After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Nar God dae gee
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Where is AFK? 
Elections are approaching so we want him in the forum to kick butts. 
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Who the hell is AFK?  The Limba Sorie Men Pikin nonentity?
Mabinty Fofana
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Exactly. He knows if he comes here, he will be undressed. These are the Ekutay pikins of yesteryears whose parents' started robbing Salone blind. This Ekutay part 2 just picked up right where their nasty ancestors left the graft. With our citizens digging for rotten chicken in dumpsters it will be good for AFK to come here and expose his hoggish traits.

I am waiting for the BP. 
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He is banned and won't be coming back to the forum. All he ever did on this forum was seek to undermine it, sow discord and cast disrepute on the admin team. He is also from a criminal family. He is not needed or wanted here at Bintumani so don't ask for him.
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Why is it that AFK is the only one who is not allowed by the admin to return to the Bintu. Could it be that he is the most feared of the APCareans. Whenever his name surfaces SLPP folks go crazy and the admin sides them. This seems like suppression of freedom of speech, stemming from hatred for those that are far superior to the haters. 
Whatever AFK may have done, others who have had amnesty have done worse. So is it because he is APC and too smart for admin? 
C'mon let AFK go.

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Madam admin disguised herself using the monica 'BANNED' Madam admin accuses AFK of coming from a criminal family as if she has any personal knowledge of any criminality Act AFK's family may have been involved in. While some of you may have respect for madam admin please note that she makes very careless statements not expected from a professor and AFK has on many times uncovered the fraud. It infuriates her to the point that AFK is now her number 1 enemy.
The bad lesson from madam admin's behavior is that you should get rid of your superiors/competitors. It seems like some of Madman Bio's fix methods have robbed off on Madam admin. Remember when Madman Bio executed APCareans including Bambay Kamara in order to eliminate his rivals?  
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"The bad lesson from madam admin's behavior is that you should get rid of your superiors/competitors." - AFK

LMAO! Dream on, AFK.
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I am surprised that my new IP has bot been banned since I surfaced 2 hours ago. Maybe admin has a change of heart. I will keep my fingers crossed. 

Forum Administrator
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Just behave yourself. The slightest hint that you are here simply to undermine the forum and cause strife, you are out of here.
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