After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Eddie Grant
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How often we hear people say: it is better the devil you know than the Angel you don't. This is the adage that many people used when they find themselves in a situation where those they reposed their trust proved untrustworthy. In terms of Sierra Leone politics, the devil we already know is the APC but this devil is so vicious that any unknown angel will be God sent.
We've had to live with the misery and disappointment that the devil brought to us for many years but this is the only time we must get rid of it once and for all due to the following reasons.

1. Lawlessness: the APC have always been known to be a non respecter of the laws of our land. They often ignore the constitution when it's not feasible to manipulate it to their advantage. It's during the APC that ministers can order the arrest of fellow citizens without using the Court of law.

2. Gross Injustice: injustice in where, is a great threat to justice everywhere (Martin Luther King Jr)
The above is true to the core, we experienced one of the world's most vicious wars due to the rampant injustices during the past APC regime (findings by TRC). Many youths felt injustice and decided that the only way they can alleviate the situation is through violence so when the opportunity presented itself, they took it.
During the truth and reconciliation, the APC was inculpated as the instigator of the violence. The current vice president Victor Foh had to apologised on behalf of the APC, they promised to make stringent reforms and for sake of peace, it was allowed back to participate in our national polity. Is that going to be a costly mistake?
From what currently obtains, that seems a very likely outcome since injustice is everywhere even in the villages with the backing of the Supreme Executive Authority. If things continue the way there are right now, there's no doubt that those who strongly believe they're being disenfranchised will resort to other means of addressing the problem.

3. Endemic Corruption: the current APC government have proved to be the most corrupt of the two main parties. Corruption is regarded as a way of life in the APC. There's nothing more sacred in this government than to acquire more wealth for their families and acquaintances. No passion for the poor and no determination to do what they were elected for and they continue to pay deaf ears to the cries of our people.

4. Regional Divide: this is one thing both parties equally share as it's the main source of their existence. Non of these two parties would be able to get the required support to enter state house if they allow the people to choose their leaders freely. Pitching one region against the other is something they mastered so well and the fact that majority of their followers subscribe to this psychology made it successful.
Spectator 007
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So are you going to support my friend?
Eddie Grant
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Bra Specky,
Who's your friend?
Karim Thorlu
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Eddie Grant,

Since I have been reading your postings on this forum, this is the best that I have read from you.  Honestly, I found it difficult to believe that those words were coming from Eddie Grant, given the man's one-sidedness on many issues.

All I can say is congratulations from your sparring partner.  Your patriotism will never again be questioned.  You have called the dog by its name.  You and I can henceforth work together for a better Salone.
Spectator 007
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I referred to you as my friend in the question posed.

Let me rephrase, "My friend Eddie, so who are you going to support?"

Spectator 007
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Just reread my initial response and see my error.

I wrote "So are you going to support my friend?"

What I intended to write was "So who are you going to support my friend?"

I inadvertently left out the pronoun "who".

My bad.
Eddie Grant
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Karim Thorlu,
Do not patronize me. The truth is you've made the correct judgment of your personality, as the most unpatriotic and one-sided individual who cannot see beyond party politics. The difference between me and you is that, I consider Sierra Leone more important than party whereas, you worship SLPP.
When I was lambasting your party, the SLPP you were gnashing your teeth trying to figure out what names to call me. Now that I turned my attention to the APC you're hailing me as your hero. What a pathetic situation you found yourself in.
Eddie Grant
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Bra Specky,
I get your point. I've studied our political landscape and discovered that the two main parties are not good for us.
For once, we found ourselves in a difficult situation until the emergence of Kandeh Yumkella. He's by far, the most prudent of all those vying for the presidency. Many people believe he came too late but how fast he's gaining grassroots support is everyone's amazement. This man cut across tribal as well as regional lines. He's the leader Sierra Leoneans were craving for and he's here.
Spectator 007
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I figured out you were leaning toward KKY a while back.

Karim Thorlu
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Eddie Grant,

I am not patronizing you.  Also, you can never be my hero.   My heroes are people far more serious and far more genuine than you will ever be.  But if I see you making progress on your retrogressive and retarded way of thinking, I will not hold back on giving you the praise that you deserve.  I hope the current Eddie Grant is the Eddie Grant we will continue to see on this forum.
Eddie Grant
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Bra Specky,
Not while he was eyeing the SLPP. But my admiration for his leadership credentials dated back when he was at UN.
I felt so disappointed when he announced he was going after the SLPP. I knew then that we've been plunged back into political darkness since our hope seemed to have been dashed. I became optimistic, when Bio began showcasing his trade mark. I realised he will not hold on to a party that'll not allow pluralism.
The first time I heard he had suspended his membership I celebrated with friends who also share the sentiment as me.
He's due to visit England in October. After which I'll travel to Sierra Leone to join the campaign.
Spectator 007
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Good luck Eddie.

You guys should be prepared for a long term project to have a meaningful impact.

If KKY's party clinches up to 15% of the vote in the first round, win 5-10 seats, is pretty well structured and disciplined, they could have a bright future.
Eddie Grant
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Thanks Bra Specky. The government is influencing the awarding of final certificate which could have given us advantage to start campaigning.
It's supposed to be 60 days, from first registration to the issuing of final certificate.
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This is the problem I have with Kandeh Yumkella's party.  It is attracting all these disgruntled and corrupt former APC thugs and hacks like Eddie Grant.  These are the same people that corrupted and destroyed the APC and by extension Sierra Leone.  And all of the sudden they are now trying to reinvent themselves with Yumkella's party simply because Yumkella is a northerner.  These tribalists and regionalists have nothing to offer Sierra Leone.
Eddie Grant
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I supported Tejan Kabbah in 1996 elections not because of his tribe, region or party. I did so because of love for country. Out of them all, he was sober and had all the charisma we expected from a good leader. The only problem we encountered was the fact that he headed a very corrupt and divisive party. He was arm-twisted by the top echelon of the party and prevented from implementing his vision. In the end, I and many more were disappointed. Again in 2007, I decided to give my support to Ernest Koroma, not because of his tribe (in fact he's Limba -Loko) or region but his personality. Unfortunately, he too headed another cruelly corrupt party just like his predecessor. But mind you all this time, I've never been involved in government neither was I related to any government official. So keep your blame to yourself.
This time though, is going to be different. Kandeh is going to have full autonomy, he cannot be arm-twisted by anyone therefore, will have the ultimate free will to pursue his intentions and implement his vision.
He's the one to break the so called North and South divide because he's loved by all tribes in the country. He's not from any of the rival tribes and even if he's tempted by others to involve in tribal divide, his tribe is relatively small and have no particular enclave in the country.
He is the man!!
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