After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Don't Test the Brigadier Masoila 68 4
by Deja Vu
Latest On Valentine Strasser Kerr Go Bring Cam 110 4
by Nja Neneh
SL Parliament Swears In New Members of Parliament Hamada Fawaz 29 0
by Hamada Fawaz
Commotion At APC Headquarters Just In 30 0
by Just In
To Whom It May Concern Court Rise 30 0
by Court Rise
Pic Of The Day Dorgbor Wusu 112 8
by Brima Conteh
SL's Free Education Program Gets A Thumb's Up From The International Community Researcher 60 9
by KL
Statistics Sierra Leone Defends Mass Sacking of "Incompetent" Staffers News 28 0
by News
Bintumani Conference - Telling It As It Is Straight Talk 43 1
Sierra Leone's Veteran Broadcaster Gipu Felix-George Laid to Rest in Manchester, UK News 29 0
by News
Sierra Leone FA President Acquitted of Corruption News 13 0
by News
Massive Recruitment at Statistics Sierra Leone News Agency 42 3
by DMK
Arrest of student demonstrators - WAEC exams Spectator 007 101 6
by Spectator 007
Africa Free Trade Deal from 30th May: Who will benefit? Deja Vu 27 1
by Who wins who loses?
Open Letter To Pa O' Pa Bio Salifu Kanneh 43 1
by Candidate
So sad KL 41 0
by KL
When cops were not rag tag. KL 65 3
by The Cancer Of Society
Armed Robbers Invade Moyamba Breaking News 28 0
by Breaking News
by KL
Sierra Leone's Former President Expresses Concern Over Safety Ordoryor 156 17
by Respect
Sierra Leone Robocall Scammers Nabbed By Police Straight Talk 45 0
by Straight Talk
Online Admission Applications At University of Sierra Leone For 2019 - 2020 Academic Year Public Notice 87 0
by Public Notice
Boy's Cut History 101 43 0
by History 101
Untold Story of the Sierra Leone Railway Concerned citizen 48 0
by Concerned citizen
Cabinet Reshuffle Spectator 007 97 5
by Masoila
Forum Visit Statistics Bintumani Statistics Unit 34 1
by Statistics Continued
I knew it! KL 34 0
by KL
Is It Fair To Grade The Free Education Scheme In Sierra Leone? Yusif#08 129 22
by DMK
This is escalating and Salone can't wait to defuse it. KL 36 1
You can only find a few good looking African presidents. Bio is really ugly. Lol 81 0
by Lol
Mafia Boss Ali Baba On The Show Off - Check This Out Karmokoh Achichude 55 1
by Question
The Anti-Robbery/Crack Squad Arrested Suspected Clique Gang In Makama-Makeni Kerr Go Bring Cam 26 0
by Kerr Go Bring Cam
EUFA Champions League Spectator 007 30 3
by Spectator 007
Officials: Beware Sierra Leone ‘One Ring' Robocallers Please Tell Me When 30 0
by Please Tell Me When
I breathed life back into your forum Kabs Kanu 192 25
by APC Orwaii
Would a Southeasterner Win the Presidency for APC? Lokomasama 55 5
by KL
The SLPP government and the IMF Kabs Kanu 18 0
by Kabs Kanu
Like APC, like SLPP. The more things change..... KL 16 0
by KL
Oh SLPP! KL 50 2
by Referee Balogun
Colonel Awad Ibn Awuf, Former Defence Minister Once Declared Dead Found Alive Politics 101 72 0
by Politics 101
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