After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Amara Cole
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It is Christmas in July for Salone civil servants.  Press Secretary to president Julius Bio, Yusuf Sandi,  has just announced that all civil servants in Salone will receive a 10% salary increase effective immediately.  BBIINNGGOO!!!!!!!!
Battle Tank
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EBK did better than that by giving two separate 15% increase during his two-term tenure. 
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What about an increase in the standard(s) of living for the average Leonean? I think we have our priorities mixed up here. Why is Bio making loft expenditure that the state cannot afford? I think the way forward for Bio is to establish austerity measures so that he can focus state resources to help stabilize the country's economy. And where is the source of revenue to accommodate these salary increases? Is Bio's government covering the basic necessities of government expenditures and the people's needs? As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, Bio will fail SL miserably. You think EBK is a mess, Bio's tenure will show something you have never witnessed or will never witness in your life time. We shall see.

 I will love to be proven wrong. AC, you should be ashamed to post such a negative message here for the world to see. Where are our people's input in all of these promises or policies? If you ask them, they would rather reduce the salaries of these so called civil servants, than increase them. Wow.
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Is Bio looking at the comprehensive picture when allocating moneys for individual projects? Budgeting is  a complex undertaking that require serious statistical analysis to get a true picture of all the variables involved and there amounts. Budgeting should also take into account current inflationary situation and it must factor in elections promises in such things as the free education program and other priority programs.     
Budgeting should not simply be about gut feelings but about real scientific calculations that ensures balanced equations. We should be able to spend what we can afford.    
So far the government has made commitments on free secondary education, the provision of 100 new buses for transporting students to schools, raises in salaries for civil servants, reimbursement for university application fees, and the Chief Minister made promises to change Kenema. 
My advise to the government is for it not to go in the water with both feet in. 
Paopa Economist
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Yusif #08,

Calm down, calm down, man.  Do not let your animus for Maada Bio cloud your thinking capacity.

Look, you do not cut wages in a contracting economy.  That is bad economics.  When you increase wages, you increase disposable income, Yd.  Thus, consumer spending increases and by extension aggregate demand.  Stimulating aggregate demand in a contracting economy stabilizes the economy and promotes growth.   This is precisely what Bio has in mind.

The poor spend more than the rich ala Keynesian economics.

You ask "where is the source of revenue to accommodate these salary increases?"

Domestic revenue mobilization is far more efficient under Bio than it ever was under the thieving Ernest Koroma.  In fact sources on the ground argue that domestic revenue mobilization under Bio has increased threefold.  And unlike Ernest Koroma, Bio is NOT siphoning away public funds into private bank accounts.

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You people are looking for cheap political gains from the unsuspecting public that are gullible. The increase in wages is what you need to get people to praise sing your name. All of that small increase in wages gets used in rising gasoline prizes and the ensuing transportation cost increases just announced. So you see, you give with one hand and you take back with the other. 

Bio thinks he is smart. We will expose all his tricks. He has nothing to show for the 100 days he has been in office. 

And by the way, Pa-o-Pa has a new meaning I coined.

P athetic
A nd
O bnoxious
P olitical
A ssailants
Brahima Sankoh
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Shut your trap.  You know nothing about how a national economy works.  Even if the increase "in wages gets used in rising gasoline prizes (sp)", does that not indicate an increase in consumer spending which can stimulate the economy?

You have ten years of a miserable life.  Bio will still be around when you check into a nursing home in Albany.
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You are quite wrong, Pa-o-Pa economist and Brahima Sankoh. Consumer spending is determined by ones disposable income. If the average increase in salary is say Le50,000 per month but correspondingly there are increases in energy bill and transportation cost. The total of these cost elements may even mean less disposable income. So, you see, because of the effect of inflation, we cannot assume there is a direct relationship between consumer spending and increase in income.

Paopa Economist
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If I pursue this debate with you, I will be taking advantage of you.  You are a nonentity when it comes to Economics. 

This is not the first time you have tried to debate issues that are far above your level of comprehension.  I have also noticed you passing yourself off as a lawyer.

You have all the right to criticize president Bio especially since you are citizen of Sierra Leone.  But to question the economic logic of the president's policies is foolhardy.  The president is surrounded by Economics Ph.Ds.  Have you ever taken a Ph.D course????
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PAOPA Economist,

What types of economic models were used to arrive at the pronouncement of all these benefits? Please share.
Paopa Economist
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Silly question.
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Why is question silly? In economics as you, for economists to implement a particular model, they develop different models that would translate to what-if's using several variables before selecting a model that best fit the current situation. Mr. PAOPA Economist can you please share the model used before implementing these programs/benefits.
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"Look, you do not cut wages in a contracting economy.  That is bad economics.  When you increase wages, you increase disposable income, Yd.  Thus, consumer spending increases and by extension aggregate demand.  Stimulating aggregate demand in a contracting economy stabilizes the economy and promotes growth.   This is precisely what Bio has in mind."

Paopa Economics for reel!
E lift dis directly from de text book. Hehehe please come down to Earth and take a landing in Salone for a taste of reality.
Inferiority Complex
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"E lift dis directly from de text book..."  Hehehe

If the guy lifted anything from a textbook, why not shame him by reproducing what he lifted?

Oh Salone rarray boy mentality.  Wae den tell dem for learn book, nar tonko balay den dae go play.

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Bra E.,

Sop this foolishness. Your rudeness is getting out of hand. You have no clue regarding economics. All of these things that people are cataloging warrant the questions they are posing. If you will recall, I bloodied you on the subject the last time you ventured into it, knowing fully well that you do not have the acumen required to make meaningful contribution on it. The lay man that you are, please desist from making further comment on the subject matter.  Your contributions on economics are incoherent, and lack the substance expected of someone that studied economics. Leave that to the experts.

By the way, most economic activities are carried out by the masses who desire/need goods and services on a daily basis. How many civil servants are in SL, and what economic impact can they render toward the economy. May be 10 percent or less. Consumer spending from the larger sector of the population has much impact on the economy.  
Paopa Economist
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Yusif #08,

Paopa Economist is not Bra E. Bra E is not an economist. I advise you to stop. Your utterances show that you lack an understanding of basic economics. You definitely don't want to get embarrassed.
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Let's get ready to rumble...

On this corner, it is the feeble Paopa Economist, who may need economics textbooks to score points, and on the other corner, it is the well versed and indomitable Yusif#08. Let's get it on baby.
Deja vu
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It is a pre-emptive move by the Government. Inflation is presently running at 15% and the loan sharks a.k.a. IMF will be in town in September. We all know over the years what comes next when they leave town after handing over some cash with very long strings attached. One of the strings is an open secret- cutting fuel subsidies and its multiplier effect on all sectors of the economy in the context of a bull market in the world energy market and a bear market in commodity prices.

Depreciating Leone and hyper-inflation on the cards? You guessed right.

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A pre-emptive movement by the government for what?  To ease inflation?  Rubbish.
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