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News Agency
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CKC Man and world renown infrastructure expert is now Sierra Leone’s chairman of Infrastructure Initiative.




Dr John Tambi | Transport Infrastructure Expert 
NEPAD Secretariat | South Africa

Dr. John E. Tambi
Transport Infrastructure Expert and Coordinator 
For the Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative
NEPAD Planning and Co-ordinating Agency (NPCA)

Dr John E. Tambi is a transport infrastructure expert with more than 30 years of project management, planning, engineering, training, policy development, and economic analysis experience, with specialization in air, road, sea and rail transport modes. He is currently the Transport Infrastructure Expert for the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, responsible for regional and continental transport programs and projects, as well as the Coordinator for the Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI).  He has served in senior and executive positions with one of the world’s leaders in the management of airports, ports, rail and transportation facilities – the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and in major international consulting firms. He has also served as an independent consultant to national governments, the United Nations and international lending institutions. Dr Tambi was the Chairman and Transport Expert for the United Nations Monitoring Group for Somalia and the UN Panel of Experts for Somalia respectively (United Nations Security Council Resolutions: 1519, 1558 and 1474). Dr. Tambi is also registered aviation and transportation expert with the African Development Bank, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the United Nations headquarters in New York.  He holds a PhD and MSc in Transportation Planning and Engineering from the Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, USA, and an MBA and MAS (Masters of Business Administration and Masters of Aeronautical Science) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Florida, USA, and a BSc in Aerospace Technology from the Indiana State University, Indiana, USA. Dr. Tambi also has operational experience as an airline pilot. He has a commercial pilot’s license with instrument and multi-engine ratings, having received his training at the Oxford Air Training School, Oxford, England.  Dr. Tambi is a Fellow of the African Scientific Institute (ASI) and a Board member of South African Airways (SAA).


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President Bio has positively and emphatically answered one of my concerns about him, which was his ability to recruit top tier technocrats. He can and he is! I am very pleased that my concerns were totally unfounded. With the leadership he has so far demonstrated, Sierra Leone is happily resuming a culture of meritocracy of ideas and abilities.
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@Knice, I couldn't agree more. The vast majority of appointments have seen people who are experts in their respective fields being asked to lead the relevant government department. Round pegs into round holes. Very exciting times ahead.
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I was very happy to hear about Dr. John Tambi's appointment as Chairperson of the Infrastructure Initiative.  I have known John not only from our days at CKC but since primary school in Bo.  Two classes my senior in school, John is the ultimate professional with a high level of integrity.  This is good news for Sierra Leone.
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Is he related to the Tambi's of MacRobert's Street in Bo - Samuel, Christiana, and others?
Spectator 007
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@Sengbe, Edith, Gertrude are elder sisters, Agnes younger sister. Has other siblings but I don’t know their names.
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Specky, do you mean Gertrude Sherriff? She is not a Tambi, is she? I do not know about the others mentioned by you.
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Gertrude Sherriff is not a Tambi.  Besides, Gertrude is from Bonthe district.  John is not.
Spectator 007
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Gertrude’s surname is not Sheriff. I erred regarding seniority... She’s one of John’s younger sisters.
Head Boy
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I know John when he was working for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and his office was at the World Trade Center in Manhattan.

I also know that John Tambi's mother is blood sister to Mamy Trye (Mother of Willie, Wilfred, Tumbay, and Hindolo)
Forum Agba
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Is Head Boy a New Yorker?  Wow!!! Small world!!!
Spectator 007
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Good thing John left PANJNY (Port Authority of NY & NJ) prior to 2001. The Gods were protecting him

Made Several visits to the constructiion site during construction of new buildings. Impressive robust structurally designed blast resistant structures...massive doors in some of the buildings. Very tight security. Yu form dem bumbu u, kerr u go.

@HB, are/were you a fellow Empire State brother?

Head Boy
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Of course I am a NYorican. 

I lived and went to school in New York and I was one of the many Sierra Leoneans working downtown Manhattan when John Tambi was at the World Trade Center.

At the time, Metcalf King was District Court Judge,.. .Brigadier Juxon Smith was at NYC/GS..Hindolo Trye was at US Immigration….Dr Cole was at NYC Administrative services ….Freddy Hook was also Director of another NYC agency.. Richard During was at Courthose Copier,.. Valentine Manley was at the Wiz,..Rocky Kayoes was also at work for NYC …..etc..etc.

At the same time, most of us would visit Hindolo Trye at Lunchtime to take advantage of the superior quality and cheap subsidized meals available at the Federal Plaza Cafetaria

New Jersey
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Head Boy,

I know most of the folks that you mentioned in that piece.  I live in New Jersey but used  to live in New York.  It is possible our paths may have crossed.
Spectator 007
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@Prof Head Boy, you know a lot of folks I know.

The first time I first saw Guru (Hindolo Trye) was at his father’s funeral service at the UMC church in Moyamba. His uncle was the organist at that church. The next day my brothers and I were heading back to Freetown on a bus...going back to boarding school for the start of school. In the bus seated near me was Guru. We got into an argument over some silly issue. When the bus dropped my brothers and I off at the boarding school, Guru also got off with his bag. I asked him what he was doing....and he said he was a new student on transfer from Koyema Sec School. We made peace, embraced and my brothers and I became his first friends in the school. Really good friends till the end.

Head Boy
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Its quite possible that we have crossed paths Specky,..if nor to pan  berrin or marrade or sara..maybe  at Jewels when it was managed by Leslie Forster or at Kilimanjaro when Juju Paris was in charge..or maybe the annual  Harford  Dance at UN School..or, it might have been on the streets.

Spectator 007
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@Head Boy, you have been in NY much longer than I have. I spent most of my time here in Cali. Most of my social contacts are in Cali and the DC metro area.

I have known Juju from schooldays at AA and checked out Kilimanjaro when he ran it in DC. The placed rocked!

I have attended HOGA events in MD but not in NY. When is their annual dance I couldn’t find an announcement on their website?
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