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1. Prince Alex Harding –  Chairman and Leader – from the South.

2. Umaru Dumbuya – Deputy Chairman and Leader – from the North.

3.Umaru Napoleon Koroma – National Secretary General – from the North.

4.Sheku Lexmond Koroma – Deputy National Secretary General – from the South.

5. Manso Dumbuya – Vice Chairman, Western Area – from the North.

6. Edward Suluku – Vice Chairman, Southern Region – from the South.

7. Philip Tondorneh – Vice Chairman, Eastern Region  – from the East.

8. Abu Abu Koroma – Vice Chairman, Northern Region  – from the North.

9. Lahai Lawrence Leema – National Publicity Secretary  – from the East.

10. Musa Moiguah – National Young Generation Leader  – from the South.

11. Emerson Kamara – National Young Generation Secretary General  – from the North.

12. Jimmy B Songa – National Organising Secretary – from the South.

13. Rex Bonapha – Deputy National Organising Secretary elect – from the East.

14. Fatmata Sawaneh – National Women’s Leader  – from the East.

15. Fatmata Bockarie – Deputy National Women’s Leader – from the East.

16. Lawyer Anthony Berewa – Legal Adviser 1 – from the South.

17. Lawyer Eke Halloway – Legal Adviser 2 – from the West.

18. Lawyer Hindolo M. Gevao – Legal Adviser  3 – from the East.

19. Dr J. D Rogers – National Financial Secretary – from the South.

20. Martha Kanagbo – National Treasurer – from the South.

21. Mohamed F. Sheriff- National Internal Auditor – from the South.

21. Rev. Dwight French -Chaplin – from the West.

22. Alhaji M. N. Koroma- Imam – from the North.

23. Alhaji M. B Fadika – Trustee West (Urban) – from the West.

24. Frederick A.S. Walker – Trustee West (Rural) – from the West.

25. Sidi B. Sowa – Trustee South 1 – from the South.

26.Luretia M.Sheriff -Trustee South 2 – from the South.

27. Alhaji M.L. Kallon -Trustee East 1 – from the East.

28. Agnes K.Sebba – Trustee East 2 – from the East.

29. Alusine Fofanah -Trustee North 1 – from the North.

30. Alie Badara Kamara-Trustee North 2 – from the North.


1.Most of these northerners with the exception Allie Badara have strong ties to the southeast. Infact some of them especially the two Umarus(no.2 and 3) were either born or grew up in the southeast. Emerson Kamara and Alhaji M.N.Koroma are typical southeastern Mendes.

2.There is no female from the north.

3. The executive comprises of 22 Mendes! If this does not smack of tribalism, then what is it?


The SLPP has made it abundantly clear that it is indeed a Mende man's party.

All politics is local
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"1.Most of these northerners with the exception Allie Badara have strong ties to the southeast. Infact some of them especially the two Umarus(no.2 and 3) were either born or grew up in the southeast. Emerson Kamara and Alhaji M.N.Koroma are typical southeastern Mendes."

You are part of the problem. Why not say most of these Southeasterners with originally Northern names?

Forum Guy
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All Politics is local,

Please leave these dunces to wallow in their stupidity.  If no one responds to their postings, they will stop posting.
Nyakeh Gborni
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Did I hear green rats squeak? Nobody is forcing you to respond so take your kakarass elsewhere. You either rebut or shut the hell up!
Gbose Gbose
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Hehehehe .  They say the best way to please a fool is to agree with him.  How miserably it must feel to have an original post that no one wants to respond to.  

This is what you get when you are a gbose gbose miscreant with a morally depraved mindset.  Or Laimpay or kas kamu.  Hehehehe
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The truth hurts! For the fact that you greengoes cannot debunk my post means I have stated solid facts. You should be bowing your tribalistic heads in shame rather than ranting and raving unnecessarily. Your party is a real danger to our country. You should never be allowed anywhere near State House.
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Bo Kagbindi clearout.  U nar losses man.  Gbose gbose Laimpay themne thug.
Spectator 007
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How does one determine one's region; by ethnicity, where one grows up, how one is perceived ...? Which brings me to Prince Harding and Bra Eke Holloway. What ethnicity are Harding's parents, where was he born, raised etc? Same for Eke.

Just being curious
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Prince Harding was born in Senehun, Moyamba district of Mende parents.  He grew up in Senehun and Bo.  He was my senior at Bo School.  

The Harding name is not limited to Creoles.  It is a name that can be found in Mende land and Sherbro land.   Prince's parents were Mende who lived in Senehun all their lives.  I knew them very well.

Bra Eke Halloway, I don't know.  Never met him.
Spectator 007
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@Kamabai: Thanks for your response. This is why one should not rely on Wikipedia. I saw his name in an article on Salone Creole People under subtitle "notable people". Also saw Edmund Cowan's name and that made me have doubts as to the accuracy of the piece.

For some reason I thought Eke's mother was from Rotifunk and his father was Lebanese. Could be confusing him with the Akars.

Western Area folks are the most multi-ethnic in the nation so if he grew up there then indeeed he is from the WA.
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Yes indeed, one cannot always rely on Wikipedia.  I have known Dr. Prince Harding and his family since I was an eleven year old in Bo School.  The guy hails from Senehun, the same town where the Yovonis hail from.

One cannot always determine the town or region of origin of a Sierra Leonean on the basis of his/her last name.  There are many Mendes, for example, with the Koroma and Kamara last names that do not have any northern ancestry.   Koroma and Kamara are Mande names, a language group that includes Mende, Malinke, Bambara, etc.

Other last names that you can find among Mendes are Smith and Macarthy.  And when you check their ancestry, you will not be taken anywhere near the Western area.
Spectator 007
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Great poinst Kamabai
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