After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Mr. president, this is not enough! KL 144 11
by 400% SLPP
Effect of social media in 2018 elections Spectator 007 17 0
by Spectator 007
A New Day in Sierra Leone with President Bio Head Boy 54 1
by Spectator 007
'Agenda for Stupidity' did APC in Masoila 110 5
Maada Bio wins Sengbe 197 22
by Spectator 007
New leader old problems. George 56 1
by There he Goes
The agony of defeat. KL 68 2
by Salone Baby
Ernest shows that he has no class Tolongbo 41 0
by Tolongbo
What an anti- climax Gahinteh 99 6
by KL
So! what's holding up the NEC? Sengbe 171 28
by Sengbe
Where is John Ernest Leigh SLPP Brigade 63 2
by SLPP 5star General
Touching Base Spectator 007 116 7
by Salone Baby
Alhaji Chief Samsumana Spectator 007 42 0
by Spectator 007
APC to Retain Power 373 29
by Upper Bambara
Election fever KL 78 4
by KL
I smell a stinking dead rat [APC] Sengbe 116 10
by Spectator 007
Sierra Leone polls: EU observers criticise parties, state institutions for sabotaging NEC's reputation Tolongbo 33 0
by Tolongbo
APC Holds Press Conference APC Vs Maada Bio 145 7
by Beware
Sierra Leone’s Journalists accuse APC of violence Tolongbo 31 0
by Tolongbo
Tolongbo is dead Tolongbo 56 0
by Tolongbo
Where is Speco Gahinteh 64 1
by Dr. Yusif#08
Tell me we are not a shi!t hole nation KL 164 7
Nigerian Politician Congratulates Brigadier Julius Maada Bio Elections Watch 84 4
by He-He-He
Winnie Mandela Passes On Africa Mourns 35 0
by Africa Mourns
AS APC Introduces the last of its 99 tactic, the SLPP Walks out from NEC Tally Room Beware 63 1
by Douglas
We Kicked their Behind: Julius Maada Rides into State House Cry the Beloved Country 124 6
by Question
Saro: How we wicked so ba? Sengbe 83 1
by Sengbe
Internet/Telecommunication Disruption in Saro Sengbe 61 2
by Tolongbo
Peaceful and prosperous Botswana has a new leader Diamondeferous Botswana 23 0
by Diamondeferous Botswana
Fwd : With Globalisation : Citizens of anywhere Cornelius Hamelberg 34 0
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Internet shut down in salone Tolongbo 41 1
by Tolongbo
And now, this! KL 221 15
by Kamara
NEC Credibility Issue 116 6
by kamara
by NGC 7%
SLPP set to win polls tomorrow Election Update 80 3
by Reality
Judas Die Don Tiday - Wee Go Ber Am Tumarra Good Friday 31 0
by Good Friday
Samsumana and APC play Music and Chairs Elections Watch 39 0
by Elections Watch
Doing The Right Thing - Way To Go News Bearer 27 0
by News Bearer
The Sierra Leone Crisis: Is This The Type of Country That We Want to Live in? Masoila 201 11
by Kono Voter
A very Presidential Easter Message Cornelius Hamelberg 32 0
by Cornelius Hamelberg
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