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Sunday 15 July

France vs Croatia - Moscow (Luzhniki), 4pm - BBC and ITV

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Croatia 2, France 1
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France 2  Croatia 1. 

France will win the World Cup because France are a more balanced team than Croatia.  Moreover, France are scrappy and opportunistic.  If Croatia leave spaces like they did with England in the first half of their game, France will be up 3-0 by half time. 

Mbappe and Griezman are deadly.  But I really would like to see Croatia win and it will not surprise me if they did.  It will be a beauty for the Cup to stay in Eastern Europe.
Spectator 007
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Croatia has a chance to win but I prefer France’s chances. France could have easily beat Belgium 3-0 if their No. 9 wasn’t “chapping” (mis-kicking the ball). He has several golden opportunities to increase the score.

My prediction France 2 Croatia 1
Nigeria in the semis?
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The Croats are undoubtedly the underdogs here but i expect them to dominate possession whilst the French will be parking the bus, biding their time and hitting out on the break utilising the amazing speed of rising star Mbappe and the nous and creativity of Matuidi, Griezman and Pogba. The fact that Croatia may be on their last legs after playing two extra times in the tournament could be on the minds of the French, though the England Game proved otherwise.

It will be a risky game to play against a side which has shown poise, tenacity and resilience throughout the Tournament. In Modric, they have a fine and driven midfielder, who despite his personal pending perjury court case and a potential jail term in nis home country, has galvanised his team mates to reach these dizzying heights and make a nation of only 4 million people really proud.

Stopping Modric from pulling the strings in the middle of the park by letting the never-stop-running Kante tag him could do it for France; but in Rakitic, Rebic and Perisic ( if he is fit), France still has dangerous players to contend with or neutralise.

A team which has survived two penalty shoot-outs in this tournament and has never won a World Cup, might just have a hunch or inkling that this is their time.

Croatia 3 France 2
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France 2 Croatia 1
Spectator 007
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Prediction points for France vs Croatia
Full time score: France 4 Croatia 2

DMK - 14
Head Boy - DNP
Masoila - 14
Nigeria in the semis (NITS) - 0
Spec007 - 14
Yusuf#08- 0


Day #23 prediction game
Day/Date: Sunday July 15, 2018

Points scored on this Date.
DMK - 14
Head Boy- DNP
Masoila - 14
Nigeria in the semis (NITS) - 0
Spec007 - 14
Yusuf#08- 0

Cumulative score totals are shown below. For Day 23, we add points for days 1 - 23 (inclusive).
DMK - 113
Head Boy - 125
Masoila -162
Nigeria in the semis (NITS) - 99
Spec007 - 164
Yusuf#08 - 117

As usual please verify points.

I thank you all of for playing the 2018 WC Prediction Game
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Viva la France.
Nigeria in the semis?
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Gooď fun. Thanks to everyone who took part. Special thanks to Specky for the organisation and arbitration
Spectator 007
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France clinically dismantled Croatia in the second half. Completely exposed them.

What was the stupid French goalkeeper thinking? Had it been a tied game when he screwed up and France ended up losing, he would’ve been torn to shreds on his return home.

Great final.
Spectator 007
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Special thanks to Footballer for posting games way ahead of time.

@NITS your commentary cracked me up especially the bit about Operation Leap Frog. I will share Operation Juju tactiscwith you in 2022.
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Many many congratulations to France for a fantastic win.

Special thank you to Specky for organising this and for keeping such excellent score.

Thank you to Footballer and all others who posted the games.

Congratulations to Specky on winning the Bintu World Cup Prediction Game with a close run from Masoila.

I note that my mission to disguise my real football knowledge was a complete success. Thank you to everyone for taking part. You have all helped make the World Cup great fun.
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Thank you Specky for organizing the sweepstakes/tournament. Great job!!!
Nigeria in the semis?
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Congrats Specky for leapfrogging Masoila. The Kabala or Guinea juju seems to have lost its mysticity. See you again at the African Nations Cup in 2019 or the Euro 2020.
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