After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Referee Jackson Coleman
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For those who are cheering on Revo Kabs Kanu to take on Bra Enviable, I say, you don't like Kabs Kanu.  Bra Enviable will destroy Kabs Kanu beyond repairs.  If the ugly revo's jaws are already hanging, wait until Bra Enviable finishes with him.   

Bra Enviable says that the thought that he and Kabs Kanu are products of the legendary CKC will not make him relent in his punching power and upper cuts.  

Go Bra Enviable, get the Red APC Kakarass that calls itself a holy man.
Amalinze the Cat
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Bra Enviable is full of bluster and froth signifying nothing. He is one of those internet bombas that hide behind their steroidal keyboards talking smack. But when you confront them, one slap will have them running under the bed, calling for daddy to help them.

Damned chicken hawk!
Enviable used to be a strapping lad of some muscular girth, but too much hamburgers and bedmantics have left him with a balooning Kabbs-Kanuesque gut and a fluffy midriff. If Tornado Kabs Kanu approaches Chicken Hawk Enviable, either on the street or in Bintumani, the little fella will run faster than his legs, crying woyong, woyong! 

I know the man. Nar boff man. If you don't believe me, wait when Kabs comes back next week. Bra Enviable will disappear like a spirit in Kailahun. Hehe. Kabs is a polemic Amalinze the Cat. Ask Chinua Achebe. Run Bra Enviable, run!
Amalinze the Goat
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Keep running your mouth.  When Bra Enviable catches you, you will become Amalinze the GOAT.
Amalinze the Cat
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Who is scared of Virginia Wolfe? 
Bra Enviable is a scared little fluffy bunny whose candy pinny would be rolled by the Loko Village Chief: Kabs Lion Amalinze Kanu.
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