After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Paopa Diesoft
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Paopa diehard
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You Paopa Diesoft, who is u???!!! Trying to make a mess like Kissy mess-mess with my hero of heros and Subway sandwitch heroes, his majestic general bregadier Dr president Julius Mada Woni Bio? Hmm hmmm hmmm! I am angrified! Scorpios and milipids and centipids rain on you for daring to fityie my general brigadire. Mada is blessed by God himself to become d fors saralone VIP to become president, not just one time, but two times!!!
So ;leave my leader very safully from ur nonsense, ok? Oh wo. Warning before wounded.

In the other hand, I am thinking very very deeply with my lawyers to sue d BBC for ambush bias against my prsident and king-in- waiting, the Right honorable and excelency general brigadier Julius woni Mada Bio.

U all see d intervew right? Tell me, isn't that fat Zimbabwe interverer a bias tolongbo person? He try and try, and with great disrespect, fityie to undermine d dignity of our leader. Holy ghost fire on him!! Jankamadin sofali like him!! BBC and Britain and the queen will not see success in ploting against our beloved leader. That intervew man shub be rired and lockd up in pademba road.

If england wants to be a tolongbo APC country by openly jaran jaran supporting APC or NGC, let them just try me. I will sue them until they sell d queen king crown. 
U mess with Mada bio, u mess with us paopas!! Walahi!

When we become gofment of sarrralone, we will make lock up BBC corespondent in mafanta for lie and disrespect against our leader, General Julius Dr Brigadier president Bio.
a word for the wise man is insufficient for his waite beard beard.
Formerly called the SarraLone People Party
Now known and forever forever as the 
Sarra Lone Paopa Party!!!

Barry White!
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Bo lef for write bad English in jest. Dem pikin day read articles on this forum. Ehn you very well know say education nor day na SarraLeone again. Lef for put petrol pan da fire day.

We know say u na wan of the most intelligent ehn articulate SarraLeonian dem na dis dunia. So go back to you old self for mek pipul learn from you God-given talent.

You will be funnier when you present the character in this moniker writing the excellent English we ALL know that you are capable of writing.

Too much of a bad thing nor good for anything at all. We hol u foot.
Paopa diehard
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OK Korthor. Paopa diehard says bye bye to Bintumani. E dae retire to da great Bintumani in the sky with ihn 72 virgin dem. Hehe. Adios, my friends. Do I sense a reincarnation....into something old and familiar? Watch this space.
Kind regards and a merry Christmas and a happy, happy New Year to all.
Spectator 007
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Paopa diehard,

Ishmael Yilla ihm hart go calm down now. Yu make di Bra sweat enh confuse wit u polling data. E bin dae take u serious serious wan.
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