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Eddie Grant
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It has been discovered that the SLPP supplied FAKE RRF forms to some NEC officials who are sympathisers of the party.
It's also been discovered that NGC had beaten SLPP in many areas in the southeast, no wonder the over inflated votes that wrongly suggests that southeasterners are refused to embrace change.
I was dumbfounded, to say the least at the hearing of the first result given how much we campaigned throughout the country.
I have move to Freetown and patiently waiting for the briefing NEC promised us after keeping us suspended for the whole day.
There's credible evidence to show that NGC beat SLPP in many parts if the southeast and APC in the North.

Eddie Grant
Cry Baby
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Eddie no use getting over-excited. The NGC did beat the SLPP in some southern areas but nothing like that happened in APC territory as all recounting has been certified.Right from day one it has been no secret that the NGC upstaged the APC only in Kambia and no where else. Try get real facts.
Spectator 007
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I would like to see the before and after results of the 152 polling stations subjected to recounting.

Eddie Grant
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Before the announcement of the final result, I was involved in a conversation with some other NGC supporters and we agreed that since so many southeasterners refused to embrace change, majority of us Will return to our former traditional parties in the event of a runoff. Even if the executive forms alliance with any of the big parties.
As voting patterns indicated, most of us who voted NGC are northerners and disgruntled APC supporters. So a runoff almost inevitably put the APC back in power.
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Eddie Grant,
You will die a broken and disgruntled man. Even in the face of hard evidence, you continue your usual lying ways. How many votes did NGC get from the North? Why did the SLPP beat the NGC in the North? Why did the NGC win only Kambia with all the hype, you lying laimpay dog? Take your vote and shove it. SLPP will get many NGC and C4C votes.
Spectator 007
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Douglas, NGC obtained almost 7% of total votes. C4C 3.4% or so. C4C votes overwhelmingly came from Kono. Where did the NGC votes come from? Do you have a chart/table to show the regional spread of votes?
Spectator 007
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“As voting patterns indicated, most of us who voted NGC are northerners and disgruntled APC supporters. So a runoff almost inevitably put the APC back in power. ” - Sir Eddie Grant

If Samura listens to that type of talk, he will lose.

If he wants to win, he has to realize that “man dem nor gladi” even in his own base.

This is a brand new election and while tribe will play the most significant role(it always does), other factors that entail deal making, and turnout will also be very important.

By the way, were the northerners who voted for KKY primarily Themne or other northern minorities?

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I have the chart at home. But I do remember that NGC won only one district - Kambia and that the SLPP beat the NGC in the entire North, including Eddie Giant's home, Bombali. What this means is that Eddie Grant has been lying to the forum. He once said that the NGC will win the Southeast. Damn liar that guy.
Eddie Grant
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Bra Speck,
The APC found themselves in this situation because of Ernest Koroma's vindictiveness. He's unforgiving, egotistic and controlling.
The unceremonious sacking of Samsumana created a lot of sympathy for him. He was simply a coward that he couldn't follow the brilliant example of Pa Kabbah when he sacked Joe Demby.
The witch hunt against Kandeh have a serious knock on effect on the APC's support base. But the big alleyjors were so dumb to relinquish their power to one man. He was made chairman for life.
I vigorously campaigned for the NGC, therefore I know what the people who switched to us were saying about Ernest.
A valuable lesson for APC.

Bra, Samura have yesterday spoken to his supporters and one of the things he mentioned was complacency which they should never consider on this runoff.
The fact that our souteastern counterparts showed that they'll never embrace change, and given that the APC is far better than their SLPP is enough to switch back to APC. Whether Kandeh form alliance with APC or not.
One other important factor to note is the fact that so many voters in the North did not come out to vote. They registered only for the ID cards, it's only now that they woke up from their slumber and realised that the wrong party was about to be installed. Now, they've become the biggest campaign warriors and are ready to come out in their numbers to give their appreciation to the APC.

There's no need for us to go into blows. I'll certainly leave you to do dirty work of cuss cuss.
I know exactly what I'm talking about in terms of your party's rigging of the elections. You have the support of the international community who are working tirelessly for regime change. Unfortunately, they're miscalculating the whole exercise. They're trying to create an atmosphere of 10 year tenure for each of these 2 parties. Unfortunately, the choice of the party is wrong. The SLPP is not well liked nationally due to their ideology of tribal segregation.
Their undeserved lead was due to forgery and ballot stuffing. Most constituencies in the southeast have inflated numbers than usual. Every constituency have a maximum number of registered voters of 300 according to NEC. So how can you explain the over inflated votes of 389 for Bio in constituency 04 when the registered voters were only 300.
Unfortunately, I'm unable to copy one of the forms discovered on this forum.
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Someone  told me that Eddie Grant never voted for NGC.  The polling station where he casted his vote in Bombali, the NGC got zero votes in that particular station.

As per Eddie's analysis (a very fake one) the 136000 or more people who voted for the NGC were all Northerners. How he came by that even he himself can not explain.

Granted the NGC got a lot of votes in Kambia and Falaba district. They also scored a lot of votes in the Western Urban area. To Eddie of these people are Northerners.

Eddie, since you are originally APC, I want to believe that you have contact with strong APC members (those that matter). If you do, ask them in confidence and they will tell you that even in 2012, The APC did not win the election as was posted by Christiana Thorpe. The SLPP gave them a run for their money and since Madam Thorpe was a registered APC member unlike N'fa who it is said is not a registered party member, the books were cooked by Miss Thorpe and since the APC had the incumbency, they judiciary and other organs supported them even when the SLPP tried for an injunction,

Right now you Eddie and other APC members all busy trying to inject tribalism and regionalism in this runoff despite the fact your opponents the SLPP has been quietly going about their business.

