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It seems as if Ms Miata French cannot escape controversy in successive elections. Ms French who is the Electoral Commissioner Western Region was today accused of facilitating vote rigging on behalf of the ruling APC party.

This allegation was made by Alie Kabbah, the campaign manager of Rtd. Brig Bio at a press conference by the SLPP at the Bintumani hotel. Mr. Kabba alleged that Ms Miata French instructed NEC workers to accept results that were rejected by the computers. According to sources, these computers were pre-programmed by the Chinese to reject valid results.

For instance some polling stations had been pre-programmed with higher votes for the APC but when the actual results which are lower are entered, the computer rejects it. A rejected result produces a black and white receipt while a valid result produces blue and white receipt. As per protocol, a black and white receipt must be rejected but Ms French is reported to have instructed the tally center workers to include the rejected results which favor Dr Samura Kamara.

Asked for evidence of vote rigging or discrepancy, Mr. Lawrence Leema produced result slips that seemed doctored with one unstamped. These forms were actually supposed to have been with NEC but they were abandoned at the polling station with the same handwriting signing for all party agents.

Alie Kabba reiterated the SLPP’s commitment to peace and urged NEC and the international community to ensure the valid results are collated and announced. Mr Allie Kabbah informed the press that the SLPP has won the elections at first count and there will be no runoff. They asked the NEC to ensure votes are counted as received.

This is not the first time Miata French has been implicated in rigging allegations. In 2012, Ms. French was accused of giving more than 300 vehicular passes to APC operatives who posed as human rights observers. Sources in NEC suggest that Ms French has been promised a handsome fee including promotion to Chief Electoral Commissioner should she pull this one off.

One international observer interviewed by this press, cautions that the activities of Ms French have the potential of throwing this country into violence. Efforts to reach Ms French has proved futile.

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