After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Edmond Koker,let me now proceed to dine you. 426 5
by Sengbe's Supplication
SLPP's elaborate plot to steal the 1967 general elections 44 years ago. 410 0
Salone a 50 ? What a joke. Zakmal 424 3
We Should be Proud of our Independence Alie Formeh Kamara 339 0
by Alie Formeh Kamara
Read about Gaddaffi's World Revolutionary Centre Graduates TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer 608 2
by Zakmal
US Congress And White House Lies To the People. Zakmal 319 1
by Zakmal
The pact to crush the Arab revolution sends confusing signals The Conscience 324 0
by The Conscience
BASIC IQ TEST............... Kandeh 431 0
by Kandeh
Maigore Kallon,the prosecutor,the Judge,the Mercedes Benz Car. 965 0
Ernest Bai Koroma and other dictators benefit from US failed leadership in the Libyan crisis. 379 4
by Olanre
Edmond Koker,I am waiting for your next outburst. 397 2
by Obtuse
Edmond Koker,pay attention to this. 368 0
Only fools will blackmail Obama and the US over Libya The Conscience 583 15
by The Conscience
Don't Let Qaddafi Win Researcher 314 0
by Researcher
Conscience please pay careful attention to this. 411 1
by The Conscience
A small pep talk with the author Conscience. 7,820 1
by The Conscience
Do you remember when? Sidonluk 795 0
by Sidonluk
No Ideological Cohesion and Wrong Timing for Libya’s Revolution Alie Formeh Kamara 357 0
by Alie Formeh Kamara
Corruption at Defence Ministry Corruption Watchdog 392 2
by Zakmal
Is This What Change Brought Us ? Salone Sorry 376 1
by Salone Sorry
The anti Ebilleh campaigns. 686 0
Top 10 Dictators Bob 490 11
by Pearl
Local and National politics in the USA as Mayor Grey faces a uncertain future in DC... 477 0
Comparative international politics.UK Vs.USA. cost analysis.. 960 0
Now Obama and his National Security Adviser contradicts oneanother. 372 2
by That is a lie
What are SLPP's contributions to democracy Milo 359 0
by Milo
Obama commits another Foreign Policy pupu. 375 0
Taylor says trial is neo-colonialist 361 1
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
In terms of meddling,it is the other way round. 376 0
A field day with the Ernest Bai Koroma foreign policy management. 508 2
SLPP Is V for Victory or Viciousness or Vociferation? Musa Kenema 430 1
by Tamemkor
Kelfala Kallon indicts the SLPP Alie Formeh Kamara 451 1
by AFK
Foreign Affairsbama,the expert at flip flopping does it again. 334 1
by Lamin
I hope the SLPP understands the gravity of Umu Tejan-Jalloh's ruling. 333 0
Looming court action befalls APC APC Alagba 546 3
by Musa Kenema
Who is SLPP'S enemy number one? Nef Abalp 407 0
by Nef Abalp
The anti Ebilleh/Mohamed Denny Davies destructive forces descend to new low. 1,196 2
by Zakmal
Hold the educated in contempt not Diasporans Alie Formeh Kamara 474 6
by Zakmal
The sky is falling - SLPP paranoa Observer 399 2
by Kody
Retrospective look at corruption in SA Lone Observer 344 0
by Observer
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