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King Kanu
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My criticisms of your erroneous pro-Bio claims above cannot be construed as anger and/or hatred for retired junta brigadier Bio in any civilized society, Col Bashsiru Conteh. My criticisms are truthful and many of your pro-Bio claims are untrue. And I am restating a few of my criticisms below:

1. Bio did not conduct the 1996 elections at all. INEC under the Chairmanship of Dr. James Jonah conducted those elections. At the time, Bio was busy pulling the strings behind the scenes for his new party – the National Unity Party. Dr. John Karimu was the NUP’s presidential candidate. Ramadan Dumbuya was his running mate. In addition, John Benjamin, Charles Margai and several others Southeasterners were with NUP. The Bio’s NPRC2 junta was reported at the time as using SLG’s resources to fund the NUP. The NUP lost.

2. INEC are the initials for Interim National Electoral Commission.

3. Every NPRC 1 & 2 member – including Valentine Strasser of NPRC 1 and Julius Bio of NPsRC 1&2, was compelled to leave Sierra Leone and stay away for at least four years in order to allow the reinstated 1991 Multi-Party Constitution to take hold, pursuant to the Amnesty Agreement that saved the junta members from prosecution for Treason, etc.

4. Dame Margret Chalker, the then UK Minister for Overseas Development, and the then US Ambassador negotiated the Amnesty Agreement and the terms for conducting the 1996 elections on behalf of the people of SL.

5. Every NPRC junta boy was given an identical benefit package to vamoose SL for four full years without exception. The terms for each included money for junta batomen, money ($50,000) for each junta member, UK or US student visa, 4-year college scholarship because none of the junta boys had no university education, some only up to the HSC level, living expenses, etc.

6. Bio studied in Washington DC when I was Ambassador there. Bio supported Dr. Abass Bundu when Bundu was the Ambassador of the AFRC-RUF junta that overthrew the elected Slpp government of Tejan Kabbah. In Washington, Bundu sought to have the US transfer it’s diplomatic recognition from The elected Slpp Administration of Tejan Kabbah to Johnny Paul Koroma. The SL Embassy in the US defeated then and the USs refused to recognized the AFRC-RUF junta of Johnny Paul Koroma and Foday Sankoh.

7. I personally caught Bio sometime in 1997 making babu yey at me in public forum for my diplomatic work
On behalf Of the overthrown SLpp elected SLG and for seeking US help for Sierra Leone refugees suffering under harsh conditions in refugee camps in various ECOWAS countries.

8. For our highly effective work in fighting for the reinstatement of the 1991 Multi-Party Constitution, the eviction of the brutal AFRC-RUF junta, the reinstatement of the overthrown Slpp Admin of Tejan Kabbah and securing assistance for our refugees, 3 Freetonians were publicly sentenced to death.

9. Sentenced to death were the then Chief Justice, Desmond Luke; Dr. James Jonah and me. A large billboard offering a huge reward for our arrest was mounted behind the old Paramount Hotel at the nearby Soldier Street junction.

10. Tejan Kabbah was never my friend. We were merely political associates. Mrs. Patricia Kabbah was far more of a friend than President Kabbah.

11. I hereby challenge you, Col Bashiru Conteh to set forth the reasons that you believe led to Tejan Kabbah reorganizing me out of his 2nd Admin after the peace was won. I will be delighted to respond point-for-to whatever you may deem to be the correct reasons.

12. It is my suspicion, Col. Bashiru Conteh, that your above post plus the notorious unsubstantiated GTT allegations are going to be part of the textbooks to be printed for Bio’s elected SLG’s Free Education project. Please correct me if my suspicions are unfounded.

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Fil Bothi
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Former Ambassador John Leigh never disappoints his critics. He tell lies with bold face and he hold on to those lies even when the fact in issues are glaring at him.

In his point number, he said Former Junta Ruler Brigadier Bio now President Bio never conducted the 1996 election. I don't know if JEL  implies that Bio was not the INEC boss. Even a primary school kid at that time knew that Bio was Head of State and James Jonah was INEC boss reporting to Bio. JEL is quick to acclaimed that Ex President Koroma conducted the 2018 elections as a sitting president but Bio was a sitting Head of state in 1996 did not have the power to conduct the 1996 elections that ushered in Tejan Kabba. Secondly, events that have unfolded in the last ten years in Sierra Leone has clearly shown that Bio was not a member or supporter of NUP. The Man (Bio) himself has said it. His main rival in the recent SLPP leadership fight John Benjamin who was the financier of the NUP has said it that Bio never supported the NUP  so who is JEL to claim otherwise when IN 1996, he was in the USA hibernating in his comfort zone?

On point number three (3),  it is not true that every NPRC 1 &2 members including Captain Strasser was compelled to leave Sierra Leone and stay away for four years. That is just the figment of JEL's imagination.

Lt Colonel Bashiru Conteh, the late SO Williams, Lt Col Komba Mondeh and the late Lt. Col Tom Nyuma all stayed to serve the SLA under President Kabba when Bio handed over power. And these were all senior members of NPRC 1 & 2. Tom Nyuma left the army in early 1997 when he was accused of fomenting a coup by Prince Harding. Komba Mondeh was sent to Army Staff college in Nigeria by President Kabba. Bashiru Conteh and SO William stayed with the SLA until the AFRC /RUF coup in May 1997. They continued serving even after Kabba was brought back in 1998. So how can rubbish the response of someone who was involved in something that you had no clue about is the big question many are asking JEL.

The erroneous assertion that the NPRC under Bio was force to vacate power is not true. Had Bio insisted like Johnny Paul did , none would have intervened militarily as they did for John Paul. Which army would have come to Sierra Leone in 1996? The Brits, nah even in 1998, the Brits only came in after the Nigerians have already kicked out the AFRC/RUF. In fact militarily the only fired shot during operation Barabas to free their men that were held by the West Side Boys.

Can you please stop stupefying yourself everyday. Accept God's ways of doing things. You had insisted before that Bio will never dream of State House,. Well God just showed you that we are humans and our ways might be different. As for me, I would not in my widest dream rule anybody including you of ever entering state house because I am just a human. Who knows that you will be the next APC flag bearer  in Sierra Leone?

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