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Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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News coming from Sierra Leone states that the chairman and leader of the ruling All People's Congress, Ernest Bai Koroma, has shortlisted Joseph Kamara (Attorney General and Minister of Justice), John Bonor Sisay (Former Sierra Rutile CEO) and Victor Foh (Vice President) for APC flag bearer.
Spectator 007
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IGG, when is the APC convention for nominating their presidential candidate?
Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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I believe it is on the weekend of October 14, same as the SLPP.  If Joseph Kamara or John Bonor Sisay wins, expect a very difficult road to State House for the APC assuming the elections are free and fair.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for your response IGG.

You wrote "If Joseph Kamara or John Bonor Sisay wins, expect a very difficult road to State House for the APC assuming the elections are free and fair." Why do you feel so? Are there other candidates who will fare better in your opinion?
Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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Joseph Kamara and John Bonor Sisay are cousins of the president, which raises eyebrows as to whether a dynasty is in the making.  Besides, Sisay is being investigated by Australian and British investigative agencies for massive corruption while at Sierra Rutile. 

Sierra Rutile is now owned by an Australian conglomerate and of course it is registered on the London Stock Exchange.   On the other hand, Joseph Kamara is a regional wimp who will find it difficult to even attract voters in the North in the face of a rising Mohamed Kamarainba and Kandeh Yumkella.   

As for the Western Area, I don't see an APC candidate scoring big there in March 2018.  The Western area has gone through a lot under the APC.  Do I need to mention the Southeast?  That is Maada Bio country.

In closing, I must establish that my projections will only hold if the elections are free and fair.  You and I know that the APC is not capable of holding genuine elections.  It is not in their DNA.

Fil Bothi
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Joseph Kamara aka JFK is not a Limba. He is not related to the Limba ethnic group in any way. JFK'S Mum was cousin of Pa Sylvanus Koroma, President Koroma's father. So JKF and President Koroma are related on his mater side. Pa Sylvanus Koroma  was Loko/Themne. JFK's father was 100% Themne. This makes JKF 95% Themne and just 5 % Loko. 

John Sisay on the other hand  is pure Limba (maternal and paternal). He has never shy from his heritage. He is related to President Koroma through President Koroma's mother who was a Sesay and a sister to John Binoh Sisay's father.

Although I do not know who the APC is going to select as their Flag Bearer, JFK and JBS are two fine gentle men who like the many others vying for the post are qualify. They should not be judge on their ethnicity. If we pay too much attention to ethnicity as an attribute, we will miss the point and elect the wrong person to lead us for the next five years.
Gibril Kamara
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Fil Bothi,

I don't think Ishmael Gbose Gbose paid too much attention on the ethnicities of the three  APC flag bearer aspirants that he identified.  He identified their ethnicities, which is a common thing to do in Sierra Leonean communities.  But perhaps more importantly, Gbose Gbose went on to briefly analyze the chances that Joseph Kamara and John Bonor Sisay have of winning the presidency.

What can you say about the corruption allegations that have been leveled against John Bonor Sisay?
Alaki Konouwah
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Keep dreaming! The list you are talking about has been declared to be fake. EBK made no such decision. The trio you have mentioned are not qualified for the flagbearer contest as per party election rules.
Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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You are not up to date as far as Sierra Leone news is concerned.  The information about the three APC flag bearer aspirants has already been published in several Salone newspapers. 

Are you angry because your man, Alpha Abuja Khan, is not on the list?  He was disqualified because he did not pass the ethnicity test.
Spectator 007
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@Fil Bothi: Very informative post. So which one of Pa Sylvanus' parents was Loko?

Multi-ethnicity can be an asset
Gibril Kamara
Reply with quote  #11 

Do you believe that multi-ethnicity can ALWAYS be an asset?  What if the candidate is from  smaller ethnicities, say Koranko, Yalunka and Creole or Creole, Loko and Kroo?
Spectator 007
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@GK: All things being equal, it tends to give the multi ethnic candidate an advantage.
Spectator 007
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GK: That was an excellent question
Gibril Kamara
Reply with quote  #14 

What if the multi-ethnic candidate that hails from the smaller ethnic groups is running against a candidate from one of the two major ethnicities?   Remember, ethnicities like Creoles, Korankos, Yalunkas and Kroos each account for no more than 1% of the population.
Bombali Man
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Majority of folks in the north, especially in Bombali district are multi-ethnic. I'm yet to come across someone in Makeni whose both parents are from the same tribe, with the exception of the Fulani folks. Besides, Makeni, prior to the themne conquest, was a loko village. Just 10 miles from Makeni, along the Kabala highway, you will meet Binkolo, the headquarter of the Safroko Limba chiefdom, and just a little 15 miles along the kamakwe road, you will meet villages. Though Themne is widely spoken in those villages but the people are loko by tribe or both.
Bombali Man
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*****Meet Loko villages***
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Bombali Man,

What you have said of Makeni can be said of any big city in Salone - Freetown, Bo, Kenema, etc.  So what's your point?
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What tribe do you belong to, Ishmael Gbose Gbose
Alaki Konuwah
Reply with quote  #19
Ishmael Gbose Gbose
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AK   AKA Musa Kenema,

Drop this argument and let's move on.  Three candidates have been shortlisted by the agba.  They are Victor Foh, John Sisay and Joseph Kamara.  Sources close to the agba intimate that Foh eventually gets the flag bearer nod.  Can we move on now?  Why are you so upset with the agba's decision?
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I, Sengbe Konouwah, respectfully submit to the forum that I am NOT posting as ISHMAEL GBOSE GBOSE. This forumite is a very different person from me. As such, I would like the other person posting as Alaki Sengbe, or Alaki Konouwah or Kakarass Sengbe to immediately stop extracting any of the names in my acknowledged moniker to write or respond to queries on the Bintu.

I humbly request that the FA observe the implications in this anomaly, because of the vulgarity instilled in them, especially the one that espouses the feacal matter in the rear end.

I hope that this humble request can be accommodated by the FA.

Thank you very kindly for your cooperation in this matter.
Mammy Curse Sebgbe
Reply with quote  #22 
Look who is complaining about vulgarity.
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #23 
Predictions anyone?

Those who have their ears to the ground as IGG does, who are the top three one should pay attention to?
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