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Old Timer
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Kabs Kanu
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AROUND AFRICA ON DISC ( AAOD ) , one of the best programs on the SLBS  in the mid-1970s , produced by William Roberts and my brother, Max.

It ranked with songs like ZINGY ZONG.

Brings to memories those days of soccer excitement and thrills at Kingtom , with the likes of Dyfan, Domingo, Toby , German Cat playing for East End Lions and Kabba China, Umaru Sesay, Amadu Kargbo, King Kama etc . playing for Mighty Blackpool.
Kabs Kanu
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Spectator 007
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Thanks guys. Great music.

I tried searching for "Mari Du ya lef for waka" by Geraldo Pino and the Heartbeats but to no avail. Can someone please post a video link?

Remember Paquita?

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Kabs I like it when you associate Congolese music and football in the 70s.Hard to separate! We had a dictator as president
and life was much peaceful compared to the years after him.
Fatty Matter
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@ Old Timer: Without doubt the recording put the stamp on Congolese music in Africa and other places in the 1970's was Ngalula Marthe (Elegance Jazz). It came from the brains of Muana Lola.
Kabs Kanu
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Kabs Kanu
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Kabs Kanu
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Old Timer
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Hmmm, Fatty Matter! Ngalula Marthe I will say is one of the most popular songs during that era. Songs like Mado and Zingizon (so) were right up the ladder.
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