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Salone Baby
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Anyone remember the France Afrique books? I would like to teach my children French and I remember how useful I found those books. I became fluent essentially through my French lessons at school. When I went to France I was surprised how quickly I became confident in conversation. Anyway, my children have asked me to teach them French and I cannot think of a better book. Unfortunately, I can't get the book in England. Does anyone know if they are still in print and where I can buy them?
Google France Afrique
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Salone Baby
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Thanks. But that isn't the right book. These were a series of Macmillan books used to teach French in West Africa. I'll contact the publishers to see if they can help. Thanks all the same.
Google France Afrique
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You are welcome and also remember the name/s of the authors and year/s of publication when you contact the publisher.
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Check this link if you are looking for the one authored by Jose de Grandsaigne:
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Here is another link:

The author's first name should be Jean instead of Jose.
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Try this link too:
French Teacher
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You canchoose from among the follwing listing.
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