After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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For Social Social Services Minister Youths And Children's Development Sylvania Olyenka Blyden Heading To Ecowas Court For Wrongful Termination, Subpeona Withnesses For Her Case Are Her Predecessor Former Honorable Minister Moijoi Kaikai And His Deputy Honorable Mustapha Atila.

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Paopa diehard
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I use to hate Sylvia Blyden becos she is one of d corruptest APC persons. Plus she is a little- well, not a little. Sylvia is full scale crazy. She is mental patient crazy! But since she is enemy of APC now, I say we should pick her up from the trash where APC has flinged her and wash her off underr a pump, and spraw mosquito spray and karangba spray on her, and spray her again with hausa perfume,. Then we can bring her into slpp and put her to work against APC tolongbo bigfuls. Ah Papa God, thank u for blessing Mada bio as our president and your deputy in saralone.
As for that very stupid alpha idiot saidu bangura, u just wait for us when we take over sara lone and make the police force the new Paopa Security Force. We will make sure that u dont ever mass in saralone. You will die of frustration in america for fityieing our Mada Bio!!

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@Paopa diehard, I say this as a fully committed SLPP supporter who is behind our flag bearer in the race for State House, I don't think we should be threatening our political opponent's with retribution should we win.  This is already one of the things our opponent label us with. We shouldn't be confirming their worst fears.

Just my personal thought.
Cornelius Hamelberg
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This is beginning to get ridiculous. So Sylvia Blyden is off in a huff hoping to get redress over there at the ECOWAS Court in Abuja, Nigeria ? She may pray that all things are possible for her, but that’s not going to happen. Apart from being charmed, wined and dined and maybe even primed, all else that’s going to happen in Abuja is that she is going to enjoy being in the limelight, briefly, in view of  - ah yes the name Blyden rings a bell in West African ears in particular and in her case since she can claim some ancestry to the grandfather of Pan Africanism and other good intentions  - she can claim that she carries some ancestral APC-red blood corpuscles of the old man in her veins,  genetically transmitted by one of her greatest forefathers, but that’s not going to restore her to the good graces of His Excellency the current President of Sierra Leone who out of personal magnanimity and in my view against his better judgement appointed her unelected ess to a ministerial position in his cabinet.

( Where in Sierra Leone could Pippi Longstocking’s sister Sylvia Blyden stand and win an election?  - But that’s another matter altogether and she knows it.)

President Koroma’s termination of the democratically elected Sam-Samuna’s was unconstitutional since it showed the President’s  utter disregard for Sierra Leone Constitution in the unlawful procedure followed in dismissing his vice-president as amply demonstrated by legal luminary Abdulai Conteh in his QED fashion  - in spite of which Sam-Samuna remains as no longer Sierra Leone’s vice-president. It’s not as if the ECOWAS Court has the power to reinstate Sam-Samuna….

Surely, unlike Sam-Samuna’s termination Sylvia Blyden’s case of unlawful dismissal cannot be said to be unconstitutional - nor is the ECOWAS Court  an arbitrator or final arbiter of  labour disputes, unpaid salaries or charges of corruption, even if she can produce a bunch of papers with all kinds of signatures on all of them. The sad fact is that if her deputy minister  Neneh Koroma as much as deigns to be one of the strong witnesses about the draconian behaviour/ personality problems of her boss and the unbearable conditions in which she conducted business, the running of that ministry is still a sovereign internal, Sierra Leone Government, domestic affair and not subject to negotiations with Abija.

But I may be wrong of course, just as Sylvia may be right as always and be awarded in excess of £x million in compensation. 

Sexual harassment as a vital ingredient would be a serious affair... 

An interesting article from Nigeria :  From detribalisation to retribalisation

Indeed DMK
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PD's SLPP support is a little suspect and he is also not very current. 
I hope he listens to your good counsel DMK. PD no threats please.
Paopa diehard
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I am not threatning. Im just saying the truth. There are some SLPP people who play nice and give d other jaw to ernest to slap when he has already slap d first jaw with a giant fist. This is not KKY SLPP. This is Paoppa Slpp. we won't lie down anymore. How is it a truth when we tell people dat if u have been hucking us with cole bortu, we are going to return d favor? haha. Bo stop d hipocrisy. No fat bone for Apc.
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Spectator 007
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Paopa die hard is just being facetious yet some take him seriously.
Paopa diehard
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Mr spectator, go dae specktate. We are matching to state house!
BTW, Kandeh Yumkela is a secret Apc thug who tried to destroy Slpp but we fainted on him and pushed him out. We will make him embasador to northern nigeria so dat borko haram will harass him everyday.
Spectator 007
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Paopa diehard, u nar man enh haf!
Paopa diehard
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I am more than just mare man. I am a patriot!!
And Mada Bio will make sarra lone great again like Donald Trump has made America grate again. Even better! Mr Spectactor, do u know dat Mada Bio voluntary gave up d presidencey for democracy and his country? Yes, yes and yes!! If he wnted to stay, noone will have borkuled him. He is our dear leader!!
Evry sarraleonean except d numku tangase ones are against him, like that fool santhikie pele and king loggy. Spectator, before i put you on my list who do u support? Pls tell me it is General Rtd Julius Woni Maada Bio. Or else i will category u with KL and d other fools in town.Thanks and thanks!!
FINIC Ferry Junction
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Where is our man Fen W. Plaba?
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DMK Paopa diehard is neither a Bio Supporter nor an SLPP supporter.  He is our friend from Sweden. What he has been doing is to feign support for Bio while he is using sentences and taking position that will put Bio and the SLPP in bad light. 

