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Spectator 007
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Incredibly Liverpool came overcame a 3-0 deficit at Barcelona to thrash Barca 4-0 in Anfield and are through to the finals. Spurs vs Ajax is tomorrow. Who do you think will win that game?
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This is going to be a very difficult game for Spurs.  They lost to Ajax in London in the first leg 1-0.  This means that for Spurs to advance, they must score two goals and stop Ajax from scoring any.  This game will be played in Amsterdam, which gives Ajax the home field advantage.  They say anything can happen in football, which is true but I will wager my bet in favor of Ajax. 

Score:  Ajax 2 - Tottenham Hotspurs 0
Spectator 007
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No Hollywood type ending for Spurs.

Spurs were the first English club I ever supported. I was 8 years old at the time and Jimmy Greaves was our center-forward. He was a prolific striker.
Spectator 007
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From 2 down at half time (3-0 down on aggregate), Spurs rallied to score three goals and win on the away goals rule.

So we’ll have an all English final. Liverpool vs Spurs.

Simply amazing!
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