After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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                           PREVIOUS LEADERS








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YUSIF # 08-------------------------------NARROW-MINDED, TRIBALISTIC


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Bra E.

You are trying to demonize us (AFK and me) based on your one sided track or narrow mind. You belief that whatever SLPP touches turns to "Gold" is a farce. Well, I have news for you my friend, the next generation of APCers will orchestrate an administration that SL has never seen. Every appointment will be carefully vetted and will fit the appointment. I do not believe in putting square pegs in round holes. Further, government resources will be spent based on need not frivolously spending just to satisfy friends or relatives. We will make sure that all variables are taken into consideration and exhausted for alternatives before funds are allocated to each cause. You wait and see. Oh by the way, I fully respect the rule of law.
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Hehehehehe.  I really agree with the depictions of AFK and Yusif #08.  These two belong to the APC old order.  They admire Siaka Stevens and Ernest Koroma.  The young APC turks coming up should never allow AFK or Yusif #08 to hold any office in the party.
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For your information, I was born a leader and have demonstrated leadership pedigree my entire life. Further, I studied leadership to a "T." So my friend, sit back and watch me lead.

FYI - Both my parents were SLPP, but the way the party has been run shows there is no room for northerners or Themnes. Therefore, I decided to join the APC party, and I am not switching back for nothing. I will die APC even if I never realize my dream of becoming president. A man must have principles and must stick to what he believes, that is me.

Before I left SL, I could not vote, and if I had to, I probably could have voted for the SLPP. Even in the US, I only started voting a few years ago. My goal was my first vote should be a vote for me, not anyone else, but the political landscape in the country made me cast my first vote for Hillary.
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Yusif #08,

If it is true that you were once SLPP but decided to join the APC, then I really applaud you for that decision.  You should never have joined the SLPP in the first place. 

I may never have seen you in person but going by the way you comport yourself on this forum, you are a true APC archetype.  You fit properly in that closed-minded, tribalistic, and Northern-hegemonic APC scheme of comportment and political behavior.   If you ever became president of Sierra Leone, I will change my retirement plans from Sierra Leone to the Caribbean.   I will not want to live in a country that is ruled by a tribal nationalist.
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I was never a member of the SLPP, my parents were, and I probably would have followed my parents' footsteps.
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