After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Mende women are flocking the KKY camp like birds of the same feather... leaving their male counterparts wondering and asking what da hell is going on. AND YES
KKY Nation
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KL, you should know by now that Mende women are more progressive than Mende men. This election is going to be one for the history books because the Mende woman are going to control their destiny this time. 
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How many Mende women do you know are flocking to the KKY camp?  The Mende women in Virginia who will not be voting in the elections?
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Man I pray you live long enough to witness a political tsunami like you never seen before. You have the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon now, as the Mende women are doing, before it is too late.
Question (Fofana)
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I am afraid you have not answered my question.  Let me give you a second chance:  How many Mende women do you know that are flocking to the KKY camp?  Are these Mende women going to vote on March 8, 2017?

You see, KKY folks in the Diaspora have a false sense of hope relative to the elections in Sierra Leone next year.  My wife and I are currently vacationing in the USA and we were in Atlanta last weekend for a wedding. All of a sudden, there came to our table a woman who thought that I was Creole since my wife is Creole (she had heard my wife speak before).  She started campaigning to me that KKY was the Creole candidate and that I had no choice but to support KKY.  I pulled her aside since I really wanted to have a civil and respectful discussion with her.

My first question was, what percentage of Sierra Leone's population were Creoles and what percentage of Creoles in Sierra Leone really vote?  I got no answer.   Then I asked her whether she was going to vote next year.  Her answer was no since she lived in Atlanta.  Then, I told her that my wife and I lived in Freetown and that we will vote for the Brigadier. 

Our friend couldn't believe what she was hearing because she just could not imagine any Sierra Leonean that wouldn't want to be on the KKY bandwagon.  Well, fact is, there are millions of Sierra Leoneans that are not KKY supporters.

My bet is on the two big parties (SLPP and APC) to produce the winner of the presidential polls next year.  All this aggressive campaigning in the Diaspora and on the Internet by KKY supporters is rubbish.  Less than 5% of Sierra Leonean voters have access to the Internet.  Moreover, while KKY is globe trotting,   Bio and Samura are traveling to the most remote villages of Sierra Leone and meeting with voters.  This is the way elections are won in Africa. 

Let me conclude by saying that if KKY gets more than 5% of the votes next year he should be very thankful.  And if the NGC will still be around next year at this time, then NGC members should also be thankful.  History has shown that fly by night African politicians are always just a flash in the pan.
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