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Soccer Pundit
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The Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces Football Club has eliminated Nigeria's Wikki Tourists Football Club from the Confederation of African Football Confederations Cup tournament  by a goals aggregate of 3:1.  Today's game was played at the Tafawa Balewa Stadium in Bauchi City, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

RSLAF FC beat Wikki Tourists last week at Makeni's Wusuum stadium 2:0 and lost today 1:0 in Nigeria.  RSLAF FC advances to meet Tunisia's Club African.

RSLAF FC is new to many Sierra Leoneans who grew with with Mighty Blackpool, East End Lions, Ports Authority, Real Republicans etc.  

The club is relatively new and was established by the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces during the civil war in 2000.  It finished as runners up in Sierra Leone's FA Cup tournament last year, thereby qualifying to represent Sierra Leone in the CAF Confederations Cup.  RSLAF FC is based in Makeni and plays at Wusuum stadium.

Bravosimo RSLAF FC!!!
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Congratulations to them but whatever happened to the old favourites East End Lions, Mighty Blackpool, Ports Authority, Freetown United, Wusuum Stars, Kamboi Eagles etc. Are some of them still around? It was always fun when Lions would teach Blackpool how to play the game.
Soccer Pundit
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Hahahaha.  You have not been to Salone for quite some time.  First, club football in Salone has changed in the last ten years with many fans now focusing on European club football.  

I was in Freetown sometime last year and never knew that Blackpool and East End Lions were playing.  Can you imagine that?  In the 1970s and 1980s Freetown would be shaking.

Second, you state:

       "It was always fun when Lions would teach Blackpool how to play the game."

Are you sure you didn't make an error in that statement?  Was it not Blackpool that taught Lions how to play the game?  Think about it my friend.

Third, East End Lions, Mighty Blackpool, Ports Authority, Wusuum Stars and Kamboi Eagles are still kicking.  However, Freetown United is now Freetown City FC
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@Soccer Pundit before Ebola struck I was going home often but alas only for very short periods so was never able to get into the football scene. As I remember it there was a very short period when Blackpool had all that 'tiss tass' and 'barantar' business but East End Lions had many years of dominance. Great times.

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