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History 101
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On June 21, 1975 the capital of Freetown was woken from sleep by the wrath of a terrible storm, the calamity of which was the first ever to plague this once peaceful nation. It would be interesting to read the recollections of what some of us were doing at that time, where we were, and how we survived the disaster.

Spectator 007
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I vividly recall that storm.

I woke up early in the morning to witness the destructive effects of the wind. Roofs were flying off buildings left and right. “Poor hold down anchorage connections and lack of consideration of uplift suction forces” I thought to myself.

Storm destruction was not just limited to Freetown. “Mafiorki. f@rk up!” was what folks said about SI Koroma’s hometown.

Make sure when they design a building for you in Freetown (if you so desire), the structural engineer (get the architect to hire a good one) takes into account flooding and roof design in addition to other usual considerations.
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