After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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True or false? KL 162 9
by KL
Eddie Grant, Wan Tae Mankneh Karim Thorlu 41 0
by Karim Thorlu
Sierra Leone: Newspapers focus on presidential executive orders, others Tolongbo 41 0
by Tolongbo
The 8th Executive Order Amara Sesay 42 0
by Amara Sesay
Plaba Don Begin Bedoh Rowaca 80 1
by Nearly Illiterate Blyden
Where the Hell is Eddie Grant? Investigator 72 1
by Gahinteh
NPRC Back In Power Observer 132 8
by Gahinteh
When will the dull Mendes rule Sierra Leone? Are they only SLPP footmen? Why only the smart Sherbros all the time? Kayndayka Torway 108 9
by Bra Enviable
The yard stick AFK 89 8
by Falama
Overzealous SLPP operatives 59 1
by Stop Crying
Police To Take Charge Of Govt. Vehicles Ayodele Tucker 39 0
by Ayodele Tucker
Bintumani Victory Song: Fen Dem, Fen Dem Isata Malla 187 12
by Spectator 007
Jeliba Cocorioko Ceases to Update: What Happened? Investigator 113 4
by Spectator 007
And I thought Salone was bad...... Salone Baby 112 10
by Spectator 007
Maada Bio Should Not Bring APC or NGC into his Cabinet Kamabai 203 12
by Supreme Authority
Sierra Leone: Run-Off Result Vindicates Regional Concern for National Stability Lindsay Barrett, Nigeria 32 0
by Lindsay Barrett, Nigeria
Look At Them Now Researcher 166 11
by Salone Madam
True story by Prof. KK Sengbe 42 0
by Sengbe
SLPP Anthem SLPP Alagba 34 0
by SLPP Alagba
PUAWAI IS BACK Tolongbo 48 0
by Tolongbo
Time To Unstress Your World Laughing Time 48 1
by More Laughter
Sierra Leone’s elections as a West African morality tale Tolongbo 46 0
by Tolongbo
Sierra Leone's new president promises civil servants 'no witchhunt' Tolongbo 42 0
by Tolongbo
The Mendes have just demonstrated their lawlessness in Kenema! Alaki Bio $18 million 60 2
by Douglas
Sierra Leone Police Alerts Public On Massive APC Looting Spree. Amadu Mannah 46 0
by Amadu Mannah
Bio to meet APC Leadership Tolongbo 87 2
by Gahinteh
Former South Korean President Park Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison Hope Ernest Gets The Same 46 0
by Hope Ernest Gets The Same
Two dead in Kenema clash Tolongbo 72 0
by Tolongbo
Government Vehicles Withdrawn, Warrant of Arrest Issued, APC Alagbas Flee Beresford 67 0
by Beresford
Brigadier Maada Bio Has Done What Napoleon Couldn't Do! Bra Enviable 75 1
by Knice
Should we allow the Prodigals to return to our Fold? Sengbe 233 25
by Sengbe
Good morning, Sierra Leone, good afternoon Freetown, hello citizens! KL 147 17
by Tell Dem
Solo B's post election interview KL 85 5
by Spectator 007
Maada Bio is President: Cornelius Hamelberg, I told you so. Pujehun Man 117 3
by Prezo
Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire day cam Sengbe 46 2
by Sengbe
To Bintumani Admin Alex 76 6
by Alex
When the Shoe is on the other Foot Masoila 41 0
by Masoila
This is not a good start. KL 106 6
by Amadu Mannah
by Media
Looking Back. The cyber warriors THE BRIGADIER 54 1
by NGC 7%
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