. 424 0
No Doubt, Yesterday Betteh Pass Tiday. Zakmal 429 4
by Alie Formeh Kamara
Thanking Blyden Jenkins-Johnston and Paul Conton for providing me with the window of opportunity to expose hypocrisies and double standards. 724 0
As the nation celebrates its golden jubilee,thoughts are focused on some of the citizens that positively impacted the lives of fellow Sierra Leoneans. 1,453 0
Connecting Osama Porn Laden to Sierr Leone's political history 45 years ago. 782 0
The ploy to ban APC members from the forum AFK 609 7
by Same old, Same old
On this holy day,a song to remember Osama Porn Laden 365 0
Strauss-Kahn might just as well kiss his presidential ambition goodby 329 1
by Nonpartisan
Why is John Leigh not interveigning to stop the nonesense? Alie Formeh Kamara 454 3
Abdulai Osman Conteh's services in Belize,and his place in Sierra Leone's history. 949 6
How Abdulai Conteh sided with a corrupt Ambassador and in the process,brought the operations of the embassy into total ruins. 470 3
by AFK
The Late Bin Laden Was A Hypocrite . Zakmal 646 1
APC Ministers Caught Lying To The People. Zakmal 414 9
by You fail
Sa Lone Acquires US $722 Million Debt In 3 Years. Zakmal 473 4
by Excuse me
Kelfala Kallon,do you remember what I once told you and your two friends? 733 5
by Let us be real
Examples of the Expections Which APC Has Exceeded 493 10
by Zakmal
A Speech Worth Debating . Zakmal 513 2
J.B.Jenkins-Johnston,the intellectual and true son of Sierra Leone. 952 0
Is Ahmed Sesay, The Cocaine Convict Still At Connaught Hospital ? Salone Sorry ! 332 0
by Salone Sorry !
Shout out to all the forum school bus drivers Nonpartisan 362 0
by Nonpartisan
Dr Silvia Blyden says she was no NINJA, rather the main architect of the Lome peace plan TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer 377 0
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
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