After all, if every economic issue is framed as a struggle between a hard-working white middle class and undeserving minorities, then workers of all shades will be left fighting for scraps while the wealthy withdraw further into their private enclaves - Barack Obama

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Fen Plaba!
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Sengbe, King Loggy, Bra E et al- oona borbor dae ya sir!

This is to announce to the Bintumani Family that I just finished the final edit of my next two books. They will be in publication next month. I know that my Bintu fambuls don't buy books- oonu too crabit bo, hehe- but still, fambul nar fambul and I thank you for making me the writer I aspire to be by engaging me on topics- both trivial and substantive- over the years. I am already thinking about my next book- hopefully a collaboration with a fellow Bintumanite. Any takers?

These are the upcoming books:
1) Our president has gone mad again: Trumpzilla, Year One (A play)- [Donald Trump go vex jisnor. KL, ready for go bail me O! Hehe.]
2)The Erotic Pygmy and the Klansman Daughter (Short Stories)- [Erotic misadventures of young African men in America.]

My other books, already in print on multiple platforms are:
a) Captain President [A young female officer overthrows the government of Sierra Leone]
b) Scratchy and the Christ [A satire of US politics: religion, right-wing talk radio, gun culture and war]
Thanks for the support, y'all,

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I am pleasantly awakened to realize that "smallboy" FP! of Bo School-Paris-Block-C fame is such a prolific fictional writer. Wow!

So you lef Chemistry for write fiction? More power to you broda.

Nor forgeh for shabe di kalla oh!

Mesef nor go forgeh for shabe ahm when ar go mek: Water + Sunlight = Fuel in the near future.
Fen Plaba!
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Thanks Koth Sengbe for the encouragement. Yep, man dae try small small with d fiction. Too many stories, too little time. But man still dae with the chemistry fors. Enti u know say me nar poor chicha nar d inner city, lol. Just yeasterday, one Young Gunz gang member in my class said this to me:

"My Nigga Sesay, u and me can make mad bread with your chemistry Boom! We can cook the illest keys and cuts in the Bronx. Let's jack some sh*t and get breezy. You down, dogz? You'll be Warren F*ckin' Buffett in the hood!"

Ar runaway from am pass Usain Bolt sef. Lol.
Singie Cowboy
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Congratulations for a job well done, Fen Plaba. Unlike forum labocrats like Sengbe and Bra Enviable, you are a doer not a talker.
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That was so funny FP!

Well you dae na di Big Apple, nor for surprise. Some of den gang memba dem know how for do qualitative analysis pass wesef in order for make mad koppor. Nor falla dem oh!

Ar gladdy way you run faster than Usain Bolt at his suggestion.

Single Cowboy [aka one of the kamara borbor dem]: U nor know waytin ar capable of so lef the jealousy, pamfker.
Kamara borbor
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Sengbe, I was just beginning to like you again as I did when you were my branlaw. I went as far as saying you write bether Creole than Fen Plaba. But if you continue like this I have no choice but to join the Musa Kenema camp.
Aboki Davies
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Sengbe komot behen den Kamara, den nor kill you puss. Sometimes it is nice to consult Sage before accusing Musa Kenema of anything in bintumani. In most cases he is not guilty of what people attribute to him.
Sorie Torkpoi
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Fen P I will whatsapp you soon concerning a collabo I want us to pull off. I have a movie script which I have decided to convert into a novel.

The story is titled:THE SWEETEST TABOO. It is an intense romantic thriller and centres around a Sierra Leonean lady who was an asylum-seeker and a Ghanaian man who had established himself in Europe prior to their first meeting. Their love story started and ended in Copenhagen with momentary stops in Freetown,Gothenburg and Accra. The story is also a tragi-comedy which will keep the reader spellbound and captivated in a page-turning frenzy. It is also full of suspense and will certainly leave the readers with mixed feelings coupled with a litany of questions.
Fen Plaba!
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Sorie Torkpoi,
I am already salivating at the prospect of collaborating. You have a good story right there, my friend. Please hit me up and let's do this.
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