After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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EBK en Logus Yuki Yuki
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Dear HE President EBK and Minister Logus,

This is a personal appeal on behalf of former APC Women's Leader Mammy Marie Salim. She gave Logus $50 grand in mint bills for to give former APC Minister Hasan Gbessay Kanu for some real estate transaction at the start of your Presidency. Logus chop dae money ehn now ee dae balance dae poor mammy.

Mr President you are fully aware of this fraud and still look the other way. A simple phone call to Logus or an order after your weekly cabinet meetings should have resolved this. Knowing how large your appetite is for amassing wealth, I truly hope Logus did not buy his Ministerial appointment with some of that money. You silence is deafening Mr President and Mammy Salim, who has worked so hard for our party, could easily place a curse on you and Logus for this "advantage".

The citizens are closely watching and now believe that if you can do this to a hard working party faithful, what could you not have done to our treasury. As your tenure comes to and end, our economy is near bankruptcy, the Leone that you met at Le2500 to US$ 1 has now devalued by 400%. By this Christmas, there is little doubt that a dollar would be over Le 10000. And you have the and your sycophants have the idiocy and temerity to sing your praises. God go punish unu. Even pensioners have not been spared in this your decade long looting spree. NASSIT, your piggy bank is near bankruptcy and folks who have worked so had all their lives are already losing out. Add the drop in the real value of their pensions today you are set to finish these vulnerable servants of nation. Dae pa dae wok? U baksie!

Mr President, you are now so wealthy that you have lost count of how much you have stashed. We are just beginning to hear about some of your real estates - from Freetown to Florida. Thanks to the revered Imam Alpha Saidu Bangura. 
HE if you dropped dead today, which at your age and lifestyle is very possible, all that loot will benefit folks in foreign lands where the bulk of your stash are hidden. Even our First Lady, your kids and siblings do not know about the copious amounts you have stashed and continue to amass.. Who really do you think you are fooling?

We know you diverted the public shares in Sierra Rutile to shell companies that you and John Bono Sesay, you cousin control. Indeed you warned us that you were going to run our poor nation like a business. We did not know it was a family business. But God go punish you ehn yours.

To be continued 

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