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President Koroma Embarrassed at FBC


Mon, 19/03/2012 - 22:07 -- chiefeditor

For the second time in two months President Ernest Bai Koroma has been seriously embarrassed when the lights went out whilst in the middle of his speech. On Wednesday 14th March 2012, President Koroma in his capacity as Chancellor of the University was at Fourah Bay College (FBC) to formally inaugurate the University Court. He had barely started addressing the galaxy of professors, students, and other important guests including diplomats when all of a sudden the lights went out. All throughout the President’s almost one hour address, electricity was not restored but he continued speaking.

Apart from that first embarrassment, there was no standby generator which could have saved the situation. No provision was made for a standby public address (PA) system either and President Koroma who was not quite audible throughout his speech went on nevertheless. Though his face did not show it, it was evident when he later left the hall that he was disappointed and angry about what had happened.

It should be recalled that the same thing happened when President Koroma some few weeks back at the National Stadium. As soon as President Koroma took the podium to address musicians and thousands of other citizens that graced the peace concert, the lights went out as if on cue. However, some fifteen to twenty minutes later the lights returned and the President made his speech.

What is on the minds of many people is why it is that at important functions were President Koroma is expected to make a speech; electricity is shut down at the exact time the President is either about to talk or is mid-way through his address? Even though the President would not say a word after he would have been totally embarrassed by the National Power Authority (NPA), many people are of the opinion the he should immediately do something to correct the situation and bring to book those responsible.

“If people are negligent in their jobs to the extent that their negligence causes major embarrassment to the First gentleman in the presence of diplomats and other international actors, then something drastic must be done to correct the situation, more especially when such negligence is becoming a regular pattern,” a lecturer who was at the occasion opined, adding that unless President Koroma has sacred cows he is protecting, then he must take a decisive action against those responsible for embarrassing him when attention is focused on him.

State Looters
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Probably these unfortunate events would force him to reconsider his foolish belief that Bumbuna is salvageable. It's almost five years now since he assumed office and $400 million spent on this CRAP. More embarrassments to come prezo , if you don't change course.
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Wetin na BLACKOUT, look am pack!


Mon, 19/03/2012 - 21:48 -- chiefeditor

People of the Lion Mountain, wuna come oh, another calamity has befallen the Chancellor of the Lion Mountain Honest Bai Koblo. Yes, you heard me right, I said calamity because what happened to the Chancellor at Fools Bay College (FBC) cannot be described otherwise. As soon as the Chancellor opened his mouth to speak to the mammoth crowd of people at FBC last week, guess what happened? You guessed right. Blackout took place and Chancellor Honest Bai Koblo was standing there all alone with microphone in his hand but only this time the microphone was useless.

In fact sef, the way Chancellor Bai Koblo held the microphone after the lights went out, you would think it was a baton; and the way his facial muscles worked, you would think he was planning on flinging it on somebody in anger.

What kind of advantage wahala is this that these people at Natin Pass Advantage (NPA) are taking on Chancellor Honest Bai Koblo? If this is not a clear manifestation of pure advantage and wickedness, then this Ariogbo wonders what else it could be. The last time at the stadium the NPA did the same thing and nothing came out of it. Now they have done it again at FBC and again nothing would come out of it?!

This is not good oh for the international image of one whole Chancellor of the Lion Mountain. When this kind of thing happens in the Ariogbo Kingdom, our own Ariogbo Chancellor would immediately ensure that heads roll. Our own Ariogbo Chancellor is not feeble like your own feeble Chancellor because that is the nature of you humans. In fact sef, our own Ariogbo Chancellor thinks on his feet, acts on his feet and even sleeps on his feet.

This kind of embarrassment will happen only once in the Ariogbo Kingdom and never twice. But then in the Ariogbo Kingdom, we do not have blackouts because night never comes in the Ariogbo Kingdom and we have no need of electricity because wetin na light, look am pack!

But oh ya, in the Lion Mountain, wetin na blackout, look am pack. Perhaps when NPA gives blackout on Chancellor Honest Bai Koblo whilst he is having a bath and soap is in his eyes would be the time Chancellor Honest Bai Koblo will act decisively in the same way the NPA act decisively whenever they take light because they do not tell the Chancellor nor do they give prior notice. Who is more powerful then? Don’t ask me, I am an Ariogbo and I will not give you the answer. You feeble humans should figure this one out yourselves!