the FA can help confirm that this is our usual ssuspect on this forum.
Paopa diehard
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E, Benji you are a hool for thinking say i am not Slpp. But it's OK. As long as we are paopally for Mada Boi, no one can stop we. U are a hucking fool and a anti-mada bio enemy . Dat is why u are speaking fire against me and others who have died for mada bio. But one fine day we will take a broom and clear out all u enemies of Slpp in the party like we have cleard out Kandeh Kitchum Yumkela. U are noting but a fontoba, u big hade maroon!!!
Mada bio is ur leader in dis worl en nex world whether u like it or not. When we come to pawer, u will siot in a small corner en grind ur teeth on d dry bone. Sofali!!!
Paopa diehard
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As soon as u are put in tite cornar, u cry for FA!!
How, are u a pikin for cry for papa FA??
Well wait, we in Paopa deep central core will take over d country and u Benji will sweep d streets until u hala lek u are whipped with 007 buckle belt! I am angrified!!!!
IP Sniffer
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Paopa diehard is our very own Fen P. He has feigned this poor writing skills to avoid any personal confrontation with touts like KL who he meets at parties from time to time. FP is truly pissed off with the nasty lot. The Hajj-Ebola-Mudslide-Disabled Fund tiff-man dem. But as someone accurately pointed out, he is neither a Bio or credible SLPP supporter [yet].

FP is very intelligent with loads of self-confidence and must never be mistaken for the dumb and failed fellas like KL and Eddy Formaldehyde - both rabid tribalists are currently under the illusion that declaring for the phony NGC makes them look smarter than their know IQs.

Unlike these extremely tribal and half-baked  Eddy Formaldehydes, KLs and Musa Kenemas, Fen P is decent enough not to come out against the peoples' General using his real moniker [Fen Plaba]. Another political quagmire FP finds himself in is that his long term buddy and mentor Dr Allie Kabba is championing our next President's campaign. FP has too much respect for Allie's judgment and patriotism to do otherwise. So the "paopa-diehard" is his cunning transition and practice run before declaring for the peoples' General and our next president.  FP please don't chicken out because of KL's propensity for tribal posturing  and munku rants. It is of no consequence. 

When Fen P ultimately comes out therefore, he will come as the patriot that he is and will declare for the General and SLPP. Take this to he bank!
Alaki Sengbe
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Ah these Alaki Mende coconut heads. As long as you are not with them you are the enemy. They have nothing good to say about you. No wonder Ernest Koroma and the APC has reduced them to cry babies. 

Aitee Abanda
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AS-hole, please leave this rabid tribalism and professor-hating business. No wonder you nor finish school. You and the very learned Chemistry Prof, Dr Sengbe ihn dog sef nor dae nar same level. Lef dis u janitor-tribal-hatemongering alaki ya so KL.
Alaki Sengbe
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Hehehehe! The Alaki professor is angry at KL. Next it is Musa Kenema. And when proven wrong it is Eddie Grant.
Do me ar do you
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Mende fools like Aitee Abanda do not have the moral authority to accuse KL of tribalism when Sengbe and Bra E are the real rabid tribalists this forum has ever known. KL, Eddie Grant and Musa Kenema are not preaching tribal hate, all the do is respond to your tribal trash against their tribe.  How often do you Mende people hide behind fake monikers to trash their tribe? Do not live in a glass house and throw stones because the next person will throw a bomb in your house. 
Aitee Abanda
Reply with quote  #21 
But do me ar do you, go set u ra$$ saful!

This trio are poorly educated contributors that we all have helped train over the years - albeit unsuccessfully. Like kortor EBK, these buzos are not cutout for education. Junx-selling may be, janitor work which KL has exceled in the DC area or peddling  or'mene tribal untruths as we all saw with Eddy's Formaldehyde-in-water well theory right here on Bintuland during the devastating  Ebola crisis that wiped out thousands of our brethren and kids.

You want more?
Do me ar do you
Reply with quote  #22 
Aitee Abanda, I don't think you are a serious man. Lol. I smell jealousy on your part and you are very bitter. The trio may not be what you assume them to be but something is very real and that is you are very uncomfortable with them. I think you need to get a life. The last time I check on this forum KL has a daughter who graduated in college and on her way to Africa with the Peace Corp. Musa Kenema is an accomplished fellow who is living his dream. Eddy Grant I don't know much about but unlike you, he can afford to travel to Salone as he wishes. Drink some cold water and better yourself, ok? Stop the bad hart!
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