After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Straight Talk
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Or Kama are you still in denial? Is this the end of the event or a rehearsal?
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Brother KL, Don't Obai Trump me. Your inauguration crowd size is bigger than mine. It is not the size, it the genuine development Sierra Leone. What Can APC do or contribute to Salone now. We know the havoc, thy caused in the past 11 years.
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I like the way you respond to this fool that labels himself KL. These idlers have spent a year in opposition on foolishness. Instead of checking the excesses of the government in power and presenting themselves as a viable alternative, they are being obsessed with crowd size in a stadium. This is simply one of the reasons why president Bio has no respect for the APC.
Tolongbo 2023
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SLPP  nor get shame. If you had not posted this video clip, they would have clung to their lies that the stadium was full. Thank you, Straight Talk.

The surprise awaiting SLPP in 2023 is humongous. This time, it will be fire for fire and the rubbish regime change APC  surrendered to will not happen again in Sierra Leone. If they can become so unpopular and hated in just one year, by 2023, they will be so despised we will bulldozz them out of power. 

We will be ready this time. Una sabby APC. Enjoy your 5 years. APC will be back in 2023. Fire for fire. 
Thabo U go Sober
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Hehehehehe.  You cannot win bye elections in Kambia and Port Loko and you are talking about winning the presidency in 2023?  Will you have a party come 2023? 

Na Maada Bio fit unu.  E go shub tick nar unu laimpay unu go clap.  Damn tiffy tiffy party.
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Or Kamara, this is about the third and last time I am going to tell you this...
IT HAS ALL TO DO WITH A NATION THAT IS                                                                               FED UP WITH THIS ADMINISTRATION.

You can continue to play this game as much as you can, bro, but like I told you earlier, the people of Sierra Leone are too desperate to wait for two years for food, clean water and electricity. Salone is not Reagan America like you attempted to compare. Reagan America was not desperate for life's basics. You may give the people free education as much as you can but without food, accessible and clean water and electricity, as far as they are concerned, the SLPP haven't done sh!t!!! And like I told you earlier, this administration will end up like the APC if they don't get their priorities straight.

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If you had given these warnings in the days of Tejan Kabbah, many may have been worried thereby heeding to your warning/advice.  Tejan Kabbah and his boys were choir boys who were afraid of APC violence.  The current SLPP is different.  It is energized by PAOPA, which is made up of civil war veterans.  If APC wants to go up against the dreaded PAOPA, let them try.  But lek how Salone man kin say, NAR NEW WAN DEN GO BORN.  The Brigadier ain't joking.
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You guys seems to firmly entrenched as the number one defenders of the SLPP . You see no evil and hear no evil. You spend your hard earned pilitical capital preparing for the second coming of the APC while missing the big picture.  It is arguably true that this administration is doing what it can for the long term and the so-called free education is evidenced regardless of varied opinions. But when you deal with a poor and desperate people, you must diversify your portfolio. When people are hungry they naturally become angry and in Sierra Leone the SLPP is at the receiving end of that anger. This must be your concern not the APC. In so many ways it appears that the APC has a strangle hold on you and your eyes a constantly fixed at the rearview mirror.  There was an independence day celebration with foreign dignitaries that witnessed an empty stadium. This also must concern you yet you spend your energy fearing the APC. 

Mansa Kapri
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"There was an independence day celebration with foreign dignitaries that witnessed an empty stadium. This also must concern you yet you spend your energy fearing the APC."  KL,


It appears that the fictitious empty stadium issue is more of a concern to you than to SLPP members.  The average SLPP member is extremely pleased with the way the country is being governed. 

You talk about the SLPP fearing the APC?  That tells me that you have not been home for quite some time.  Did you hear that when Maada Bio visited Makeni and Magburaka earlier this year Tolongbo operatives were peeing in their pants?  Some even fled to the bush when they saw the Brigadier's convoy.

Bra talk about another party.  I don't see the APC sniffing power in Salone in the next 50 years.  The party is in total disarray.  It has not adapted to the changing nature of times.  The same old Siaka Stevens era propaganda continues.  And they talk of violence in the age of PAOPA.  

Den dae take bortu scared belleh ooman.  Hehehehe
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SLPP and their delusion of grandeur. 

Where did the APC  pee in their pants ? Is it not the other way round ? Maada Bio pees in his pants at the mention of APC . If not, why won't he leave them be ? 

From all the signs shown by pictures , audios and videos and the reality on the ground, it is the SLPP  that is breaking apart fast and 2023 is a looming defeat for them. It is the people of Sierra Leone that will kick you out of power, not just the APC. 

You are so out of sync with reality. With everybody crying DE GRON DRY,  who do you think will vote for your munku and clueless President ? 


Anybody can enjoy delusions of grandeur. Enjoy it while the fun lasts. 
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The average SLPP member is extremely pleased with the way the country is being governed."

One problem with the above statement is that the whole nation,  not only average SLPP members, should be extremely pleased. Please speak with some sense. 
Spectator 007
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Bintu is getting interesting again.

This is good news

Thanks Kamara, KL et al for holding the fort.
Spectator 007
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...I forgot to mention Y#008 and DMK

More power to you guys
Freetown Boy
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Spectator ,
Bintu will never be interesting again as long as the semi-literate dimwit King Loggy is at the center of debates. This perpetual doffer has made this forum a ghost town. Educated APC folks have fled due to this tribalistic and stupid miscreant.
Spectator 007
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@Freetown Boy, who are the educated APC folks that have fled?
Freetown Boy
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Formeh-Kamara, Fen Plaba, Salone Baby and others.  They have the intellectual ability to go toe to toe with SLPP folks. 

