After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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The general public is hereby informed that it has pleased His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio to announce the following appointments subject to the approval of Parliament where necessary:

*Deputy Ministers*

1. Deputy Minister of Finance
- Dr. Patricia Nyanga Laverley

2. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
- Mrs Nimatulai Bah-Chang

3. Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Development
- Dr. Robert Tamba Michael Chakanda

4. Deputy Attorney General and Minister of Justice
- Mr. Abdulai Masiyambay Bangurah (Esq)

5. Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
- Mr. Lahai Lawrence Leema

6. Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education
- Mrs Emily Kadiatu Gogra (Nѐe Turay)

7. Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation
- Dr. Anthony Augustine Sandi

8. Deputy Minister of Energy
- Dr. Eldred Tunde Taylor

9. Deputy Minister of Information and Communication
- Mr Solomon Jamiru (Esq)

10. Deputy Minister of Marine Resources
- Mr. Ibrahim Turay

11. Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security
- Mr. Lansana Mohamed Dumbuya

12. Deputy Minister of Water Resources
- Dr. Edward Hinga Sandy

13. Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs
- Mr. Mohamed Haji-Kella

14. Deputy Minister of Technical and Higher Education
- Dr. Turad Senesie

15. Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation
- Mr. Sadiq Silla

16. Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry
- Rev. Abraham James Sesay-Jones

17. Deputy Minister of Lands, Housing and the Environment
- Mr. Rex Bhonapha

18. Deputy Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources
- Ms. Evelyn Daphne Blackie

19. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
- Mr. Samking Koihinah Braima

20. Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development - Hon. Philip Tetema Tondeneh

21. Deputy Minister of Works and Public Assets
- Mrs. Melrose Kargbo

22. Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs
- Mr. Lusine Kallon

23. Deputy Minister of Tourism and Culture
- Mr. William Illawim Kongkatee Robinson

24. Deputy Minister of Sports
- Mr Kai Lawrence Mbayo

25. Deputy Minister Political and Public Affairs -
Mr Amara Kallon

26. Minister of State, Vice President Office
- Mrs. Francess Piagie Alghali

*Other Appointments*

1. State Chief of Protocol
- Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo

2. Presidential Adviser and Ambassador at Large
- Mrs Konah Cecilia Koroma

3. Presidential Adviser and Ambassador at Large
- Ambassador Dr. Umaru Bundu Wurie

4. Chief Innovation Officer, Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation
- Dr Moinina David Sengeh

17th MAY 2018
Spectator 007
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The last one on the list David Moinina Sengeh, PhD from MIT is man of diverse talent.

Fashion design, rapper listed in addition to reasearch and academic accompaniments. Na hip guy. I just wonder if he’ll get bored.

Spectator 007
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One of his songs. Nice tune

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Profile of Deputy Minister of Finance

Patricia N. LAVERLEY

Principal Results Specialist, Quality Assurance and Results Department

African Development Bank

Dr. Patricia N. Laverley serves as a Principal Results Specialist at the African Development Bank in Tunis. Dr. Laverley previously managed the World Bank’s Global Evaluation Advisory Service and served as a Management Consultant at the International Monetary Fund. She holds B.A., M.P.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Financial Economics from the American University in Washington D.C., and London, U.K. Dr. Laverley has organized and delivered courses at the World Bank and International Monetary Fund Institutes, participated in executive development courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and contributed to Congressional Hearings on Capitol Hill. Among others, Dr. Laverley’s private sector experience includes carrying out financial audits of a global investment bank on Wall Street for its compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation.
Spectator 007
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TED Fellow David Sengeh: The sore problem of prosthetic limbs -TED Talks

Korthor Ahmed
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Chai!!! This woman is well loaded. SLPP always has the best of the best.
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My brother from another mother Sadiq Silla has been appointed Deputy Minister of Transport and Aviation. Haven't I always said what a wise man President Bio is!
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Dr. Eldred Tunde Taylor

Deputy Minister of Energy
Spectator 007
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Very impressive credentials. The tough part now starts. They have to work as a team with people in their ministries and be able to execute. This will be new for many of them but they hopefully have seasoned morally upright professionals who know the ropes. Prof Francis go dae wach dem....observe dem performance. If dem nor deliver, dem go dreb dem.
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Mende, Mende, Mende tay go. Who is fooling who? Not I, because I have better sense than that which has been cooked to be served the populace. Robbing them with their eyes wide open.

A I said before, the next generation of APCers will be a force to be reckoned with. Our outfit will be like no other. Just you watch. It is time to scrap the old APC regime, and formulate a new force that will stand the test of time. No matter the circumstances... 
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So how does it work? Do you get a phone call from the cabinet secretary offering you a job and asking if you would accept or is it negotiated with the President before hand? You do you just find out via a press release with the assumption that you would accept?
Spectator 007
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“So how does it work? Do you get a phone call from the cabinet secretary offering you a job and asking if you would accept or is it negotiated with the President before hand? You do you just find out via a press release with the assumption that you would accept?“ -DMK

I only know one former cabinet minister who explained how he got his job under ATK. He had known Pa Kabbah for quite a while when ATK was in the UN. He said the president called him out of the blurs and offered him the job.

I am sure there are people a president may not know but are recommended by someone in his/her inside circle.

I very much doubt a civilian administration would offer a job to someone via press release without first contacting them to determine if the individual would accept the offer.

Knowing the president personally and demonstrating clear sustained political support for him in trying times is certainly an advantage as I’m sure he values loyalty.
Spectator 007
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@Yusif#08, in the absence of laws that prevent the a president stacking a cabinet with members from his region. we must not be surprised if this will continue to happen. The same thing happened on 2007.

Nigeria recognized this a while back and strives to appoint ministers from all 36 states. I do not recall whether this is a law or conventionally practice. Most people think it is necessary for such a ethnically and religiously diverse nation given the country’s troubled post-Independence history.

There is nothing to prevent a Salone president from nominating all the ministers from one district and or tribe. It is up to parliament to confirm the appointment by a vote.
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Yusif, you are a deranged animal. If u only see mende names, then you are sick. Philip Tondoneh, Dr. Tamba Chakanda, Kai Mbayo are all konos. There are krios, Akus, Temnes, Fullahs etc. This is not your APC, the most tribalistic party in Africa.
Karim Thorlu
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"Mende, Mende, Mende tay go. Who is fooling who?"  Yusif #08


I don't think you are being fair with the president.  The president's cabinet is well diversified with folks from all ethnicities and from all the corners of Sierra Leone.  President Bio is trying to put together a highly qualified team that he will work with towards achieving his goals.

For you to be complaining about a problem that does not exist is not the patriotic thing to do. 

Wan taye en radicalism.
Port Loko
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Ekutay Yusif
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This small baksie Yusif is one satanic Ekutay buy.  What a waste of space!
Yusif, HE Bio is above your primitive tribalism. His cabinet is well balanced.  Young APC revival? nar belful tok you dae pa. Cam freetown leh den tolongbo ol fools den put pepeh nar u some-place.
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Why attack me with counterblasts? It is not necessary. Let’s have nice exchanges and hold our respective grounds. I don’t have time for such childish behavior.

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