After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Corruption was one of the major causes of the Country's civil conflict and is a key threat to national security. Corrupt offences manifest themselves in the inflation of government contracts in return for kickbacks; examination malpractices; corporate fraud; tax evasion; falsification of accounts in the public services; taking of bribes, and the perversion of justice among the police, the judiciary and other organs in the justice system; falsification of certificates; printing of fake currency; and stealing of public funds, to name a few.

Despite the anti-corruption efforts in the past including the enactment of the Anti-corruption Act and establishment of Anti-Corruption Commission in 2002 and its amendment in 2008, there is substantial evidence of corruption in every facet of our society.

In the New Direction, the SLPP government shall consider corruption as a National Security issue. Corruption becomes a serious threat to national security in so far as it undermines the safety and welfare of the people and the ability of the government to protect the sovereignty of the nation.

In the New Direction, some key policy actions shall include:

  1. developing our value system and implement a robust merit and reward system in public and private  life
  2. preparing and monitoring implementation plan of recommendations of annual audits of Ministries, Departments and Agencies
  3. reviewing within the first 100 days the Anti-Corruption Act to include the publication of all assets declaration forms of all public officials including the President, Members of Parliament, Ministers, Judges and senior civil servants before they take office and upon leaving office
  4. set up a system for planning, monitoring and reporting on Development Results referred to as Results-Based Management (RBM) wherein development targets will be set at the start of each year and senior managers will be accountable for delivering on these results
  5. improving social accountability in which public officials and non-state actors will give account of their stewardship
Sanfa Mansaray
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Lucid, practical and achievable. Well done General and team!
Paopa diehard
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O God thank you for allowing the parents of Mda Bio to born him. He is our savior who is coming to finally save us from ernest bai koroma d worst of the worst of d worstest presidents in the history of d world. Anyone who supports this man is crazy and a tiffy tiffy. Look haw eice has flied up, now costing almost240000 leones! How can our people survive dis? And he eats d fat bone with his fat family marrying off his fat daughter with our fat money while we suffer. Mada bio, I will give my life for u. 98 days more to go before we make you Your Excelency. Whennwe get d power, we will never give it back becos all saralone love u and we will return u unoppose forever until APC dies of heart attack from frustration.
Mada bio!
God's blessing to sara lone!!!
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Maada is more corrupt than the APC alagbas. Besides, he is enjoying the loot by colluding with APC in defrauding the country.  Maada is APC in disguise, and it's a shame that some of our gullible Mende folks are falling for the pranks of this Sherbro midget. lol
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Bio and his team have put together a coherent set of proposals for office and this is just one aspect of that. The New Direction proposals are a good mix of market led, business friendly steps backed up with lots of social justice actions. The overall package is a little bit expensive but if they can get backing from the right development partners and can significantly trim corruption we can actually look forward to a period of significant growth.
Paopa diehard
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You Tolongbo, boi vorteh!
God will swear u for calling our honorable General Brigadier a midget. God will cuss u and u will get swear for 1000 generations for calling our revered brigadeerr who saved saralone from damage a corrupt man. How dare u!!!!!!!!
Yu are one of those halaki Apc tolongbos. but time will soon fit d clock and you will cham a dry bone for fifty years. youare less than a human monster. Are u a sala lone person? insulting mada bio. How dare u! What a cheeky cheek!!!!
You are a devil!!!
Paopa diehard
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Tolongbo, did u know that France recently gave mada bio a very high honour for being one of d best politicians in the whole of africa? And u have d nerve to insult dis man dat God Almighty has blessed with a million blessing.Dis is what is wrong with our country. Every kemoh and sidibay thinks he has sense and has rights to insult and fityie blessed and holy people like mada. I was so angry that I took my blood pressure medicine. Whether u like it or not, Retired Brigadier General Bio, the youngest berigadier in the whole wide world at d time, will become president of sara lone. who god has bless,no one will mess up. 
Mada bio and fatima Bio!
d winning ticket!!!
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The former corrupt soja can talk the good talk now...or someone helped him with the good talk. But the last time he highjacked the challenge he wasn't able to walk the walk. But he ended up with a phat bank account with stolen money. Who in their right mind will vote for this tiff tiff midget? 
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I COMMEND him for acknowledging the problem. That is a giant and necessary step. But I regret that his solution as outlined will not work. Corruption in Sierra Leone is a management, and not a moral issue. A management structure to include stringent planning, budgeting, and reporting controls; as well as segregation of duties relating to approval of spending, disbursement of actual spending; and measurements of spending with respect to approved budgets is what we need. The much vaunted "Declaration of Assets" hoax may quench the thirsts of voyeurs like myself, but not much more. Ultimately though, the answer to corruption and other Sierra Leonean maladies is the delegation of most administrative and fiscal responsibilities to Regional and District Jurisdictions; and the contracting of certain functions such as the management of Sea and Air Port Authorities to international companies with the relevant experience.

