After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Husband of the Year Awards‏ Foday Wanpot 409 0
by Foday Wanpot
Democrats Are Hypocrites And They Know It. Zakmal 367 2
by Zakmal
Obama goes Ramanu's style in foreign policy:EEE DAY YAR EEE DAY YANDER TUMARA EEE DAY SO. 386 1
by FAILURE!!!!!
Canned in Cannes - director banned for Nazi joke 525 11
by Salone Sorry !
Why are Americans so gullible? Just fancy that! Musa Kenema 321 0
by Musa Kenema
Attempting to scuttle free speech with Canned and Cannes posting isa waste of time. 407 9
by Zakmal
Alpha Kalos,and Mrs Kalos,I have just returned home and read the news. 578 0
Missing Sierra Leone Sierra Leonean 366 0
by Sierra Leonean
Kabs Wins An Award For Propaganda Not Diplomacy. Salone Sorry ! 397 3
by SLPP Abu Margai
Ebilleh organization inaugurates a new administration. 824 0
What could possibly have led Afsatu to go from being a paragon of beauty and moral excellence to a convicted felon? 448 4
How Would the 50th Anniversary Have Looked Like If Qadaffi was not At War 364 0
SLPP Comedians - your party is in disarray Progress 327 3
SLPP rapture on convention day The predictor 274 1
Made in Sierra Leone- progress Progress 362 1
by Good work
Our Historians were and are so intellectually dishonest and morally compromised that we should question their sanity. 317 1
by Zakmal
The last opportunity for the politicians to geit it right:Abdulai Conteh's place in history. 477 11
by Excuse me
Job like Gadafi must go Democracy 300 0
by Democracy
Saluting MKK! Cow N Gate 359 8
by Zakmal
Abdulai Conteh's education is never the issue here. 382 0
For The Attention of Progress Forum Admin 383 9
by TheOneAndOnlyMusketeer
Real progress in Sierra Leone will now be catal;ogued as a defense AFK 519 2
by Salone Sorry !
I need a favor from The Netherlands Bintumani Fan 349 0
by Bintumani Fan
What people fail to see Progress 424 0
by Progress
News briefs on Building Jetties in Sierra Leone Progress 1,209 0
by Progress
Fishery Progress 276 0
by Progress
Progress in Sierra Leone - Gold Progress 359 0
by Progress
Progress in Sierra Leone Progress 561 0
by Progress
Made in Sierra Leone - progress Progress 602 0
by Progress
Made in Sierra Leone - Progress Progress 337 0
by Progress
Sir.Henry Lightfoot Boston,and Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwi:The leaders faced with same problems and different results. 662 0
Chaos in Sierra Leone national football by Daniel Sjöberg – Court 500 0
by by Daniel Sjöberg – Court
Minister Plenipotentiary Leeroy Wilfred Kanu where is your report card? Samuel Kargbo 733 9
by Manning
Blood Diamonds Musa Kenema 485 1
by Okada
Don't you just love your President? He listens and is active Alie Formeh Kamara 441 8
by Reality Check
Return the humanitarian funds Shock wave 317 0
by Shock wave
Ernest Koroma The Hypocrite!!! Aminata 546 5
by Musa Kenema
Why Albert lost the goodwill of the Northwestern axis. 320 1
by Musa Kenema
Today's post will entirely focus on Steven's destruction of the nation. 314 0
Dirty Politics or Dirty Old Man? Nonpartisan 399 1
by Pa Santiki Panlamp
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