After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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147. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, my administration will take

immediate steps to (i) repeal the seditious libel law (ii) support the School

of Journalism and other institutions to train journalists (iii) encourage the

private sector to invest in the media (iv) provide budgetary subvention to

SLAJ (v) enhance the capacity of the IMC to enforce the IMC Act and (vi)

review the legal and operational status of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting

Corporation to make it a truly professional national broadcaster.

***Already, my Government has created a

separate Ministry of Technical and Higher Education that will solely focus

on technical and higher education. My intention is to establish a university

system that employs its own leadership as chancellors and Vice Chancellors

with distinguished and proven records of higher education leadership and

significant international clout and contacts (funding and research

networks). In this light, effective 2019, I as President will cease to be the

Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone. In the coming months, the

2005 Universities Act will be reviewed to reflect this and many other changes

where necessary.

56. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, none of us would have been

here today without our greatest asset, teachers. Yet, they have been least

recognized and least rewarded. This is demotivating. Let me simply state

that without qualified teachers, our Free Education Programme will not be

fully implemented. In the New Direction, Government will raise the morale

and productivity of our teachers. To this end, I hereby pronounce a

Presidential Initiative for Teachers. The Initiative will ensure that matters

relating to teachers are treated with utmost importance. Additionally, my

administration will (i) review and make functional the Teaching Service

Commission (ii) develop a special incentive scheme for Science and French

teachers as well as teachers in remote areas and those in special needs

institutions (iii) introduce THE BEST TEACHER Award Scheme for the most

innovative, ingenious and dedicated teachers at national and district levels

(iv) provide free university education for three children of every school

teacher with at least 10 years' teaching experience.


54. Mr. Speaker, Honourable Members, I am pleased to officially

pronounce that effective next academic year starting September 2018, my

Government will introduce Free Education from primary level to senior

secondary school as promised. I have already engaged many of our partners

for support of this programme and I am pleased to report that, our

international and donor partners have expressed commitments to support

my administration. To ensure effective coordination of support of this

programme, Government will establish a Multi-Partner Education for

Development Basket Fund. In support of this, two Committees will be

established. First, a High Level Inter-Ministerial and Partners Group (IMPG)

on Free Education comprising of relevant ministries and partners will be

set up. This Group will provide the strategic guidance to the planning and

design of the programme, mobilise resources and oversee the

implementation. Second, a Technical Group (TG) on Education comprising

professionals from the relevant MDAs and partner agencies will be

established to design the programme, coordinate and monitor the

implementation. The Technical Group will report to the High Level Inter-

Ministerial and Partners Group.

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Mr. President,

Please do not "Press Release" statement(s) that do not sound presidential. You need to hire a speech writer for future engagements that are to reach millions of readers around the world. With all the intellectuals in the SLPP (so they claim), there has to be one that can actually write statements that are concise, error free and grammatically correct. Take note... 
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You can take all the pot shots at Bio as you seem fit. But the Bio that I know is a better writer than you will ever be. Have you ever posted anything on this forum without grammatical errors? You need to grow up man and stop this pettiness.
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Are you certain that Bio can write better English than me? I sat in the same class with him while at American University. Take note...
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I have read all your postings on this forum over the last few years.  There is nothing in any of them that gives me the impression that you are good writer.

You and Bio sat in the same class.  Is that the source of your jealousy of Bio? 

Bio is in a different league.  He is president of a sovereign nation.  Who the hell cares about what Yusif #08 is doing?  Its time for Yusif to put up or shut up.
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...I will be replacing him. Mark my words.
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Pigs might fly.
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I just finished reading the speech. I think it was well constructed. I don't know the majority of the team around Bio, apart from the new minister of Health whose chemistry I took at FBC but it is clear he has a good team around him. The speech had targeted and specific deliverables, many with milestones against which we can hold him and his team to account. I'm optimistic about the future.
Spectator 007
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“Are you certain that Bio can write better English than me? I sat in the same class with him while at American University. Take note” - Yusuf#08

Did AKB teach both of you at AU?

Will JMB remember who you are?
Karim Thorlu
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Yusif #08 is a man child that needs to grow up.  He cannot get over the fact that his former classmate is now the president of a sovereign nation and interacting with global leaders.    A pragmatist would have gotten in touch with Maada Bio and asked how he can help move Sierra Leone forward.  But like all other Tolongbos, Yusif #08 is shallow with thinking skills that are not above the grade school level. 

More awkwardly, Yusif  brags about replacing Bio.  The question is, where?  Tolongbo is gone forever.
Spectator 007
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“A pragmatist would have gotten in touch with Maada Bio and asked how he can help move Sierra Leone forward.” Karim Thorlu

That’s why I posed my second question to Y8. You never know, it may happen. I am certain AKB5 (5 PhDs) will most certainly do that. As a matter of fact, in the late 1990s while JMB was completing his Masters degree, AKB hosted a symposium where JMB was the featured speaker. After that, AKB bato-ed JMB big time on Leonenet and other places. I am sure JMB will not forget that.
Karim Thorlu
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You are spot on.  I have heard from reliable sources that the Brigadier plans to use the services of accomplished Diaspora Sierra Leoneans even if it is in the capacity of consultants.
If Yusif #08 and AKB reach out to the Brigadier, I am sure he would want them on-board.  There is only one Sierra Leone.
Spectator 007
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@Karim Thorlu, Y8 go be bomba wit numba.
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I knew ABK prior to attending AU. I recently referenced him on one of my papers. He is a fine academic.
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"I knew ABK prior to attending AU. I recently referenced him on one of my papers. He is a fine academic."  Yusif #08

Dis bra lek for showoff.  Ay Temne man!!!
Spectator 007
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@Yusuf#08, did you take any of AKB’s classes?
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Spectator 007
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Yusuf#08, when u attended AU. AKB was teaching grad classes there. No?
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General Luawa
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Hehehe .Tolongbo Yusif #08 does not want to reveal any information about himself.  He plans to run against Maada Bio in 2023.  That is if other violent Tolongbos don't beat him to death. 

Tolongbos have already begun fighting each other with Joseph Kamara and Alpha Khan not hiding their ambitious.  The battle will get nasty between Port Loko Tolongbos and Bombali Tolongbos.  These power hungry bastards may really end up killing each other .  But whatever the outcome of the intra Tolongbo fight, Bio will win by a landslide.
Unveiling Yusif #08
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Yusif# 08 is...
a coward
a pea brained nepotistic fella
most likely the son of a notorious Salone thief who looted our treasury some decades ago
ashamed of his father etc

Yusif, we now know who you are and why you are so primitively tribal. It is genetic. I am giving you the opportunity to tone down your tribal messaging here ...or else you will be unveiled.
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"Yusif, we now know who you are"

Since you already know who I am, then the point becomes mute. BTW, you wish you know who I am, and my primitiveness. I am who I am... can't change that. I am a 
warrior to the first order. Like you mentioned, it is in my DNA.
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