After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Bintumani Statistics Unit
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Spectator 007
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Thanks a lot for setting up the poll

I think you should do it once a month and let it run for about 2-3 Days max at a time so some crafty person with time on their hands doesn’t have the opportunity to log into a lot of computers. That way, we can see if their is a trend.

The surprising result so far, is ADP. No one here seems to say much about them. All one reads about is APC, SLPP, and NGC.

Appears that KKY has a lot of cyber supporters. As we all know, most are based in the diaspora and few will ever vote but what influence will they have on voters back home?
Spectator 007
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32 votes from Bintu Online Constituency
ADP 13% losing out to NGC?
APC 22% tied with SLPP
NGC 38% KKY spoiling the party here for the major parties but Eddie Grant must be pleased
PMDC 6% wonder if these were protest votes
SLPP 22% tied with APC
Spectator 007
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I wonder what happens when the 600 plus Awoko votes and almost 1000 KTV online votes are added to the Bintu votes. Does KKY’s vote percentage go up or down...and what of the Brigadier and the economist, do their vote percentages go up or down?
Cornelius Hamelberg
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As we say in Krio, “ Power sweet!”

It looks like this is going to be the mother of all elections in peacetime Sierra Leone.

It’s going to be too close to call. If  (a) the illiteracy rate was not so low in Sierra Leone and (b) there was no tribalism in Sierra Leone and I spoke Suso fluently, then Dr. Yumkella would easily win.

At this point, far too many independent candidates.Too many cooks spoil the broth  - in this case , spoil the jackit tombo,  there are people who will probably split the Southern vote and that’s why like the prodigal son Charles Margai should go back to  the home that he came from , the home where he truly belongs and to do that he has to patch things up with the SLPP ogas who when push comes to shove will forgive him his truancy. It’s easily done.

Too many crooks also spoil the broth. The Northern vote is already split for sure, unless someone prevails upon Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray to come to his senses since he’s sufficiently good at maths to add up all the palm trees in the country and come to the sane conclusion that they are a danger to the survival of the APC prolonging their mandate period at the State House, without him him going back home to where he belongs, i.e. the APC!  

Maybe Ernest O’Bai can do the trick if he hands over to Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray, a load of money. APC money. If O’Bai doesn’t have any then he could beg, borrow or steal some from his good friend John Sesay, who could have easily bankrolled the APC to victory if he had emerged  as the the flag bearer after the Makeni Convention.

Otherwise, my little jinni assures me  that  when the dust of battle finally settles Maada Bio is going to be the next President of Sierra Leone. I hope that he makes a good choice of running mate.

Bearing in mind  whatäs happening in Kenya right now  this should be of interest to you and to  Dr. Christiana Thorpe

Professor Attahiru Jega on election management and democracy

Teacher Lambert
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Bra Cornie, as usual, interesting analysis.  I think the Brigadier is the only candidate that would not share the Southern and Eastern votes with any one. The North and the western area   are going to experience a scramble that equates to the scramble for Africa in the period of New Imperialism between 1881 and 1914.  The Brigadier will surely hold his own if reports that PortLoko, Kambia and parts of the Western area are now turning green.  Interesting elections, come March 2018.
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"The Brigadier will surely hold his own if reports that PortLoko, Kambia and parts of the Western area are now turning green."   Teacher Lambert

Do not count on those "reports" ...they just might end up being rumors. Port Loko for Bio? No Port Loko is NOT that angry with Makeni. Lol
Western Area for Bio? a pipe dream!
Sidom Look
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2018 is for Maada Bio to lose.  Sidom look how Temnes will vote for Bio en masse.
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Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, the man with a heavy baggage of pedigree, if you like, should not be underestimated considering the growing number of Sierra Leoneans that have become disenchanted and disaffected with the status quo. An eloquent and seasoned campaigner since his student days, the former UN head at UNIDO and Sustainable Energy for ALL, will without a shadow of doubt make his mark come 2018, the tribally polarised nature of Sierra Leone politics notwithstanding.

It is very welcome, albeit rather late after flirting with the idea of eclipsing Julius Maada Bio in the grand old Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), to see him join the likes of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansary in following the footsteps of Charles Margai in the noughties and Thaimu Bangura and Karefa Smart in the nineties in attempting to throw the cat among the pigeons of the establishment parties.

My only hope is that he will be in it for the long haul and braced himself for any number of iterations in having a shot at the Presidency. I believe strongly that sooner or later, the penny will drop in the depth of the national conciousness that over 50 years of APC and SLPP rule has been two decade too long, has been a mirage and a failed experiment. 

What i do not want to see is Kandeh using the 2018 elections to piggyback his way and join the gravy train. I have no shadow of doubt that he will be the kingmaker in 2018. He should resist a Thaimu Bangura-esque or Charles Margai-esque temptation to prolong the sufferings of the majority of the people of Sierra Leone by ganging up with one of the two establishment parties to continue their field day of econonmic incompetence, sleaze, chronic cronysim and the widening polarisation of our people along tribal lines.

The ruling APC party candidate for 2018, Samura Wilson Kamara, is the quintessential system man or the public face of the status quo. He has been in the thick of formulating economic policy tools in his capacity as Financial Secretary, Bank Governor and Finance Minister yet his fruits for his efforts include a ballooning national debt on the back of a credit binge, an alarmingly depreciating currency and rising unemployment. The value-for-money of the touted infrastructure projects, basically in the form of roads, in the country is questionable. Yet, he has been selected,undemocratically, by the current President, Ernest Bai Koroma, as the financial or economic guru to take the country forward to another level. 

The SLPP candidate, Maada Bio, who has always been on the cosh with regards to alleged sleaze and human rights violations during his NPRC days as well as issues with the US immigration, has yet again mobilised and gained the confidence of his South East grassroots base even though his outcome in 2012 was the worst SLPP proportion of the national vote in an electon. 

I am pretty sure he will keep beating the drum about: him being the "Usherer of Democracy" and has already earned his badges, even chairing meetings in the presence of Samura Kamara and Kandeh Yumkella, in his various roles in the NPRC culminating in his three months as Head of State. Critics, cynics and distractors could fire straight back and that his career or lack thereof has been chequered since.

He still fancies, his chances, though, even when history tells us that no one can win an election in Sierra Leone if one could not not carry the Western Area with  to back up any Southern or Northern stronghold. Maada's best bet is to to curry favour from KKY or MKK to see off the ruling APC.

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