After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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There has been tense debates on this forum regarding the "free education" scheme that the Bio administration is about to put into law. I wish his administration well because it is a noble cause. In the mean time, the SLPP cannot conjure flimsy policies within two weeks before school commence, leaving parents in limbo with tattered policies. The administration needs to start rolling out bits and pieces of the policy over the next six weeks to keep parents abreast and notify them of what to expect. In fact, I would suggest having an all inclusive debate [town hall type] in all parts of the country before it becomes a law.
Salone Baby
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Well making education free is simply stopping schools from asking for fees. Where the rubber meets the road is how the government will fill the gap that the end of that revenue leaves. I don't think it is a difficult thing to accomplish because the previous government had already phased out fees for girls. My sister had paid fees for her daughters then and the school actually refunded that money. The development partners that are going on about the importance of education need to step up and increase the funding for education so that schools can provide quality education. If the pronouncement came out of meetings with DfID then I presume the money will be there. Gordon Brown did it for EBK before that start of the Free Health Care. The UK paid the increase in salaries for health workers then.
Nation Builder
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Oh these Tolongbo fools!!! Still freaking out about the free education program.  Countries in Africa with far less GDP per capita than Salone have successfully implemented this program.  In fact some are even targeting free education at the university level. 

Tolongbos believe that someone is stepping on their toes.  Their priority is to hold Salone back.  They want to flood the streets of Freetown with petty traders and have them dance to Paddle on holidays.  These people, Yusif #08, Salone Baby and others belong to the 19th century, maybe the stone age.
Dama Yanni
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This is what APC Agbas are now suggesting to Sierra Leone.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Yusif#08 ,

I notice that at this point your brother-in-arms the Hon. A.F-K is sadly missing in action. He is probably tired of flogging his dead horse. All along, his main point – his main doggy bone of contention has been “Where is all the money going to come from to foot the bill?” One answer is this : God will provide, O ye of little faith!

The situation is akin to Burns' poem, To a Mouse and this one verse as if addressing you and your kind in particular, to wit, Emerson's “Two-Foot Arata” :

I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion

Has broken Nature’s social union,

An’ justifies that ill opinion,

Which makes thee startle,

At me, thy poor, earth-born companion,

An’ fellow-mortal!”

As I observed in this forum at the time when the competing party manifestos were just out, and up to now, I prefer Brer Bio's more detailed plan of good intentions and of action, to what the APC put out for our perusal. At the time you were less vociferous about the SLPP's New Direction Agenda For Education - perhaps, you thought it was merely a fairy tale or wishful thinking and in that your poisoned , prejudiced and pejorative mindset although you hypocritically say , “I wish his administration well because it is a noble cause”, because of your monomaniac persistence, your relentless reservations about the possibility of success, we can only conclude that in your heart of hearts you really want the implementation of Free Education in Sierra Leone to fail , in fact to fail woefully, so that like the everlasting Tolongbo that you are , you can gloat , saying “ I told you so “ quoting in your own self defence ( Burns again)

The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!

That's why you now call the New Direction Agenda for FREE EDUCATION a “scheme”and you think that it will take a miracle, if they don't take what you believe to be the Tolongbo expert advice that you are publicly offering them, for free. How come that the APC didn't follow your specialist advice and achieve spectacular success in this sphere during the ten long years they were in power and you had their ear?

Please allow the SLPP administration to do their job. There are some very competent folk in their team and surely, they don't need permission from the likes of you in order to go ahead and accomplish what they set out to do on behalf of all of us, you too. As someone observed in another discussion, the current Sierra Leone Government is offering FREE Education, not Compulsory education …

One of my so called Tolongbo friends (“APC- to- the-bone”) has stopped talking to me or calling me because I praise the SLPP's plans for education. That's OK with me. He can go to hell for all I care and the APC with him, if they want to . I don't owe him or anyone else or any institution any money , nor have I in any way or at any time personally benefited by anything that the APC has offered or has to offer ; on the contrary didn't Pa Shaki hang my dear friend Ibrahim Taqi who used to visit me at Magburaka ? As to the veracity of this latter claim, you may ask the Hon Amadu Jalloh with whom I shared a flat at Mathura, when my first cousin Marianne Rogers-Wright was our neighbour and Mrs Jonah was the principal of Mathura. I last met the aforementioned Hon .Amadu Jalloh in Cairo, Egypt in June, 1991, when he was Sierra Leone's Ambassador to Saudi Arabia....

Yusif#08 , I don't want to quarrel with you, but please feel free to go ahead and quarrel with me if you want to, as I will only have myself to blame.

Sometimes, I just wish that some people would shut the puck up .

