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$25 million USA government support for Sierra Leone school feeding programme


Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 November 2018:

Sierra Leone’s free quality education programme received a big boost today, when a high-level delegation from the United States’ based international humanitarian agency – the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) led by its Vice President – Bill Okufe, met president Julius Maada Bio at State House to discuss the programme.

Country representative for CRS Sierra Leone, Paul Emes, said the US government has made huge investment in the development of education in Sierra Leone.

The US government he said has donated $25 million to support teacher training, school feeding and nutritional education, water sanitation and hygiene, infrastructure, quality education and literacy.


He informed that CRS will be launching the school feeding programme in Kabala later this week.

“Your Excellency, we are adopting an integrated programme that is aimed at achieving a sustainable school feeding programme because the school lunch attracts children. We are adopting an integrated approach and the aim is to work with the Ministry of Basic Education for the sustenance of the school feeding programme as part of quality school education,” he said.

Bill O’Keefe, CRS vice president of government relations and advocacy, said he is pleased with the ongoing development projects in the country, describing the free quality education as a laudable venture by the new government.


He said he has sensed progress in the country and that his responsibility is to inform the US government about the progress being made in Sierra Leone.

“Sometimes the US leadership does not fully understand the hard work already undertaken by people like you. CRS has been here for a long time and we have stood with Sierra Leone through thick and thin. It is really an honour to work with you and to have you launch the school feeding programme,” he told the President.

“We have so many successes around the world which CRS started but later handed over to the people of the country where we operate. We look forward to the children of this country being educated and being able to take up responsibility,” he said.

US Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Maria E. Brewer, said: “Thank you, Mr President, for taking time off your busy schedule to meet with us. We are thrilled about the $ 25 million support from the US government for the school feeding programme. The idea that education is the central focus of this administration is a laudable one and we are so excited to be able to launch this project”.


President Bio said he is thankful to the team for their visit to Sierra Leone. He said his government has realised that despite all the efforts in the past, something was missing in the country’s development, hence his decision to concentrate on education as the foundation for development.

He said that his government is working hard to catch up with the rest of the world in terms of development, with education at the centre.

“On behalf of the people of this country, I want to say thanks to the US government for the support. When we started talking about free education, we knew it was difficult. As an administration, we noticed that everybody was making efforts but education, being the bedrock of development, was missing. So, we decided that among every other thing education was going to be our flagship programme,” he disclosed.

“It is an extremely expensive project but because it is so important, we consider it an existential issue, which must be tackled to make us relevant in society. We want to make sure that the poorest of the poor share the future that we want to build. I want to say thanks to the US government and CRS for taking up this huge challenge. This is a huge help and we need it to overcome the challenges,” he said.

About CRS

CRS is an American not-for-profit family of human service and development of charitable organisations and projects, connecting those in need with those who care around the world. The organisation is celebrating its 55 years of operations in Sierra Leone.

APC Agba
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They said he was unelectable.  He won the presidency.  They said he was not allowed to land in the United States.  He came to the United States, was given secret service protection and stayed for a week.  They said the International Community will not deal with him.  He has been praised by the International Community, with the European Union pledging a 73 million Euro donation to his country for the pursuit of sustainable economic development. And now, the USA has donated $25 million for the school feeding program under the free quality education program.  Wow!!! Nar dis den kin say PAOPA Salone for betteh.
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Don't the APC fanatics. If  Bio handles corruption, scourge his government will gain some credibility and additional aid and funding. APC had their chance and blew it on corruption.
Momoh big waist
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Which Salone Government ever has not been trapped into debt by the IMF. Even Alaki Momoh was lent money by the IMF.

When the IMF visits your country, please don't rejoice. Rejoice when the unemployment rate reduces, inflation is in single digits, the local currency appreciates and FDI becomes a torrent rather than a tricle.
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