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Paopa Abu Bakar
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Free education will be actualised under the New Direction – teachers union tells President Bio

July 17, 2018 Abdul Rashid Thomas Politics 0


Sierra Leone Telegraph: 17 July 2018:

Last Friday 13 July, the Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union (SLTU), held a meeting at State House with  President Julius Maada Bio to endorse his government’s free education policy.

President of the SLTU – Mohamed Sallieu Bangura, expressed hope in the success of the new approach to education. He extended his appreciation for the appointment of Alpha Timbo as the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education.


He said that there are many urgent and challenging issues facing teachers across the country. But he assured the president that the minister, whom he said understands the everyday concerns of teachers because he was once a teacher himself, is very capable of unifying the teachers in the face of those challenges.

Mr Bangura said they are ready to implement the free education programme, commencing in September 2018.

He called on President Bio to pay special attention to the recruitment and replacement of teachers, improve salary and conditions of service, provide adequate teaching and learning materials, grant refresher training for teachers, pay school subsidy on time and  empower the Teaching Service Commission.

President Bio thanked the union for believing in his vision to transform the country through education, noting that teachers are the builders of the future of the country and providers of knowledge and wisdom.


He emphasised that the future of the country depends on the quality of education children received in school, adding that during the election campaign he went to some parts of the country where he saw dilapidated schools, teachers deprived of facilities. This he said ultimately meant that there could be no effective teaching and learning in those schools.

The president promised to look into the concerns of teachers and urges them to support education as the flagship programme of the New Direction.

“Teachers are a very important component to the progress of this nation. My administration will work closely with the Union to make sure that those teachers, who spend their entire lives building the lives of their countrymen, also live in comfort,” he assured the SLTU.

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All of these pronouncements should go beyond words. And what did you expect the president of SLTU to say? Mind you, he (Bangura) highlighted the major crux of what needs to be done before the scheme can come to fruition and become successful. I hope they (Bio Administration) have good logistics on the ground to make it happen. I pray it does, and I laud Bio for taking the initiative toward this program. This has been a long awaited gift to the children of SL. I also hope they (children) appreciate it and take their education serious, hence it is only way out of their current predicaments. May God bless SL, and continue to give Bio the wisdom to govern all Leoneans without malice. Amin.
Paopa Abu Bakar
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Kudos to you Yusif #08 for putting country before party.  I bet AFK will never do that.
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