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In Mende, the legume, black-eyed peas, is known as torweih as a class of beans, and if I remember correctly, binch akara, is made using the softened form of pounded black-eyed peas. In the US, and probably elsewhere, the stuff is boiled until softened and used as a stand-alone vegetable dish seasoned with pork fat or bacon.

The widespread use of this legume is most likely due to the fact that black-eyed peas contain a very good source of soluble fiber which might help to prevent type-2 diabetes by keeping blood sugar low. Soluble fiber normally binds to chloresterol and carries it out of the body. Through a diet consisting of black-eyed peas or cowpeas men get about 21% of their daily intake of fiber, and women get about 32% of fiber from consuming just one cup of black-eyed peas. Furthermore, one cup of black-eyed peas contains 20% of the daily intake value of magnesium, calcium, iron, folate, and manganese - a trace element essential for our well-being, because several enzymes need it to fulfill their proper functions in forming cartilage, and the metabolizing of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Through this research, I have identified seventeen health benefits associated with the consumption of black-eyed peas:

1. A rich source of anti-oxidants: due to the fact that this legume contains high-quality anti-oxidants that serve to neutralize free-radical activity thereby preventing cell damage and DNA damage.

2. Treats cardiovascular ailments, because they are very rich in flavonoids that help to treat several different cardiovascular problems thereby minimizing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Promotes weight loss in obese individuals because they contain no chloresterol and minimum fats. 

4. Treats diabetes due to the high-fiber content thereby helping to control blood sugar levels. And the flavonoid content helps combat cardiovascular health conditions, as previously mentioned.

5. Promotes Digestion by effectively treating problems associated with the stomach, spleen, and pancreas due to their high-fiber content, thereby promoting smooth bowel movements to prevent constipation and promotes digestion.
To be continued shortly

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Please delete the "e" in the spelling of "black-eyed peas" in the title.

6. Treats Urinary problems by minimizing blockages and discomfort experienced in urination problems.

7. Delays signs of aging due to the antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin A, thereby promoting healthy, radiant, skin (by preventing skin cells from damage due to free radicals). Furthermore the vital nutrients in black-eyed peas repair and replenish skin cells thereby preventing wrinkles and blemishes, and other skin infections and disorders so that the aging process is delayed.

8. Low in calories and fats: helps to maintain regular body shape; minimizing hazardous health problems like diabetes, heart problems, and depressive disorders.

9. Prevents the risk of cancer due to the antioxidants, vitamins A and C content that help to remove hazardous free radicals.

10. Provides Lignin: Lignin, which belongs to the phytoestrogen class of compounds, aids in boosting one's immunity, and prevents the risk of fatal ailments such as strokes, osteoporosis, hypertension, cancer, serious heart problems, and infections.

11. Detoxifies the body: through the elimination of toxic compounds and oxygen free radicals from the entire body. The antioxidant content of this legume aids in detoxifying the entire body to maintain good health.

Six more to go. Will continue shortly.
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12. Balances Chloresterol levels due to the soluble fiber content and proteins, and the phytosterols, present in black-eyed peas, help to reduce the bad chloresterol LLD levels thereby promoting good heart health.

13. Provides necessary proteins: an 8g/100g serving of this legume provides 16% of the daily recommended intake of protein.

14. Treats hair loss problems due to the fact that the legume is rich in several crucial proteins; thus it aids in promoting hair growth faster than usual; compensates for hair loss, and prevents baldness.

15. Prevents the risk of anemia and fatigue due to the rich source of iron found in them, thereby boosting the hemoglobin count that supplies oxygen to all body cells, tissues, organs, preventing one from feeling weak.

16. Promotes the proper functioning of muscles and nerve tissue due to the high magnesium content.

17. Provides Potassium: The appropriate blood pressure levels in humans is achieved through the good amounts of potassium found in black-eyed peas.

Fambul dem! unu nor forgeh for eat unu aborbor ehn orlehleh, ehn binch akara oh!

Bo School folks unu continue for double da torweih plasas on Fridays oh! Ee good for unu!

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These I make too, with the bacon, garlic, onion, hot peppers, and tomatoes. Italians cook them similarly to West Africans. The only thing we do differently is use crushed red pepper instead of habanero, and sprinkle grated cheese on the top. So good.
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You will not have any problems adjusting to life in Sierra Leone.  Hopefully, with an SLPP victory, you will think about visiting and spending some quality time over there..
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I look forward to visiting the country one day. Cheers
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I fully understand now why the match with cousin MM will remain everlasting: spinach + egusi stew, over white or brown rice?, and black-eyed peas. Well! 

The way to a loved one's heart is through his mouth and stomach.

I will try your recipe over the weekend, and report back to you, dear healthy one.
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