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APC North America in total disarray as the Chairman Aziz Turay insults the president of Sierra Leone

December 3, 2010 10:08 pm Written By Ahmed M Kamara 0 comments

Aziz Turay - Arrogant and Reckless

The ruling APC party in Sierra Leone has been faced with an unusual predicament as the chairman of its North America branch, a certain Aziz Turay, seems to have gone berserk and is challenging not only the authority of the Ambassador, Mr Bockarie Stevens, who is the country’s official representative in the country, but also the authority of the president, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. Aziz Turay, a man who I find to be an arrogant, selfish, ignorant and somewhat ineffective party branch chairman, has been embroiled in controversy after controversy with grass-roots party activists since he assumed the chairmanship of the party’s North America branch just over a year ago. The prospects of the party’s interests failing in North America has never been more apparent. I have been extremely reluctant to publish my findings but pondered over the necessity of putting the party’s interest first, which I thought was far more important.  There is a clear and present danger that  the disparity that has engulfed the party’s hierarchy  in North America,  threatens the grassroots support that has become pertinent to the party’s future.

This press has been inundated with calls from party chapter officials across the U.S. expressing their disdain and disgust at Aziz Turay’s style of leadership. One chapter in particular complained about his arrogant style of operation by attempting to install a president in the Washington D.C. chapter while investigations are on-going about the legitimacy of the election results.  Newstime Africa felt duty-bound to investigate and contacted the various parties involved to get a detailed understanding of what really went wrong in the chapter. In my investigations, I started with no less a person than the Chairman himself, Aziz Turay. Fortunately, after several attempts to get him on the phone I finally succeeded and explained to him the reason for my call. I asked him why he is allowing the inauguration in the Washington D.C. chapter to go ahead when the Ambassador has been asked by the Head of State to investigate the anomalies of the election and present a report to him for analysis. His response was shocking to say the least . He told me there is no investigation going on and that the Head of State only requested signatures from the electoral commissioners. I then put it to him that I have confirmed from reliable sources that the president instructed the Ambassador in the presence of over 40 people to do a thorough investigation and hand the report to him.

I reminded him of his responsibilities as regional party Chairman and advised him that he should show leadership and not to be seen as supporting any faction and go strictly by the party’s principles. I offered to hold a three way call with him and Abdul Bero Kamara the affected candidate, to mediate a resolution to the problem and also suggested that he should either put a halt to the announced inauguration to avoid any confrontation between the two sides or organise another election . He told me, that will not happen. I also informed him that I have spoken to the Ambassador who confirmed to me by phone from Freetown, that the investigations are on-going and the Head of State has not made any decision on that. Aziz then said that if the Ambassador has any concerns, he has his number and as far as he is concerned, the inauguration will go ahead.

What I find disgusting as a passionate supporter of the party, is the arrogant and rude behaviour of someone who is supposed to be the chairman of a branch of the party that is in power. Aziz Turay according to my own assessment, is unfit and incapable of handling the affairs of the APC party in north America. He has brought disrepute to the party and is a big embarrassment to the Head of State and the party hierarchy. The APC North America executive should be dissolved immediately and fresh elections held, if there is to be any collective approach to a unified party structure in  the United States. Aziz Turay brings to his office a reckless propensity of self-delusion that has been seriously injured by lack of foresight and good judgement. He is not a natural born leader and has time and again abused his office for personal aggrandizement. You only need to talk with a few grass-roots supporters, to understand their apparent frustration in dealing with a man who considers the APC North America his personal property.

At this time when the party branch should be focused on strategy, as the 2012 election is fast approaching,  the last thing it needs is a man like Aziz Turay who is more interested in stamping his foolish authority, instead of working in the interest of the party. Before going to press, I also learned that Aziz Turay is leaking classified party information to a certain opposition-linked newspaper publisher – a matter that Newstime Africa has launched an investigation on. If my investigations conclude that the APC North America Chairman has been engaged in passing information to the ‘enemy’ then that in every respect is considered to be sabotage, and Aziz Turay should be relieved of his duties with immediate effect.

The continued presence of Aziz Turay as Chairman in North America will discourage my efforts to help promote the amazing achievement of the APC government. The party may have no choice but to find a credible option to manage its affairs in North America, as Aziz Turay’s position has become untenable and I am calling on him to resign with immediate effect. Failing to resign will result in further investigations and revelation of the disgraceful conduct of this so called party Chairman, and will pose a serious threat to the wonderful work that the grass-roots APC supporters are embarked on to position the party for victory one more time!! I will be cataloguing the failures of this party Chairman and how he has sabotaged the interest of the party in this all important branch of the APC, in my next instalment tomorrow.

© 2010, Ahmed M Kamara. All rights reserved.

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