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Momoh Konte, the erstwhile commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM), is on the wrong side of the law again as the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has him in its dragnet.

  It must be remembered that approximately five years ago, Konte was again in trouble as an Aljazeera sting operation caught  him on tape together with Alex Mansaray and the then VP of Sierra Leone, Samuel Samsumana, discussing an illegal trade in timber.  But with the help of Ernest Koroma, Konte was able beat that rap.  Subsequently, he was awarded with the position of Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission by his godfather, EBK.

Reports coming from Freetown intimate that Konte has been arrested by the ACC for using NATCOM as a platform for money laundering.  Other charges of multiple acts of corruption are expected to follow.  With Konte's godfather also in serious trouble with the law, it is difficult to fathom how Konte will beat the rap this time around.
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