The SLPP won a seat in Tonkolili. Do you know why? Ask Judeh Jalloh.

If you say the APC supporters did not come out to vote in the first round, then why did the APC register 100% and in some cases more than 100% in their strong hold? Thieves you are!

Spectator 007
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@Benji, is the Tonkolili seat won by SLPP the same one they almost won in a bye election last year?
Spectator 007
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A lot of people forget that APC did endorse Kabbah in the 1996 elections. PDP also did but was dead by the next election cycle while APC’s fortunes grew. In fact most PDP folks including Ernest flocked back to APC.

I believe it was a risky but strategic decision made by APC and other northern parties that killed the UNPP. Had UNPP won, it may have meant the death of APC.

So sometimes parties endorse a party not supported in their regional base for their own immediate survival.
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Specky, yes.

Eddie Grant please take a look at the NEC website and see that while the NGC scored over 5500 votes in Bo District for example, the barely manage to cross the 2000 line in Bombali district where you registered and voted. See how tribalistic you are trying to bash your usual haters the Southeasterners with your fake analysis. Tupit!
Reply with quote  #14 
Here it is:
Reply with quote  #15 
@Benji, you provided the Bo data for KKY but what about Kailahun or Kenema or Pujehun? What is the average percentage score for KKY in the North, West, South and East?  Choosing one district alone from North and South may skew the result of whether the southeast supported him more than the Northwest
Spectator 007
Reply with quote  #16 
@Pikanchuze, I saw a one sheet spreadsheet summary that showed numbers and percent of each candidate by district but can’t seem to locate it.

If I recall, KKY/NGC did poorly in the SE and most of their votes came from a handful of northern districts ( which included) Kambia, and some from WA.
Santiki Bankura
Reply with quote  #17 
When hard core tribalists  like Eddy Grant and KL feigned support for NGC, I knew what they were doing there. Eddy and KL were APC moles in NGC. Animals like these are incapable of change. They are just too unintelligent to evolve. Period.

Old man Specky? Well he is one sly tribal bigot. I don't know the old man but I think he is Ekutay to the core. Never mind his pretense to be be patriotic.

These chaps will even provide excuses or alibis for the Haj theft.

Cornelius Hamelberg
Reply with quote  #18 

Dear Sierra Leoneans,

Prevention is better than cure.

As we approach the runoff the strident cries, accusations and counter accusations of “tribalism“ increase to the extent that Sorious Samura has been appealing to one and all to please quieten things down a little. Deserving our serious attention is the contents of this piece written by Rev Leroy Kabs Kanu does not augur well for the 27th March and the aftermath:

Nfa Allie Conteh and the National Elections Commission ( NEC) should fight to regain lost integrity and the people’s confidence

The NEC has to be above reproach, considering that Brer Paopa Bio has already said that he will not accept any “rigged” election and that sounds perilously close to his saying that he will not accept being declared the loser.. What he means by he “will not accept” remains to be seen but let us pray that it doesn't mean that the Green Berets will go on a rampage if they believe that their commander -in-chief did not do as wonderfully as they expected.

Amy Koita : Kelemani

Reply with quote  #19 

Any leader who through commission or omission, allows the outbreak of tribal conflict in the name of electioneering should expect to be held personally accountable. No excuses, no exceptions. All leaders should speak out now before we go any further down this dangerous path.

Rev Mathew Conteh
Reply with quote  #20 
When I read some of the spin here that allegedly enlightened people like Granpa Specky spew here, my heart bleeds. This election can and will never be won by APC in a fair contest; and we all know why. The state of out nation under the stewardship of Ernest Koroma over the last decade is disgraceful. The economy has deteriorated so badly that the average Sierra Leonean cannot even afford a square meal a day. Yet we see state funds being splashed to rent crowds and thugs and on designer chairs for APC party offices around the country. Yet people like Specky keep avoiding the elephant in the room - state planned and executed political violence.

We all saw the hasty reshuffle of the leadership of the security forces by the Ekutay beast, EBK, merely a few weeks before the elections. If you thought that this was just music and chairs, then look closer. The tribally motivated violence we are now seeing is a direct result.

Former I G Munu was a Themne from Makeni and in EBK's criminal strategy, the tribal links could have looked too obvious to international observers if he continued in his role as chief thug. So Munu was replaced by a gentle and powerless face, Richard Moigbe, whilst the real IG was his assigned deputy, Al Sheik Kamara of the Ekutay fame.

In a distasteful Ekutay spectacle for the world to see, we saw this defacto IG Sheik Kamara deploy his tribesmen - armed and dressed in police uniforms to lay siege on the SLPP's collation centre in the capital, with the intent to disrupt and assault the opposition leader and his team. Moigbe was powerless to stop the Ekutay monster Al Sheik and gang. It took former Presidents Mahama and Goodluck Jonathan to rein these Ekutay basta pikins in. 

The frightening reality is that, if such assault on democracy can happen in broad daylight for in Freetown, in full glare of the media, EBK, the international community and observers why do we pretend to be surprised at the tribally induced violence that APC has brought back to our polity? Why should we be surprised at the gory images making rounds in social media of an NGC supporter, Bombay Kamara, disemboweled in Ibaya, Tonko Limba because he did not vote APC. 

Wretched tribal writers like Yusuf Bangura and Kabs Kanu deliberately look the other way and instead focus on cooked up statistics and forecast that favour their toxically corrupt Ekutay masters. My ekutay brethren, this is the elephant in the room - state sponsored violence to foist an Ekutay leader over the nation. Why would any sane person want citizens to accept this diabolical fate. Never!

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