After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The new hillside bypass road connecting central and eastern Freetown Di Pa Dae Woke! 106 0
by Di Pa Dae Woke!
Barack Obama to lead Harvard? Chancellor Maguire 88 0
by Chancellor Maguire
Leone Stars Need Reinforcement Footballer 99 5
by Footballer
The evil that men do... KL 126 3
by Capo Di Tutti Capi
Besides politics what about discussing the triple bottomline? Sustainability Musa Kenema 100 0
by Musa Kenema
Why Jay-Z is ready to sign up this Sierra Leonean Music Super Star Music Man 144 3
by David Samura
by Tah Song Koh
Missing in Action: Where is John Leigh? Bubba Wa Matungi 378 19
by Salone Striker
African Nations Cup: Salone Opponent Ghana Destroying Ethiopia Footballer 59 0
by Footballer
Leone Stars make the nation proud as they thrash Kenya’s Harambee Stars in electrical African Nations Cup Clash in Freetown Kabs Kanu 71 0
by Kabs Kanu
Africa Cup of Nations Qualiers: Sierra Leone 2 Kenya 1 Footballer 74 2
by Spectator 007
Ivory Coast Vs Sierra Leone Soccer 93 4
by We was robbed
Leone Stars Line Up for Kenya cracker Footballer 53 0
by Footballer
Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers 2019 Footballer 69 2
by Footballer
Is Sierra Leoen Now A Muslim Nation? Alhaji 236 10
by Nasty EBK
Why I like Bintumani(culled from a previous post) Tetewalayjo 72 1
by KL
Leone Stars go down fighting in Liberia Kabs Kanu 93 8
by Spectator 007
Africa Cup pf Nations Clash: Kenya Spying on Sierra Leone Footballer 59 0
by Footballer
Busted APC Man Replaced at ECOWAS APC High Priest 185 12
by Spectator 007
Sierra Leone Vs. Liberia since 1966 : full and correct head -to-head statistics Kabs Kanu 55 0
by Kabs Kanu
Chinese Ambassador Exposes APC General Luawa 67 1
by ADP Santigi
Strong leaders inspire transformative development – avers Attorney General JFK Kabs Kanu 95 2
by Knice
worlds-least-valuable-currencies/sierra-leonean-leone/ Peg Leone to the Pound 88 2
by Macro Economist
Lessons for EBK: Kenyan's Prof. Lumumba At The Nigerian Legislature Conference On Anti-Corruption Rev Kabs pls Listen 66 1
by Manso Kawuta
Sorry for my absence Kabs Kanu 87 1
by Pope Francis
Ponder My Thoughts: Why APC Remains a Disaster for Salone Andrew Keili 67 0
by Andrew Keili
EUFA Champions League Final Spectator 007 169 11
by Spectator 007
How serious are the SLPP presidential contenders? Pay to play 197 11
by Spectator 007
President Ernest Koroma to stay on as APC Chairman and Leader after 2018 Kabs Kanu 95 5
by Kagbindi Mortui
ADP Leader Mohamed Kamarainba docked on three count charges of unlawful possession of arms Kabs Kanu 59 1
by Man of Dog
$1 billion Israeli solar commitment to ECOWAS Kabs Kanu 40 0
by Kabs Kanu
Unlike President Koroma, Tanzanian President Fires Mines Minister After Minerals Audit Fil Bothi 215 27
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Alaki APC arrests Opposition Candidate Kamarainba Eustace K Palmer 88 5
by Cut and paste Typo
Poverty And Christianity(?) On Steroid In Salone. KL 81 5
by KL
Is Former Interior Minister, J.B. Dauda Dead? Amara Cole 56 1
by Mende Man
Why Jay-Z is ready to sign up this Sierra Leonean Music Super Star Music Man 50 0
by Music Man
Sierra Leone: Ministry of Gender, New Boss, Same Old Drama By Vickie Remoe Batkanu Boy 57 0
by Batkanu Boy
A picture speaks a thousand words Kalangba 126 4
by Student
Round the World in 810yeras Harlem Globetrotters 49 0
by Harlem Globetrotters
We Must Do the WOKE
1 2
Sengbe 297 36
by Musa Kenema
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