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Town Crier
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Associated Press
KINSHASA, Congo (AP) - One person has been confirmed dead from Ebola in an outbreak in a remote corner of northern Congo as health authorities look into a total of nine suspected cases, including two other deaths, the country's health minister and the World Health Organization said Friday.

One case of the hemorrhagic fever was confirmed out of the five tested since the outbreak emerged April 22 in Bas-Uele province, Health Minister Oly Ilunga Kalenga said. He said the confirmed case was of the Zaire strain of the virus.

The outbreak could test a recently developed experimental Ebola vaccine that WHO says could be used in emergencies. The global vaccine alliance GAVI said 300,000 doses are available "if needed to stop this outbreak becoming a pandemic."

This vast, impoverished Central African nation has had seven known Ebola outbreaks in the past, including one in 2014 with several dozen cases. That outbreak was not connected to the massive epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone that left thousands dead.

So far all the cases have been tied to a remote village, and it's a strain of Ebola that's been seen in the country before.

Dr. Allarangar Yokouide, the WHO representative in Congo, said the first teams of specialists should arrive in the affected area of Likati on Friday or Saturday. The zone is some 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) from the capital, Kinshasa.

"The area in Likati is difficult to access, but the work of tracing contacts is very crucial to stopping the epidemic in its tracks," he said. The community is near the border with Central African Republic.

Ebola occasionally jumps to humans from animals including bats and monkeys. Without preventive measures, the virus can spread quickly between people and is fatal in up to 90 percent of cases. There is no specific treatment for the disease.

The new cluster of Ebola cases will again test one of the world's least equipped health systems. The U.S. Agency for International Development has said an estimated 70 percent of the population has little or no access to health care.

"We urge you not to give in to panic," Congo's health minister said.


Associated Press Medical Writer Maria Cheng in London and Krista Larson in Dakar, Senegal contributed.
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Ebola again?   And the shoe is on the other foot?  I am asking this question because when the deadly disease was destroying Sierra Leone a couple of years ago, at an African nations Cup qualifier between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone played in Kinshasha, Congolese fans were screaming the word "Ebola" at our Leone Stars.  So how does it feel with the shoe on the other foot?
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I read about soccer fans in Cameron booing our players. It is unfortunate for Congolese to follow that path as this is the country where ebola was first discovered.  I stand to be corrected. 
Salone Baby
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Congo gets Ebola almost every year or every other year. It's not a big deal to them. That's where it started. Even when we had an outbreak they also had one but it was quickly contained. It doesn't trouble them, they know what to do. It also tends to be rural in their case. Deaths can be up to 40 or 50 when it's deadly. I think people are making a big fuss of it at the moment because it is the first time Ebola has been declared anywhere and a vaccine is available.
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Thank you, Salone Baby! The point that Ebola is not a big deal to Congolese and how it doesn't trouble them confirms a long held belief. When it was reported that Ebola survivers outnumbered the dead made me believe that the virus is not as deadly as people perceived it to be. Like you stated, the Congolese "know what to do". This was unlike Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia where infrastructures were not readily available.  And to make things worse, people refused basic hygiene practices.
WHO Insider
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Your Salone President's chronic tribalism, outright incompetence as well as his insatiable libido is what killed 4000+ plus Sierra Leoneans.

When Ebola started, Mr President did not take it seriously. Whilst Sirleaf went to the hotspots in Liberia to boost morale of healthcare staff EBK was busy looking for ridiculous excuses such as no fuel in his helicopter. Meanwhile a$$holes like Kabs Kanu and JEL were cheering him along. His response to Ebola had tribalism written all over it. His Minister of Information was shamed in parliament for mocking MPs and Ebola victims. No treatment centre was established in the North because of cheap tribal protectionism. It backfired bigtime! More deaths in the North than anywhere else.

Just to get laid, EBK appointed a clueless girlfriend as Nimisa of Health. The femme fatal did not even know the difference between a virus and a bacteria. The fine gal spent all her time on FaceBook denying Ebola was in Salone and fighting with SOB who was then SEA.

What a murderous lot, this APC people!
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And so Ernest Koroma and the APC are also responsible for keeping Ebola infected people in there homes which helped spread the virus as rapidly as it did, right? 

There is no question the government did a poor job during the Ebola crisis. But there was enough blame to spread around.  We cannot always blame the politicians when we have hard headed and illiterate citizens amongst us with their very own cultural norms.
Salone Baby
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Illiteracy and lack of trust in the government and the health care it provides were two of the main problems during our outbreak. Coupled with the fact that nobody expected to see ebola in West Africa including the WHO made things hard to control. WHO wasn't prepared, their people on the ground couldn't advise the government probably because none of them had had the experience of an epidemic anywhere. You just need to meet some of these people to realise that the UN system is rubbish. Of course our government is mostly clueless and even for the simplest things relies on outside help and advice. Our people get tranga yase and are lawless, I truly don't believe there is a corresponding English word for that type of tranga yase. So as ABK says the blame must be spread around.
WHO Agent
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And so Ernest Koroma and the APC are also responsible for keeping Ebola infected people in there homes which helped spread the virus as rapidly as it did, right? ABK

ABK and Salone Baby, here are some irrefutable facts that point to the "unfitness for purpose of the EBK led government" being our greatest Achilles heels in appropriately responding to Ebola:

1. It is not People's trang-ayase, that appointed an inexperienced fine-gal who barely knew what a virus was, let alone Ebola. It was President Koroma's uncontrolled libido. WHO or the "people", certainly did not tell EBK to make crucial Ministerial appointments based on his notoriously irate private part. Whilst Madam Nimisa was busy denying Ebola and quarreling with the former SEA on FaceBook, the virus was spreading and ravaging our people. A competent Minister of Health could have handled the sensitization of our allegedly "Tranga-yase" people and readiness of our frontline healthcare workers better!
This was the same EBK who could afford 40+ brand new luxury Toyota 4WDs for cronies, and yet we could not stock gloves and chlorine at healthcare centres. Maybe nar dae President ehn Tone tranga-yase. Unu ask Pepito ehn Minkailu Bah dem pikin dem nor mor! Wan get beleh for dae pa right right now!

