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As the Rwandan Delegation arrived this morning at the Heliport in Aberdeen to attend president Julius Maada Bio's inauguration on Saturday, you can see from their smiles that they loved the sweet smell of their surroundings.  Indeed this is not the same Freetown just a week.

Tolongbo had left a city with rats as big as cats competing with humans for breathing space.  This had fueled cholera and other diseases throughout the Tolongbo years.

In the age of Tolongbo, it was also common to see human feces every morning around Cotton Tree in the center of Freetown.  The dirtier Sierra Leone became, the better the chances of Tolongbo winning the elections. We call that filth for votes.    But thanks to an executive order from the pragmatic Julius Bio, that is no longer the case.  Freetown is now clean and will continue to be cleaned as we move forward.

The 'bookmen' are quoting the constitution.  But they never did so when Tolongbo violated the rights of the people by leaving them to live in and eat in filth.  What a disgrace.

As the Rwandan delegation drove to Bintumani Hotel, you can see from the nods of approval coming from its members that cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.  More delegations are expected today and tomorrow from the United States, Britain, Germany, Nigeria and Ghana.  What is certain is that a clean Freetown awaits our distinguished guests.
Spectator 007
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“The 'bookmen' are quoting the constitution. But they never did so when Tolongbo violated the rights of the people by leaving them to live in and eat in filth. What a disgrace.” - Rt. Hon. Beresford

That’s why I love Bintu.

Beresford don tawa!!!

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You need to get off your high horse, Beresford. Four weeks of dictatorship is not governance. Imagine the president of the place that you currently reside orders you to clean up your area every week without pay, how would you feel? Now I want people to sit back and take stock of the administration performance for at a minimum of twelve months, and report back to us.

I am not yet ready to blame anyone for anything because Bio has only been in power for approximately four weeks. I wish him success hence his success is the people and country's success. 
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Yusif #08,

You are contradicting yourself.  On the one hand you accuse the SLPP government of dictatorship and on the other hand you argue that you are not yet ready to blame anyone for anything.

Look, here is where the problem is.  APC has set the bar so low for everything in Salone that anyone attempting to raise the bar and instituting a system will be accused of dictatorship.  Didn't Siaka Stevens introduce self-help projects in Salone?  Schools and roads were constructed by community volunteers. 

So, why should Maada Bio be so wrong in encouraging people to clean up their environments?  The APC never cared for anything that would promote hygiene, sanitation and growth.  In fact Tolongo actually encouraged people to destroy the quality of life in Salone.  Street trading in the heart of Freetown is a good example of encouraging filth for votes.
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Please re-read my write-up, and please do so for understanding. My point about Bio being a dictator stems from the fact that he ordered everyone to clean up the street or stay home, otherwise, they will be arrested if seen walking the streets, and who knows what will follow. Bio should have encouraged people to participate in the cleaning exercise and explain to them the reason behind it, not threaten them with consequences for not participating. He should not be working around town with a big stick.
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