After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Things that makes you go hmmmm! KL 108 14
by KL
Whatever happened to the presumption of innocent! KL 109 13
by KL
Former Minister Arrested Over Mismanagement of Ebola funds Or Why? 33 0
by Or Why?
Former Minister Testifies In US$300,000 Corruption Case Fil Bothi 43 1
by Poketoholo
Calamity And Suffering In The Land Of Big Diamonds The Times 32 0
by The Times
What Is/Are The Grade(s) For Education, Economy, and Justice Under The Bio Administration? Yusif#08 42 1
by Kolleh
Robert Mugabe, Strongman Who Cried, ‘Zimbabwe Is Mine,’ Dies at 95 Kekeh Abu 14 0
by Kekeh Abu
President's Aide Boasted About Wealth In Church, Sparks Corruption Probe Culled From CNN 122 13
by Lol
Sierra Leone Becoming the World's Fastest Growing Travel Destination News Agency 32 0
by News Agency
Was that you KL? Was that you KL in FTown? 79 3
by KL
Former Chief Of Staff In Koroma Government Richard Konteh Detained by ACC Check This Out 41 0
by Check This Out
What Happened To This Promise Of Prosperity To The People Of Koryardu? Question 40 1
by Answer
Telling It The Way It Is Reality Sucks 22 0
by Reality Sucks
Just when you think the APC was the corruption in town. KL 120 6
by Foreign Observer
OrKama, time is running out. KL 169 15
by Political Scientist
Anti Corruption Hearings Youthman Dem 50 0
by Youthman Dem
Travelgate - Africa is sick Deja Vu 41 0
by Deja Vu
Mr. Bio, for all you do, this one's for you! KL 89 6
by KL
Banana Republic KL 51 0
by KL
Who Is Ernest Koroma - By Saidu B.Turay How True Is This Article 77 0
by How True Is This Article
Nigerian Man Fathers Six Children With Own Daughters Online News 29 0
by Online News
Properties of former APC ministers impounded by Anti-Corruption Commission Kuss Kass 42 0
by Kuss Kass
Life Is Not About Politics Alone Enjoyment Man 36 0
by Enjoyment Man
Damaging Floods Sweep Freetown Breaking News 40 2
by Video Clips
Karamoh Kabba Of APC Arrested Lamina Poyo 114 8
by Kamara
Salone Teen Stabs Father to Death News Agency 46 1
by News Updater
Residence of Justice Biobele Georgewill Attacked - Could This Be The Handwork Of PAOPA? Breaking News 72 4
by DMK
Is this the best Salone can offer tourists? Naaaaa! KL 66 10
by KL
Seriously? KL 31 1
by East End Paddle
Is this true? Lion Mountain 48 0
by Lion Mountain
Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Benin & Lesotho in race for Africa Cup of Nations 2021 Spot News Agency 28 0
by News Agency
Junior Soccer Players From Sierra Leone Disappear After Playing In Spain News Bearer 41 0
by News Bearer
Sierra Leoneans in Virginia, July 4th, 2019
1 2
KL 264 41
by My opinion
Interesting Quotes From High Profile Figures Sabi Duma 35 0
by Sabi Duma
What will it take to attract tourists in Salone? KL 43 2
by KL
Why is This Fruit Called Pear in Krio Forum Trivia 25 0
by Forum Trivia
Where Is Cornelius Deveaux? Detective Jalloh 36 0
by Detective Jalloh
Bio Sacks Yet Another Of His Kinsmen Humpty Dumpty 50 0
by Humpty Dumpty
Bintumani Forum Statistics Forum Statistics Bureau 18 0
by Forum Statistics Bureau
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