King Loggy, on the other hand, can hardly put two correct sentences together.  Funnily he really believes that he is an educated man. 

Like the idle and unemployed Kabs Kanu, King Loggy has been propagating the rubbish propaganda of an independence day empty stadium thinking that SLPP folks would fall for that.  Nonsense!!!
Spectator 007
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@Honorable Freetown Boy: Indeed AFK was very formidable (arguably the most formidable APCer) and would appeal to the intellectual. KL has his own audience he appeals to. Noto all man na bookman O! Enh uda plenti pass, bookman or do wan dem wae noto bookman?Besides, hadn’t KL dumped APC prior to the last election?

Fen Plaba never struck me as APC.

Salone Baby was not SLPP but I doubt I’d call her APC. By the way, whatever happened to Salone Baby? Na name you call so! Perhaps she’s in peeperdom. If she is, she should jump back in.

Kabs used to be a heavy hitting APC gladiator back in the day when he’d go into Mendaykunda mode.

There was a shy APCer we had on Africaonline. He was pretty sharp, a medical doctor by training, based in Germany . He used the handle Freud (???). EBK made him an ambassador I hear.... but he only served a short while. Probably retired now.

One of the reasons both APC and SLPP folks used to participate in anonymous online fora was to duke it out with one another. They didn’t want to just deal with a situation where everyone sang from the same hymn sheet.

So you should recruit some of your favorite APC heavyweights to spice things up. I will also search for some, so Head Boy and Bra E will jump back in.

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You can help a man acquire knowledge but you cannot help him with critical thinking. This is so true about these kontri boys like Freetown boy and those losers in power. The skaff cannot even accept that the SLPP fumbled the ball by being ignored. The phucking stadium was empty becaude the SLPP is full of charlatans. It pains his black a$$ so much he finds it comfortable to come after the King of kings, KL. Na broke hark go kill U. Kekeh blohun!
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By the way, Specky, this Cacao Kakarass who dubbed himself Freetown Boy does not deserve a civil discussion.  He needs is nigga a$$ kicked because his brain cells are faulty. This forum is a venue for discussion and mostly, like you rightly stated, for people with different political leanings to duke it out. Fact of the matter is that Kamara and I have been doing just that until this loser came out being personal with me. The only thing I can think about is that it pains his motherphucking a$$ by me being critical of the SLPP. And then he has the audacity to say I am responsible of others to leave the forum.  What an educated idiot!. The same thing he is accusing me of is exactly what he does to me. Dem boy ya too fool!
Old timer
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Oh boy there goes the forum and also what was a civil debate.  Thank you Mr. Freetown Boy a Job well done! Do you now feel better that KL is back to his old ways? Now deal with him because I am out of here.
The Truth Of The Matter
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Themne Loggy and his Mende/SLPP branlaws are to be left alone. They cannot defeat him and he cannot defeat them. This brouhaha is now in it's third generation since Africa Online, to Cocorioko, and now Bintumani. At some point both parties filed for divorce and that gave birth to The Freetonian. No sooner than later KL was bribed with another Mende woman to close The Freetonian in order to ease the competition between the two forums.  But KL is borbor pain! He is also an expert at getting under the skin of the SLPP and with an enviable ease. His branlaws, however, are know for coming at him like a pack of wolves. So please get your pop corn and enjoy the show.

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Welcome back Sir Specky. Hope the others jump back in too.

On the stadium is there not anyone on Bintu who was actually there?
Reply with quote  #24 
DMK, the news clip at the top of this thread was taken by a reporter and a cameraman who were present at the stadium. What is your opinion on it?
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KL, Don't mind the so called educated APC with the high intellectual ability. They sat down and saw Siaka Stevens , Joseph Momoh and Ernest koroma destroy Sierra Leone' and stood by and did nothing.

So what good was the high intellectual ability. Why did n't they stand up to these crooks.
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Kamara, I feel the same way about the low IQ, low energy and self-described educated SLPPers who cannot come up with the right decisions to get the people out of a desperate situation. No food to eat, no clean water and no electricity. Wonder why there was a no show at the stadium during the independence celebrations? Even the Kamajors didn't show up. If things continue like this it will end the reigns of the SLPP.
Freetown Boy
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Thanks for your interestingly analysis.  As an educated SLPP man, I cannot see myself descending to the level of an ignoramus like King Loggy in a debate.  I want to debate informed folks like the guys whose monikers I mentioned above. 

King Loggy cannot pass a high school exam.  So why should a classy Law School graduate like me interact with an lowlife APC jerk-ass like KL?  I have talked to a couple of APC heavyweight friends of mine who have promised to start posting.  So expect me soon.  But I will jump in under a different moniker
Reply with quote  #28 
Man shut da phuck up! Typical idle greengo that has little to show except to come online, among faceless folks, to bragg about his education. I have no time to discuss anything with a little prick like you only to kick your greengo a$$. So now you cannot see yourself descending to my level. Check your initial posting on this thread and see what a shameless lying basta pekin you are. Now, all of a sudden, you want to become a phucking pu$$y.  Man I can't stand show off ba$tards like you who make a life putting others down because of your bloated phucking ego. Now tell me about your bank account and family life. I might just be interested to learn. Kekeh blohun!
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"King Loggy cannot pass a high school exam.  So why should a classy Law School graduate like me interact with an lowlife APC jerk-ass like KL"

Keep exposing yourself, "classy 'Law School' graduate.
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It turns out that our classy law school graduate got his headstart at one of the Bio's free education schools. Lol.
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