But BRAVO, Bio! You have passed then first test in my book. Your next challenge, and it is a mighty big one, is to recruit experienced technocrats to craft for you a coherent and workable plan; the essence of which you can implement in your first year. WAY TO GO BIO AND THE SLPP!!
Paopa diehard
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Thank u mr Knice for giving a giant bravo to Retired General Bio.
But I condem u for putting conditions on your appreciation of my General brigader. We are matching dis counrry forward to make it d Dubai and shanghai of africa and those who cant cut it should step out of the bridge or be tossed over the magbalay bridge. Paopa sara lone go betteh. Thank u all. We need soldiers in dis battle or just step away. Thanks.
Paopa diehard
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KL or whtever u call yourself, a nest of vipers for u for ignoratly talking slush about General Bio. You are not fit to even cough d man's name. You are a cursed person for the lies and lying lies you said about Biio! How dare u!!!!
You are not even fit to hold the borkul of Geneael Bio's belt. He is God's blessing to saralone and u are a waste who tghinks that kandeh yumkela is fit to be president. Yumkela is not even sara leonean. I have evidence that he is a bambara from mali. you guys following him like sheep will be disapointed when we pull d research about him. Just wait!!! You will see something that will full up ur mouth. Meanwhile iadvise you to pull your mouth fewu fewu from God's gift to our country; the man who saved our country when he was a young man, and who will save the country once more from the crutches of APC. Jankamadi sofali!!! 
Cornelius Hamelberg
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Re- This , not only perennial but seemingly everlasting and insurmountable problem of pernicious corruption everywhere , tomes have been written about it . What can we learn from other African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana who are still tackling this problem?

On BBC Hardtalk, Tim Sebastian raised the question of corruption with Tom Ikimi, then Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs who quibbled that corruption is an English word, which means that the Brits who invented the word must know all about it…

On the same programme  - at an earlier date, Tim Sebastian had told Sierra Leone’s President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah that some of his people were saying that he Kabbah was as “like a toothless Chimpanzee” in his fight against corruption and when Pa Kabbah raised his finger for one dreadful moment I thought that he was going to slap Mr. Sebastian right there in the studio,  but all he said was ,“For anybody to say that you will get rid of corruption to the extent of 100%, you are living in a dream” - as if he had eliminated it 98% or even 55%

I thought that Kabbah was going to give Tim a slap, just like the one that Albert Margai delivered on poor Monty Cole , a Sierra Leonean journalist who asked the mighty Prime Minister Albert Margai the following question :

“Sir, there have been allegations of corruption in the SLPMB (the Sierra leone Produce Marketing Board) have you investigated these allegations “

Prime Minister Albert Margai : “The Allegations are false !”

Journalist Monty Cole : “But how do you know that the allegations are false if you have not investigated them ?”

Albert Margai: “ I just told you: The Allegations are false !!! ”

Journalist Monty Cole : “ Sir….”  and he got no further with his freedom to interrogate as he received a lightening slap from Akpata and that shut him up completely.

I repeated what happened verbatim when I was introduced to Monty Cole in London, some twenty years ago by Dr. Bernard Frazer at a Sierra Leone social event and Mr. Cole was amazed by the accuracy of my recollection.

These three men formerly of the armed forces could prove to be the greatsets fighters against corruption: 

Jerry Rawlings on corruption

Muhammadu Buhari on corruption

Maada Bio on corruption

The aspects of corruption that are systemically entrenched can be rooted out by some of what Maada Bio has proposed so far - backed by strong enforcement of the laws of Sierra Leone .

As to Knice’s attestation that “Corruption in Sierra Leone is a management, and not a moral issue” I beg to disagree - and he he too knows this much better than I do, that it is basically a moral issue and as far as management is cornered it can contained - to some extent by effective law enforcement - in which case the Judiciary and the rudimentary law enforcement agencies, tax collection etc  has to be empowered to be much more effective….  

Addressing the moral aspect of the issue, President Kabbah did exhort the nation to voluntarily embrace what he delineated as Seven National values . But, as you know the cat is going to go for the milk  - if you don’t safeguard the milk just as you also know that when the cat is not around the rats can take over..

How does someone report his/ her President or government minister for hanky panky/ skullduggery? And in the private business sector? Protection of whistleblowers  should be put in place...

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Maada Bio did not write his manifestation and I can bet someone grandmother's dentures that Maada has only form 4 reading level, and hence cannot possible put together such a plan. Also, Maada is a conman with bad record.
Paopa diehard
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God will halaki u, Sobothi!!!!
You are one of those who have recked d country.No wonder u are speaking your poison and halitosis. D man has a PhD from Bradford and a master from america and u come here with ur nonsesnse bad hart. kafri!!!!!
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