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I know Prof. Sage is one of the FAs residing on the Bintu, and she is a very reasonable and progressive human being. I am sorry I do not know the other FAs or proprietors so that I can directly appeal to their collective good consciences also. But please allow me to make this appeal to all concerned personalities:

Colleagues, is it not time to remove the ghastly web content about the Libyan Slave Trade from the face of the Bintu page?

I am making this appeal to you due to the fact that some of us keep getting nightmares about this sadistic issue. Frankly, my friends, this "advertisement" has already served its usefulness in infamy, as this sad, savage, and wicked issue has been dealt with sufficiently on this forum and elsewhere.

It is ruining our existence on a daily basis, so please remove it, and substitute it for a more suitable title of a subject matter, and video-grams that bring back some form of happiness to all of us, not perpetual sadness on the Bintu. We want to sleep more soundly, and peacefully at night without the inherent nightmares those ghastly videos bring to mind.

Thank you very kindly in advance for your attention in this matter. I hope I have NOT stepped on the proverbial toes on those who satiate our Bintu fixation. If I did, please excuse me.

It is I, Sengbe.
Bintu Participant.
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Great appeal by the Prof.  I second the motion.  I also hope that the 2018 Polls and the Bintumani Viewer Statistics will go.  They have served their purposes.
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I agree it is very graphic, and it startled me when I logged on. I join the appeal to remove the images, at least the most graphic ones. I am not able to do it though since I don't do tech on the forum, just monitoring posts.
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Thank you, Prof. Sage, for lending your support to the appeal I have made to the Bintu Technician about removing the graphic images based on the Libyan Slave trade.

I hope that you'd soon be finished with giving and grading your final exams, as I did last week. I am on my Christmas break for the next three weeks. Hopefully you will be soon as well.

Season's greetings to you, and yours, Sage.
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Admins, I support Sengbe’s appeal and Sage’s agreeing to remove the banner. Thanks in advance.
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Thank you very kindly, Bra Zakmal, for your support. Hope that the Admins will hear you also.

Have a nice day.
Bintumani IT Unit
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Video clip replaced. Apologies for the unpleasant experience.
Kamara "boy"
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Sengbe at his best!
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Thanks a lot to the Bintu IT Unit for the action they have taken in removing that ghastly video clip relative to the Libyan Slave Trade. But please do not apologize for allowing us - the whole world - to see it. This is just sordid testament to man's inhumanity to man. We had to see it for ourselves to believe that slavery is still going on in the twenty-first century. It just lingered on a bit too long on such a decent forum. Our nightmares should now be over through this action.

Thanks again.
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