After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Bra Loggy

Cool down.  Cardiac arrest is just around the corner.  The man is not responding to you and he has given the reason why.  Why di warm hart ehn all di insult, me man?  There are children accessing this forum.

Not that I want to give any credence to Freetown Boy's utterances but to distinguish yourself on a public forum as a tribalist always uttering anti-Mende statements, , a rarray boy and a low class forum bum underscores many of the things that others say about you.  You cannot force a forumite to debate you. 

Bra, cool down and allow others to post. You are not the only forumite on the side of the opposition.  I am NGC and I am sure there are many others that are not SLPP here.  You cannot take upon yourself to take everything happening in Salone personal.  We all may want our parties to be in power but it is not possible.  There can only be one party in power at a time.
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Seems like an attempt to violate my rights to give my opinions as many times as I chose to, right? Not going to happen! KL knows how much he can get under your skin and there is no better time to do so than while on vacation at an undisclosed part of the world. Lol.  Bear wit me, ya? I have pseudo educated geaduate from the University of free education to teach how to construct elementary school English language.
APC Grammar
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"I have pseudo educated geaduate from the University of free education to teach how to construct elementary school English language."  KL

Wow!!! Ar go cake.  I wonder what the above "sentence"  means.  Dis KL go kill porsin wit laf.  Hehehehe.  Dis nar typical Themne-English.  Hehehehehe.

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I bet this is the first time you ever come across the word, right foolman? The only thing wrong there is that it was not hyphenated (pseudo-educated). Continue to expose your shortcomings, cacao bomber.
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FREETOWN BOY : "Like the idle and unemployed Kabs Kanu," 

Oh ho ho , so Freetown Boy did not read my widely-acclaimed testimony at Facebook ? Go, read it, son , and see how wrong you are. My God is a big God and I can't remain unemployed . I am back on the receiving end and it gets better each time  . The barns of the child of God will never be empty for long.  

Thank me too. I breathed life back into your forum with the posts on the empty stadium, using different monikers for once. 

I have the potential to revive this forum and make it very, very interesting again, but I can't stand the insults and profanities. So I will peep in when I have time , because my new job is even busier , or contribute once on a while. 
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Kabs you are responding to a bloodied and lying animal who may not come back to this forum using the "Freetown Boy" moniker. God comot behen am! Lef am gee me.

"As an educated SLPP man, I cannot see myself descending
to the level of an ignoramus like King Loggy in a debate."

 "So why should a classy Law School[rolleyes][rolleyes][rolleyes] graduate like me
interact with an lowlife[rolleyes][rolleyes][rolleyes] APC jerk-ass like KL"

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So King Loggy how should we refer to this blunder? Sh L PP Glammar? Lol.
Pastor Johannes
Reply with quote  #38 
Wow!!! Wow!! Wow!! Freetown Boy make di APC Gbose Gbose man den wake  - KL, Kabs Kanu and now Olu of Sweden?  Olu, ow di Fitter woke nar Sweden?  U still get u red Tolongbo beret?  LOL!!!

Wow!!! Freetown Boy should post more to liven the forum.  Kabs Kanu and Olu disappeared since Maada Bio took that diabolical free kick in April last year that sent Ebola Bai Koroma, Drunkor Samura Kamara and the ball into the goal.

And King Loggy is now a teacher of English because Freetown Boy had a typo?  LOL!!! These APC fools ...APC will win the presidency in 2080.  This is the prophecy of Pastor Johannes of Virginia, USA.  Hahahaha
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Nice try and shame on you, Pastor Johannes, to make a silly excuse for Freetown boy. For a pastor your behavior is blasphemous and you will go to hell and I will make sure God don't forget to punish you. Freetown Boy butchered the Queen's English twice in one sentence and you are shamelessly and morally defending him? What brand of Christianity do you preach, pastor? Pastor bad nor good so please repent becus u don commit sin. Make cacao bomber, greengo kakarass him sef, cam defend him sef. Chai una dem SLPP borbor ya lek for bragg. Una learn buk so tay critical thinking skills loss pan una. Una don understand now say fake free education witout ress en bulgur nor go full stadium. Hehehehe

Pastor Johannes
Reply with quote  #40 

Lef.  Ar get an idea as to udat nar Freetown Boy.  E dae Freetown right now.  Nar Maada Bio e man.  Freetwon Boy nar book man wae practice Law nar Boston, USA.  Da man go easily beat u, Kabs Kanu ehn Olu.  Unu lef am sarful.  Me nar pastor .  So me nar man of peace.  Lonta.
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Hallelujah, the pastor has confirmed what we all know is true.  So please tell the pseudo-educated law graduate that having a degree is one thing and having the capacity to think critically in order to solve complex problems is another. So as evidenced at the stadium, the SLPP self-styled "bookmen" are not up to the job. The people are stressed out and those empty suits are out here showing off their educational achievements which, as proven by cacao Freetown Boy, is not even worth it. 
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