After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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OK! mek ar nor laff the SLP in the picture for: they are not very well paid enough; they are hungry and over-worked? plus the san wam, so they sleep on the job with den AK's by their side.

Ar bi ar lie?

Ke! ke! ke! ke!
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Sengbe you are a disgrace to learned men and women.

The same SLP officers you are laughing at would be the referees and lines men to determin who wins the election in 2018.

Many in the APC know this. That is why they try to gain the numbers and leadership in the SLP. Come election day, many unassessed polling station would be under the control of the SLP and believe you me,(I am talking from first hand experience), they would determine how many ballots are casts and for whom they are cast.

Shame on you old pa Sengbe. Common Sense is totally lacking. No humour in your post. Mbi Gbonie!!
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Bi kekeh mia bi gi yelii ma hii!

Bi namiso gway na kia tilla mor ar liso gola geh hu.

Bi ma nor hor gway na kia bizness lato ma gbolo beki.

Kaffi mia ar biay keh bi kekeh. Bi jaye

Sengbe you are a disgrace to learned men and women..." For Tomorrow /Sinavah

How so? Because I posted a picture that told the truth about the SLP; a picture that could be found on-line in cyberdom to tickle your old brittle funny bones?

You must be a member of the Saro Police. Is that why you are frustrated and angry at me?

What has it got to do with the electioneering period, and ballot boxes in Saro during that period? This is a non sequitor of the highest caliber, you moron! 

You mfkers are a bunch of hypocrites in that nation. Get a life! Life is too short to be uptight all the time.

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Ndor mahei Sengbe, do you know that your cousin is the Head of the Police. Yours is an indictment for him and you want him to become president just because you think he will develop Gbagboh when he cannot manage a police force of less than ten thousand men and women.

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"...Ndor mahei Sengbe, do you know that your cousin is the Head of the Police..." Tornay

When did he become the Head of the SLP?

The problems faced by the SLP have festered for quite a while, long before his ascension to VP status.
So what are you talking about? That he is the main cause of the problems facing the SLP nowadays?

 Ndakei daye mia bi cloar! Gbay nya dayye mia!!

Truth be told, I am actually advocating for the Saro police: for them to be paid more decent salaries so that they do not go hungry, and sleep on the job, and for them to be very physically fit. But you cynics will not visualize that aspect in the picture shown above. Y'all think that my intention in posting that picture on the Bintu is only to make fun of the Saro Police. Even though I laughed when I first saw the picture on-line, my advocacy is very serious in order for the SLP to be a force for good, and not for goods.

Do we understand each other now?

I have several more of those pictures saved in one of my computers, but I will not post them, only if I am "insulted" by the naysayers again.
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