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APC High Priest
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The President of the ECOWAS Commission, H. E. Marcel de Souza has appointed Mr. Stephen Nartey, Commissioner General Administration and Conferences to oversee the Department of Finance in an Acting capacity with effect from May 9th, 2017, a release from the Commission states.

The ECOWAS boss has also appointed Mr. N’Guessan AKE PrierreDiamidia, ActingFinancial Controller ECOWAS Commission.

The appointment of Commissioner Nartey and Mr. Diamidia comes in the wake of the indefinite suspension of the Sierra Leonean born ECOWAS Commissioner of Finance, Allieu Sesay and the Nigerian Financial Controller,  Dr. Mohammad Bello.

Although the ECOWAS Commission has maintained tight lips on the reason for their indefinite suspension and subsequent replacement, Global Times can authoritatively report that both men have been placed under formal investigation by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria.


    Mr.Alieu Sesay

    Mr.Alieu Sesay

The two alongside two other Sierra Leoneans including Mr. Sesay’s Executive Assistant, Isha Kamara and Gibril Kamara are being investigated for financial impropriety at the Commission ranging from outright embezzlement of community fund, money laundering and FOREX syndicate.

Mr. Sesay was interrogated in Abuja by the EFCC in April shortly before he and the ECOWAS President, Marcel de Souza travelled to Sierra Leone for a meeting with President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.


Spectator 007
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I did some digging just now to see who else is carrying this story. Well I did come up with this bit about Stephen Nartey

Interesting....but I need some more info.
Teacher Lambert
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This news has been making the rounds in all corners of Sierra Leone.  The man is under rigid investigation by the Nigerian economic crimes bureau and has been prevented from leaving Nigeria.  This is a very serious case that might end up in an indictment.
Spectator 007
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Thanks for the response Teacher Lambert.

I assume this is the job announcement for the vacancy:

The salary does not seem high. There have to be other allowances for housing, etc. Abuja is very expensive
Teacher Lambert
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Are you sure that is the job announcement?  Is Head of Administration and Finance the same as Commissioner of Finance?

Alieu Sesay was Commissioner of Finance, a position that requires the nomination by a government.  I would also like to think that the compensation for this position is quite attractive.
Land that we love to hate
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Whenever names like Kamara, Sesay and APC are connected to something negative, the Mende boys will wait at nothing to further publicise it. I bet my last krubombor if these where names like Stevens,  Allie and SLPP, Teacher Lambert would have stayed put in his abuley.
Teacher Lambert
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Land that we love to hate,

Your silly speculation about my ethnicity is way off base.  Try again.  I am a Sierra Leonean who is only interested in the truth.  So if your Kamara, Fofana or Sesay brother turns out to be a crook, be rest assured that Teacher Lambert will expose him.
Spectator 007
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Teacher Lambert, it was an assumption. You could be right.

I looked at the organizational chart on page 3 of his pdf and figured that positiin was basically the same as the commissioner.
Teacher Lambert
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Thanks for drawing my attention to the structure of ECOWAS.  I must say that I am disturbed by the way seats are distributed in the ECOWAS parliament.  Why should it  be on the basis of population?  Does that not give Nigeria an unfair advantage in voting?  If these states are all sovereign states, should that not mean that they should have equal rights in a multilateral regional organization?
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"...If these states are all sovereign states, should that not mean that they should have equal rights in a multilateral regional organization?..." Teacher Lambert

Do we have "equal rights" in the UN structure?

Just curious, so I am just asking. No harm intended, Teacher.

Please pay no attention to that Silly Negro calling Itself: "Land that we love to hate", as a moniker - he uses several of them on the Bintu due to the fact that he wants to camouflage his blatantly hateful and sordid "Temne-centricity". But wise folks can smell his bad odor whenever he perpetutes his bigotry in his posts. Just a fact!
Teacher Lambert
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"Do we have "equal rights" in the UN structure?"  Sengbe


Two wrongs do not make a right.  The United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund are fronts for the perpetuation of western imperialism and inequality in the world.   We Africans should not follow that model.

If Nigeria has 35 members in the ECOWAS parliament while Salone has only 5, what voice does Salone have in that legislative body?  
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Teacher, please do not forget the proverb: he who pays the Piper the most, plays the tune most loudly, musically. In other words, the contribution you make to an organizational structure, determines the role you are allowed to play. This is a law of human nature.

Another one is: all animals are equal under the sun, but some are more equal than others.

Based on human nature, I do not envision any wrong in those proverbs, relative to your stance in this regard.

Please come up with another one.
Spectator 007
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What is the latest on Alieu Sesay?
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