After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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by Idi Amin
Emmerson Responds To Rumours Kandeh Juma 99 1
by Last Man Standing
Emmerson busted? ABK 77 1
by Fake News
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Sad News: Has Dr. Kadi Sesay Passed Away? News 116 2
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Quotes of the Week: Did Eddie Grant land a Punch? E Finisham 107 7
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National and Partisan Polling in Saro Sengbe 261 19
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School with Best 2016 WASCE Student Chicago Southside 177 26
More about Kelvin KL 63 0
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For KL and Sengbe: Re Fools' Gold Knice 76 1
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Historical speeches: Nigeria Fen Plaba! 42 0
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Boy Genius: Sierra Leone Kelvin Doe 60 0
$9.7 million tiff money recovered Fen Plaba! 65 0
by Fen Plaba!
Kotor Jalloh sentenced. ISISRecruiters in Salone? 70 1
by APC ISIS Connection
1 2
Knice 380 46
Leader of the free world? 108 4
by Sengbe
Angola's Dos Santos to Step Down After 38 Years! SaloneMan 52 0
by SaloneMan
Abuse of Power/No Freedom of Speech - Anti Corruption Campaigner Detained SaloneMan 53 0
by SaloneMan
Progressive Peoples Party 173 21
by Friend of Donald Trump
Are they really worthless? KL 57 0
by KL
Did We Loot The Gambia For Yahya Jammeh? By Sonala Olumhense Reference Reading 49 0
by Reference Reading
Circumstances Under Which I'd Vote for the APC Candidate
1 2
Sengbe 217 34
by KL
Let us examine the issues currently facing the SLPP
1 2
Sengbe 311 36
by Sengbe
Post-Jammeh Gambia – What Next For President Adama Barrow? Question 45 0
by Question
Yahya Jammeh's Hiding Place In Equatorial Guinea Yaram Bamba 67 0
by Yaram Bamba
Where Are Sierra Leone's Missing Ebola millions? Munku Boss 52 0
by Munku Boss
Mugabe's Brain Sengbe 60 2
by Sengbe
Bra Enviable seen with a rippling RPG at the Gambian Border Fen Plaba! 140 7
by Goday Skata
Ex Jammeh Minister Fatoumata Jallow is Gambia's Vice President News Agency 57 0
by News Agency
'No Money In The Coffers' In Gambia Says New President Adama Barrow Unu Yerri? 74 6
by Kebba Mbaye
After U Nar U: Jammeh's Gone Who's Next? Boumwaga 94 5
by Ah APC!
Malcolm X's words still ring true today Fen Plaba! 71 2
by Fen Plaba!
Yahya Jammeh Leaves for Exile Ibrahima Jallow 80 0
by Ibrahima Jallow
Jammexit??? KL 39 0
by KL
Friendly Wager on what Jammeh Does Next? Limited Time Offer SaloneMan 102 3
by Fen Plaba!
Run, Jammeh, run the Green Eagles are coming!!! KL 51 0
by KL
Jammeh's days in power appears to be winding down. KL 103 9
by Why now?
Meet the future first ladies of Gambia and other photos. KL 58 0
by KL
Gambia’s New President Is Sworn In as Troops Enter the Country Gbagbo Syndrome 32 0
by Gbagbo Syndrome
Senegal Invades Fen Plaba! 29 0
by Fen Plaba!
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