2. Tribalism was at the heart of our response: I am sure you realize that the number of Ebola deaths in Salone was double that of Guinea and Liberia put together. Don't tell us that our Tranga-yase people or WHO forced EBK and gang to not establish a treatment centre in the North. Infected folks from Makeni or Port Loko stewed in their vomit for days whilst waiting to be ferried 8 - 10 hours to Kailahun or Kenema. All so that EBKs tribal protectionism policy could be enforced. How beastly could this Preshident have gotten during the Ebola?

ABK and SB do not say you did not hear EBK's official mouthpiece, Alhaji Abuja Alpha Khan, mocking MPs  from the East... ooh and that Italian-rice-thief-Minister Buya holding press conferences in FNA to infuse tribalism in the Ebola matter and down play the epidemic because he thought only Mendes were dying. 

Even in enforcing the quarantine, there were evidence of tribalism. Orders from above caused police to use live bullets in Kailahun during the epidemic whilst our folks in Bombali and Port Loko were allowed to prematurely  'celebrate' and 'share the virus" in the streets of population centres; a highly risky behavior at the height of the epidemic.

Should we have gotten tribalism out of our response? You bet! This was naked tribalism. And it backfired nastily!

How quickly have we forgotten EBK's reluctance to visit frontline healthcare workers to boost their morale as his counterparts in Guinea and Liberia had done months earlier. All sorts of foolish excuses were given whilst professional sycophants like John Leigh, Kabs Kanu and One-drop Sankoh cheered on. Ridiculous excuses included "dae pa too busy" [with waytin? dare I ask... with Minkailu Bah ihn pikin ihn wok? Or with the Minister or Health ihn yone?]; dae Fountain of Wisdom nor for go upline"; "petrol nor dae nar di helikopta" etc. And we do not call this bozo, EBK, His S-excellency?

These clearly point to the President's incompetence and low-mindedness.  Ekutay Part II. He is routinely surrounded by cousins and barely literate MOBA cronies, most specializing in only thieving and racketeering. ABK your honesty becomes questionable when you do not see why EBK's tribal response to Ebola boomeranged and killed more northerners. And SB, nor to WHO send am for lek ihn libido.

Ebola Auditor
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ABK and SB, you should read the Ebola audit report again. Waytin nar graft... lookam pack, waytin nar racket, lookam pak... raw theft and gbeshigbeshi.  

Please stop blaming our dead victims for government's graft and incompetence. That's very nasty. Or just shud-a-f#ck up!
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What does an audit got to do with bad behaviors that contributed to the spread of the virus. Yours is the typical Salone mentality that governments are responsible for everything.  Citizens cannot be held responsible for their bad behaviors. Yes there were preventable deaths and politicizing the issue cannot make it any better.  Both government and citizens have a part to play for a better society, ok? Save me the time of reading an audit.
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ABK, the Ebola audit report clearly stated that the government's response was very corrupt and that the President and his cronies made a lot of blood money. This no doubt aggravated the epidemic. For example, the gang members siphoned money meant for ambulances into private pockets and bought only a fraction of what was paid for.  Most of the defaulting companies have direct connections to the President or his immediate family and cronies.

Did the poor citizens tell EBK and his gang to loot monies meant for Ebola response? Mercy!

I am not surprised that there are still animals amongst us that would want to defend wrong doing because they have family members robbing the country blind - even in periods of great emergency. How folks like you sleep at night remains a mystery. But let us see how your thieving folks will end up!
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The only animals amongst us that defends wrong doings are people like you, man. Your obsession with part of the problem will not allow you to see the whole problem. Every problem to you is politically motivated.  You can  accuse me all you want about having family members among your political foes. My response to you, however,  is to use your brain and don't allow your emotions to get the best of you. 
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ABK, why do you think Sierra Leone had by far the highest Ebola deaths than both Guinea and Liberia (combined)? Is it because Salone man dem trangayase than Guineans and Liberians? Your stupidity must be beyond reproach.

Do you think having an appropriately qualified leadership for our Ebola response would have made a huge difference? Nor shame borbor, answer with a straight face.
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I learned a long time ago that the most stupid people are those with the tendency to call others stupid.  In your case, here's how you made the grade;

ABK never think or stated that Sierra Leone had the highest Ebola deaths compared to any country.

You cannot defend your earliest nonsensical opinion so you came back with a different moniker.

You will never learn. You are the type that thinks government is there to solve all your problems.

Finally, you lack the ability to control your emotions.  Why do you have to use curse words against me? Is this how you were brought up by your parents? Grow up, ok? Life is too short to go are being angry especially with things you have no control over. Good luck!

Spectator 007
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One thing I observed about Maads Bio was that he didn't attempt to make political capital out of the Ebola crisis. In fact I do not think any of the key political leaders on the ground did.

I remember Bio sat down with EBK and key government personnel, discussed the problems, and embarked on a nation-wide social mobilization tour.

Why did Bio do that?

Spectator 007
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"Any of the Key SLPP leaders did that ..."
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