All of the above is

Sincerely said,


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All has been said by the great CH. No response is warranted. The fact that someone is using invectives to silence another simply for exercising their God given rights is appalling.  
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God bless you Cornelius Hamelberg for putting the hypocrite, Yusif #08, in his right place.
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...I do not participate in magnanimous thinking, where everyone agrees to something even if it makes no sense. I respect the diversity of opinions where debates get started and new perspectives and ideas are borne. The concur and support thinking of ideas without fully examining the issues at hand is dangerous, and will stifle progress. Let us have an open mind to new perspectives, in order to benefit from those respective ideas and opinions. 
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Yusif #08,

What you are saying is tantamount to arguing that even when an issue is good, it is necessary to knock it down because admitting that it is good is tantamount to magnanimous thinking.  It is this retrogressive thinking on your part that has evolved into the beef that many on this forum have with you.
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Even when ideas are good, they sometimes need tweaking. For example, the introduction of the IPhone, may be the greatest invention of our generation, Apple found ways to improve it. And today, folks in our respective villages can call us direct from their villages to the US and all over the world, or conduct business via the phone. These are all ideas that were once shut down by naysayers of your ilk. Another example is the co-founder (Steve Jobs) of Apple, he was once fired from the company because he had visions that no one else saw. Guess who is ripping the benefits of his brilliancy today. Mankind and the world-over. Ideas are not borne out of complacency, rather they are borne out active minds who always see room for improvement, and have the desire to work hard at achieving their goal(s). So my friends, I always see opportunities where some of you see problems. Stay the course... Here are excerpts of the great Socrates by professor: Khwaja Masud:—a-great-teacher/
Head Boy
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Talk is cheap until an Attorney bills you  $3000 an hour for representation....that said, its great and interesting to see how free speech is  thriving in a democratic Sa Lone.

And, if we continue on this path forward, maybe the country will soon get to the terminus of the baneful pernicious chicanery which has been considerably evinced by the proliferation of political "Fakitoes" and Pepeh Doktas" who control the strategic institutions in the country...

But, who says that taking the country back from "munkus and fraudsters"was going to be an easy lift????

methinks,he Bio government has their hands full with the onerous task of exterminating "tolongbo" cockroaches and Aratas ravaging the Nation with their many open "gates"!
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Dear Yusif#08 ,

Could you please show us any “invectives” (just one) used by me against you in this thread?

I don't agree with you that“ everyone agrees to something even if it makes no sense”, the “something” in this case being Free Education and the means of accomplishing that goal in Sierra Leone.

I assume that whatever good ideas you come up with are being listened to/ considered, seriously ;at least no one, certainly no forum administrator has decreed that Yusif#08 should not express whatever critical thoughts he harbours in his mind about the feasibility of the New Direction Free Education plans of the current SLPP administration, in your own words “the "free education" scheme that the Bio administration is about to put into law.”. We should of course use some words advisedly..

As Magnus observed in another thread in this forum, “In all seriousness, you should consider joining the Bio administration. Your ideas are invaluable to the progress of Sierra Leone.”

Such participations could nurse and nourish your own presidential ambitions and stand you in good stead, when the time comes.

The importance of attaining the goal of Free education for everyone (by every means possible) including widows' mite Diaspora contributions, cannot and should not be ruled out or underestimated.

I myself never paid any school fees when I attended the Prince of Wales School or University and I am painfully aware that there are and were many underprivileged boys and girls - probably more intelligent and potentially more ambitious and more motivated than all of us at that school , who unfortunately came from families that could not afford to pay their school fees.

One little last thing : In some other thread someone raised the question of other material costs, apart from school fees, such as the cost of providing school text books being factored in to the overall total expenditure for providing free education. I should just like to point out that at the Prince of Wales School we never paid for or bought text books. Text books were recycled , that is we inherited text books from the students who had used them the previous year. Admittedly, the text books were sometimes in a deplorable condition , tattered and torn , but with the main texts within, between the covers, still intact, sometimes with a few drawings and some scrawling, as in the Latin Text book I had inherited in Form in which there was an arrow pointing at the bust of Pompey the Great and under which was written the name of the Principal of the School, Mr. A. T. Thomas: In one of the English text books there was an illustration of Snowball ( the pig) and under it someone had scrawled, “ Uncle Otto”...

My erstwhile Tolongbo friend ( APC to the backbone) still does not answer the phone when I call him. He wants me to become a tribalist, like himself. He is sadly mistaken and probably sad that there will probably not be a next APC government in our lifetime...

Keep on fighting for what you believe is right, for the good of Sierra Leone : Move on up

Best Regards,


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Yusif #08,

You are actually underscoring my position relative to your position.  You are the one that does not believe that free education is feasible in Sierra Leone.  Yet you come to the forum to advance your all too familiar hypocritical arguments to deceive folks that you are in support of President Bio's  program. 

Who on this forum does not know about your animus for Bio?  If you have all these good ideas about development that you claim to have, why didn't you communicate them to Ernest Koroma when your useless APC was in power?
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I think you all along misunderstood my position on the free education proposal. I have said that the project is a noble one, however, I expressed my concerns in relation to the preparedness of the administration to roll out this plan without glitches. There are lots of logistics that need to be in place for this project to work. 

My friend, i do no have any animosity toward Bio. He is my president, your president and our president. That history has been carved onto a stone, and no one can change that. Therefore, in the interest of the country, we all have to support Bio and wish him success. I hope I am making this point clear.

As for Kothor Ernest my big brother from Makeni, he made some serious mistakes during his administration and toward the election. I will not support anyone based on tribalism, regionalism or socioeconomic class because when I die someday, I will be alone in my grave to answer my deeds in this world (good/bad) to the almighty.
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