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I'm a pass-ar-die APC Gbolfonke, and I believe that the president is really infrastructure-oriented. He badly wants to electrify the country, and has made an admirable effort to do so. The truth however is that the country is not in a happy place, with regards to electricity. First of all, let's accept the painful truth that there is no Bumbuna. Period. The promise of Bumbuna was great, but the reality is dismal. With that in mind, we can move on to make this sector better. Another uncomfortable reality is that electricity is too damned expensive.

 We are hoping for a better outcome after this 2012 election. Ernest will have move decisively to solidify his legacy after he gets the confidence of the people at the ballot box. He is still the right man to get it done. If you think that Brigadier Pa-o-pa will do better, then you better check that pap you drank at the Frobay awujoh.  
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Sorie, uswan nar we yone pan bombali awujoh ? It's almost five years ago when an individual by the name of mammy blessing,offered some brilliant practical advice to the incoming government which they ignored  to their detriment. That post would remain in my memory bank as long as I live .
Head Boy
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Sorie wrote
The truth however is that the country is not in a happy place, with regards to electricity. First of all, let's accept the painful truth that there is no Bumbuna. Period.
From the horse's mouth!

I think that Orsona has distinctly admitted that the once popular APC slogan of “di pa don bring light" has turned out to be inaccurate and unfounded,

And the notorious electricity sing song of APC and its mendacious batoliners has clearly become enervated to the Sierra Leone electorate.

As was evident recently at the stadium and FBC, the facts of the existence of important issues that affect people’s lives can shockingly “black out” campaign strategies characterized by merely spinning debates with conversations about opponent s,…

And the inherent messages of the Power cuts were simple…

“In politics, if you can’t work the work don’t talk the talk”!

Voters want to see the Jobs, and they want to see the Light,

Show them the beef!

Just Giwwee di light!!!!!

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Ah Zak,
 Those were the heady days of electoral victory! Idealism and virgin opportunities buzzed happily over those wondrous mountains of  lions. The sky was, indeed, the sweet, reachable limit.

 But the chaff got dumped on the grain; the weed overran the lawn, and the center stumbled. In his core, the president remains a decent man who will bury the politics, and shoot for Mo Ibrahim, in his second bite at the Malombo. Ernest will fight for his legacy- one of infrastructural development and socioeconomic rebound- and his right to be placed in the Pantheon of heroes  on Tower Hill.

 Through the stumbles and swaying, the man still keeps pushing forward. Second Term will be a better epoch for Salone. That is my hope and optimism. Cheers, my brother. 
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Where in Nigeria our 'boss' country would you get 20 hours continuous electricity? In the eleven years of SLPP rule electricity when it was available could not run my microwave!!
There is no need causing a storm in a tea cup. SLPP clutching at straws!!
Cornelius Hamelberg
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To begin with, here's the President’s Speech at the Convocation of 17th March 2012.

Latest news, to the chagrin of the slpp, el presidente is basking in adulation in the UK

Three days earlier on the 14th is the incident that ARIOGBO NEWSPAPER reports, that the lights went out as soon as the President started to speak. As soon as the President started to speak.

It smells of well planned sabotage.

Most probably some disgruntled staff and irresponsible SLPP students in their diapers behind the fiasco...

Brave enough, the lights would have been on and the amplifiers blaring whilst those students and the brave ones among the SLPP staff threw their shoes, rotten eggs and tomatoes at the president. But the cowedly palm trees must have been shaking down to their knees about the possible consequences of such a confrontation, so they preferred that he suffered, some of his well prepared speech almost inaudible and delivered without the assistance of loud speakers...but only for the first twenty minutes, after which electricity was restored - just as after ten years of SLPP government during which time Freetown was shrouded in darkness and only restored to light a few weeks after Ernest Bai Koroma won the presidential elections in 2007 and behold, Freetown had light for Christmas 2007!

What we should all be praying for is that the lights do not go out during the counting of the ballot papers. But perhaps they are planning to arrange that too?

