After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Name thisTerrorist Drug Sengbe 78 7
by Alaki Sengbe
The Dawn Of A New Beginning Winds Of Change 3 0
by Winds Of Change
Is Maada Bio a Mende or a Sherbro? Blema Gbangbama 7 0
by Blema Gbangbama
A message for Temne haters Let us pray 16 1
Dr. Samura Kamara's background Kamalo Man 57 5
by Abioseh
Samura Kamara Does NOT Have A PhD The Whole Truth 87 9
by Poke Toholo
Total Involvement for Higher Heights The Die Is Cast 36 2
by Cornelius Hamelberg
Why are Temnes so influential in Salone? Million Dollar Question 154 14
by Samura Kamara
Who is Dr. Samura Kamara? In his own words 218 17
by Kinny Gbanabome
The Dawn Of A New Generation The Winds Of Change 16 0
by The Winds Of Change
General Victor Malu Passes On Ecomog 27 0
by Ecomog
Here is the real Samura Kamara. Forget about the wicked propaganda. He is indeed the man to beat! Sorie Jigimoteh 84 5
by Gbose Gbose Tribe
Bintu Archives on Dr Samura Kamara Kinny Gbanabome 43 0
by Kinny Gbanabome
It Is Finally Here (THE NGC ) Is a party 44 0
Oxford University First Black Student was from Sierra leone Oxford Uni Alumnus 31 0
by Oxford Uni Alumnus
A Blessing in disguise 111 15
by Spectator 007
The APC and SLPP who was more Democtatic in Thier Primaries? David Samura 57 2
by Laughable.
Vote wisely Vote wisely 41 0
by Vote wisely
Ungrateful APC: Snubs Themnes Again Morlai Laimpay 93 4
by Alaki Sengbe
Could this be true?The Temne , “from Israël to Sierra Leone” Kalbantay 66 3
by Gbose-gbose Culture
Julius Maada Bio is SLPP's Flagbearer Masoila 105 3
by Lamina Gbenkenlenken
Who invited Charles Margai to the SLPP Delegates Conference? Sengbe 191 27
by Concerned
Dr. Samura Kamara is APC's Flag Bearer Masoila 88 2
by Unimpressed
Something to think about KL 162 11
by Karim
by APC Ignorance
Live At The APC Convention 123 8
by Eddie Grant
Weah Declares Victory In Liberia Elections Pamalap 90 0
by Pamalap
Thr SLPP KL 50 2
by KL
Weah and Sleepy Joe lead in Liberia Votes. Runoff Likely Liberia Meh 101 10
by Spectator 007
Aspiring Anyapies In Pictures Sampson 58 0
by Sampson
Today In The History Of Sierra Leone Saspo Bentail 43 0
by Saspo Bentail
The Last Supper Countdown 35 1
by Countdown
African Politics 101: APC makes it hard for Kandeh Yumkella Afro Politics 58 0
by Afro Politics
What da hell is going on? KL 75 5
by Spectator 007
Toddlers March To State House In Proest Breaking News 36 0
by Breaking News
The last word Kagbindi 27 0
by Kagbindi
Prince Johnson And The Assassination Of Samuel Doe News Department 36 0
by News Department
September 28, 2017 Newsreal AYV Media Empire News 30 0
by AYV Media Empire News
Alpha Timbo secretly clinches SLPP flagbearership: Unprecedented! Morlai Tangagbookay 72 5
by Imam Al Sankoh
Autonomous Vehicles: Vehicles of the future Kagbindi 46 1
by Lion
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