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General Konouwah
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Where is the Pa-O-Pa Brigade when it is really needed?

In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why this Brigade is sorely needed: to thwart violence perpetrated against the SLPP by the APC thugs, in kind - not for intramural in-fighting leading to murderous acts.

Na wah oh! come March 2018. I pray not.
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Where is General Konouwah when he is really needed.

Being the General that he is, the classroom is the wrong place for him to be when his party is brutally manhandled on the field.

The Paopa was established to take care of intra-party skirmishes and to ensure that by any means necessary, its leader is SLPP flagbearer.

The Paopa is no match for the APC with their 99 tactics of wining elections.  Sorry, General Konouwah must leave the classroom and go to the battlefield.
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So now, all of a sudden, the Makoni Times is the choice newspaper for the  greego boys.
General Konouwah
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FYI, the classroom is not the only place General Konouwah is to be found, or located. He is in the Laboratory as well.

Do you really know his impact as a professor, and a research scientist on the military prowess of his adopted homeland due to his participatory activities in these fields?

Na for torke haf ehn lef haf.

Na so the General bin fet the maggots of the RUF in absentia.

U go join the fet against the maggots of the APC with me when ar cam na Tong?
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"U go join the fet against the maggots of the APC with me when ar cam na Tong?"  General Konouwah

General Konouwah,

I am an old warrior.  I liberated your country fighting in the civil war.  Nar for torke haf ehn lef haf.
General Konouwah
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"...I am an old warrior.  I liberated your country fighting in the civil war..." Henrietta

You liberated "my" country "fighting in the civil war" all by yourself?

Did you not have an army (CDF)?

In that case I'd crown you as "General Henrietta".

But oh yah! Kugbeh leh yia leh ni ar Henrietta.

That moniker is on the tender gender side.

Do you mind if I named you as "General Hindolo" or "General Seitana Galli" for your erstwhile prowess in the civil war? Can I? OK!
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I fought as a member of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF).

Question is, can General Konouwah of America survive a war situation in Salone/Africa?

Heavy artillery, snakes, mosquitoes, hunger, diseases..........

Can I call General Konouwah a boy scout instead of a general, given that he may not survive a war environment?
General Konouwah
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"...Can I call General Konouwah a boy scout instead of a general, given that he may not survive a war environment?..." HENRIETTA


You may NEVER call this General a "boy scout" due to your assumption that "he may not survive a war environment", for the simple fact that he has never been placed in that position. How can you prejudge my survival instincts so prematurely?

You, on the other hand, were trained to survive in a war situation, and you did, evidently. Did you come out unscathed through those trials and tribulations in the war effort? Did you win any medals for bravery and valor? Did you get any promotions for your efforts, from, say, Captain to Brigadier? Or are you still the ordinary Henrietta that you now use as a moniker?

General Konouwah, the cyber warrior, would like answers to those questions, please.

Remember! there are many different kinds of wars beside the one in which human beings kill one another - similar to the one you participated in. I am a General in another kind - the intellectual kind. Do we understand each other now? I hope so.
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General  Konouwah,

I am currently a major in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.  I started my military career as a second lieutenant.  I will not disclose how long I have been in the armed forces.  

As I have said before, I did fight in the civil war to liberate your country and my country from the brutal clutches of the dreaded Foday Sankoh and co.  Those were the bad guys. 

Yes, you are fighting another kind of war.  Good for you and may god bless you. But in your circumstance as a different kind of warrior, your  generalship should be written as "general" .  It should be in quotes because the only true general is the guy that commands his/her troops on the battle field, call it the killing field.  Do we understand each other now?

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I am failing to see the problem here - Henrietta.  Both of you are in different fields. You, I presume is an infantry offer, whilst Gen Konuwah does cyber warfare. So he has all the right to the title General.
Sidi Yaounday
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I don't think there is a problem.  But by being all over the place, General Konouwah has not being straightforward in the debate.

At one point he wants Henrietta to join him in the fight against the violent APC, at another point he is a general in the laboratory and the classroom, and yet at another he is a cyber warrior.  How many hats can the brother wear at the same time?

The real warrior or general is Henrietta.  She shed her blood for her country while general Konouwah was enjoying himself five miles away from heaven in America.

And general Konouwah has the audacity to question Henrietta's bravery and valor in war?  Say it ain't so general Konouwah.

Let general Konouwah admit that he is a boy scout and all will be well.
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