Once upon a time in Nigeria NEPA ( National Electric Power Authority ) was better known as Never Expect Power Always....

Don't worry, Bumbuna is on its way and everybody know say tiday betteh pass yesterday....

AFK Alie Formeh Kamara
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Ladies and gentle men and SLPP greengoes in the back benches, that was Cornelius Hamelberg at his best.
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Bra Cornie: "Don't worryBumbuna is on its way and everybody know say tiday betteh pass yesterday...."

Yeah right...dream on brotherman!

Where is the $800 million coming from to give Bumbuna another cosmetic facelift, after spending a whopping $400 Million - only to produce 30 Mega watts of electricity?

Spending so much money without a feasibility study was crass stupidity of the highest order, and we continue to see this in other areas of government policy!

Bumbuna is coming indeed!  

Cornelius Hamelberg
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Nah kweshon yu ask so o mi brodha,

Bumbuna is coming indeed!

You ask, “Where is the money going to be coming from?”
From the natural resources of Sierra Leone, of the World and other Financial Institutions.
It's neither the intention nor the tradition of The World Bank to start a project and not to complete what they started...

When is your palm tree going to wake up?


With the rising sun?

State Looters
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Who would take advantage of all these political opportunities in a silver platter ? 
Cornelius Hamelberg
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And what does/ did the slpp intend with Bumbuna ?
With Maada Bio in the saddle, would all the money be coming from the palm trees?
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But Bra Cornie - why the obsession with tarting up Bumbuna, when any economist would tell you that the opportunity cost of redeveloping Bumbuna has reached its optimum.

I seriously think that any more investment of scarce public funds will only yield increased diminishing returns for tax payers!

Bumbuna is not a value for money option. If the private sector wishes to take it on then so be it. But this APC obsession with the ghost of Bumbuna must stop - the cost is too high!

South Africa is now able to produce 8 Giga watts of electricity from a wind powered demonstrator pilot project. Why can't we?

I visited Malmo in Sweden and also saw in Denmark, how wind energy can transform society!

Anyway this I believe will be featured in SLPP's manifesto - so no nicking of ideas please!Lol       
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"Anyway this I believe will be featured in SLPP's manifesto"......ART

SLPP will have a manifesto? When, where? Heeheehee. ART, please don't me laugh too hard this morning. I have toothache. 

Well, I suppose you could refer to the yammering rants and half-baked postulates of Brigadier Pa-o-pa, and the senile musings of Puawuii, as "SLPP's manifesto". Anyway, we await, with bated breath, the platitudes and obsequious pandering of my beloved SLPP, as it grovels for votes, with their laughable manifesto. Shiooor!
APC Raketeers
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What enablers like Bra Connie and others are missing is Against the background of accusations that the many contractors hired by the Old APC have been busy mining gold for almost 40 years,..the recent revelation by Africa Confidential alleging that Africa Minerals Limited (AML) has submitted a conflict-of-interest-like bid to the government for constructing two new hydro plants upstream of the Bumbuna dam, at Yiben 1 and 2, which they claim could increase capacity to 400MW for the company’s exclusive use is TREASONOUS!

But if the predicament of St.Bambay cannot dissuade the desperate kleptocrats from abetting the looting of mama Sa Lone, then, Olunyi and APC have liberty to proceed with the perpetration of our rescource rape despite the many oppoing concerns.

What these pllagers fail to realize is that the world has changed and one day sooner or later people will have to answer for crimes against the State!

Cornelius Hamelberg
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If it's so that almost anyone (including you and me) can easily get a mining license, then, in your opinion what should disqualify “ many contractors hired by the Old APC” ?

Unfortunately for us and as the criminals say “fortunately” for themselves, it's always the people of Sierra Leone who have to suffer for the looting and other crimes committed against the long suffering people..

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Art writes more like an SLPP  bootlicker than the objective journalist he purports to be.

State Looters
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Look who is calling ART a SLPP bootlicker. Bra take am easy ba. Your newspaper should now be called the APC TIMES instead of the COCORAG.
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"Art writes more like an SLPP  bootlicker than the objective journalist he purports to be."

Oh how you would love to ban freedom of toe rag!Lol

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