After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The hard right extremist message you hear everyday on talk radio and Fox, in Europe and USA. Rigt Wing Crazy 295 0
by Rigt Wing Crazy
Some Common Mistakes During Ramadaan Musa Kenema 634 6
Multiple Ballot Box System...Allie Bangura Clarifies Margay 367 0
by Margay
SLPP losers on this forum have a long wait indeed Laughing me sides off 410 12
by Berewa syndrome
Alpha Zakmal fires broadsides against the politics of misinformation campaign against the Ebilleh. 739 0
Outstanding leadership – Sierra Leone President Koroma prepares for a second consecutive term in office Objective Observer 222 1
by Role Model
Muslims vindicated once again! Musa Kenema 330 7
by Sage
In honor of my Bro. Zakmal Nonpartisan 333 6
by Caught Out
Thanks to APC- Salone now the Leader in Money Laundering in the World Namanakotokoh 424 1
by Zakmal
What's new about the APC? Nonpartisan 407 12
by Nonpartisan
How Eke Halloway pissed off John Benjamin John Benjamin don baranta 281 1
Sierra Leone government publishes its official Progress Report on the achievement of its 'Agenda for Change' Telegraph Reader 303 0
by Telegraph Reader
Civil War in SLPP: JOB vs JJ Blood vs Eke Halloway Fen Plaba! 351 4
by Lawyer
SLPP Always Fussing and Fighting For The Wrong Reason? Kemoh Brima 355 1
by alieu sesay
Just wondering how Obama will have handled a diplomatic crisis 27 years ago. 458 8
by Admin.
Internecine warfare in the Tokpoi Family Gahinteh 245 0
by Gahinteh
Open communication to Othman educating him on the true Abdulai Osman Conteh and other politicians. 1,294 3
NPA and the rotten transformers Margay 323 0
by Margay
Ernest is the healthiest president in the world....Cocorioko Toady 317 2
by wise one
APC's Conspiracy Theory on Alpha Wurie by Dr Dolittle( Kabs Kanu) kpundeh 627 8
Dr.Kadie and JEL will hold the SLPP torch Crystal Ball 307 2
by MY
SLPP Electoral Board Convention 343 1
by Pemahun Fan
Press Statement 2011 National Party Conference Convention 253 0
by Convention
Sierra Leone: Belgian Authorities Investigate Ambassador Margay 359 0
by Margay
Governments Shouldn't Be Picking Winners And Losers . Zakmal 402 11
by Musa Kenema
Hypocrisy Of The Left. Zakmal 354 4
by Zakmal
An example of government waste Sage 414 1
by Zakmal
Six Ways to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule Sage 274 0
by Sage
Juan Williams' Wife Exposes Liberals As Hypocrites. Zakmal 355 0
by Zakmal
Lawyer Bu-Buakei Jabbie Candapa Abu Cleaver Momoh Service mentality injected into the politics backfires big time on him. 330 0
SLPP party conference July 29-31 Convention 569 1
by Nonpartisan
Freetown filth won’t go away easily! Santigie Makeni 248 0
by Santigie Makeni
Murdoch's Wife Should Be Applauded. Zakmal 531 6
by Sage
Goalie Khalil makes a surprise move to Swedish top tier league Footballer 247 0
by Footballer
Economic Lessons Obama Should Learn From Estonia. Zakmal 275 0
by Zakmal
ABC- Gets new BOSS-Hope nor to another TIFFMAN alieu sesay 568 1
by Batoliner
Watch Out for Sierra Leoen Rebekah Brooks! Junior Sawyer 440 2
by Sillah Sesay
Poverty, As Defined In America. Zakmal 331 9
by Sage
Sierra Leone Energy Minister take note TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer 277 0
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Organizing America Nonpartisan 825 28
by Zakmal
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